How to pronounce in Nepal Bhasa

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How to pronounce in Nepal Bhasa


as in as in
a err e ten
aa are ai height
i it o owe
ii eat au ouch
u full ann French
uu fool ah awe

nn as nasalized


as in as in
ka cup pha fun
kha loch ba bus
ga gull bha verse
gha shanghai ma mother
nga jungle ya yuppy
cha church ra run
chha cha la love
ja just wa won
jha vision sha shun
yann yon kha special
ta ton sa sun
tha thud ha hug
da dug ksha ox
dha dharma tra truck
na nut gya gap
pa pup  

Vowel marks illustrated with letter ka

as in as in
ka come ke keg
kaa calm kai kaiak
ki kin ko coat
kii keen kau cow
ku cook kann camp
kuu ` cool kah caw

7 responses to “How to pronounce in Nepal Bhasa

  1. plz edit Newari bhasa to Nepal bhasa or Newar bhasa

  2. I want learn newari i feel shame for being newar i don’t know to speak newari

  3. Hello,

    I was going through this and realize this is almost exactly like the vowels and consonants in Nepali language. Are there any differences in pronunciation or is it ditto like in Nepali?

    Thank you for the lessons. I have been meaning to learn my own language for a couple of years now and this helps immensely.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Your language ability is one valuable skill…

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