Nepali Words

While writing a post, especially explaining Nepali culture and tradition, I tend to use some Nepali words that have no English translation. In this page, I am collecting all those words so you know the meaning and understand what I mean.

Aila- wine

Bara- deep-fried black lentil patties

Chiura- beaten rice

Chura -thin bangles normally made with glass or metals


Haku chhoila- smoked buffalo meat

Mandir- temple

Pote – glass bead strands plain or with design worn by married women in Nepal

Puja – a ritual in honour of the gods performed either at home or in a mandir,   where an individual closes their eyes and offer a prayer of hope to the divine, so all their wishes may be granted.

Sagun- a traditional plate typically consisting of a boiled egg, smoked fish, a “bara” , haku chhoila”  and “aila”  and ends with “dhau

Sari – a strip of unstitched cloth, worn by females, ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles.

Sindoor- a traditional red or orange-red coloured cosmetic powder, usually worn by Hindu married women along the parting of their hair

Thaa Bu – a plate consisting chiura,  eggs, yogurt, alia, fruits, roti, meat, fish and much more.




8 responses to “Nepali Words

  1. Saroj Maharjan

    Aila is not wine. Wine is a fermented drink where as Aila is Distilled one.

  2. R these Nepal bhasa/ newari words or Nepali words? I think you’ve mixed up.

  3. I am learning Nepali before my travels. Thank you for this website! More words please 🙂

  4. Language fascinates me. Thanks for sharing some of your Nepali words 🙂

  5. ❤ nepali basha garo chaa tara ekdam ramro chaa 🙂

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