Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 23

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English Nepal Basa
May I step inside? Du-ne wa-ne jii laa?
Do I have to take off my shoes? Laa- kaa twah-te maah laa?
Yes/no Maah/mwah
What god is kept in there? A-na chhu dyah ta-yaa tah-gu du?
Can I take a picture? Tas-bir kaa-ye jii laa?
What’s that temple? Wa chuu de-gah?
We come to see the procession. Ji-pii jaa-traa swah-was-yaa-gu.
Will the procession pass this way? Jaa-traa tha-naa hai la?
Is there a restaurant around here? Tha-na ga-naa restaurant du la?
I will have a plate of momo. Ma-ma-chaa chha-guu plate ha-yaa di-saa.
Please bring it quickly. Yaa-ka-naa ha-yaa di-saa
Is it spicy? Paa-lu laa?
This is not what I ordered? Jin dha-yaa gu thaw ma-khu.
Please bring the bill. Bill bi-yaa di-saa

11 responses to “Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 23

  1. Hello I’m a Kathmandu-based journalist. Can I talk to you about an article on Newari language?

  2. Can i learn newari from audio clip.

  3. I also speak Newari coz most of my neighbors and friends are newars. I love Newari culture, food and people. I am really worried that I am not getting your regular post in my email. 😦 I tried my best to find out but I can’t . Any idea ?

  4. Hi! Thanks for posting these! I’m going to print the ones that will be the most useful for me! Have a nice day! (I’ve tried commenting recently, but our internet does not always cooperate!)

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