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Pepper story

I have a sore throat for the last few days and it is really annoying me. I am drinking warm water with honey all the time it still is not getting any better.

Last night, it was so bad that I couldn’t even drink water properly so AS suggested putting some whole pepper in my mouth. He asked me to leave it until it got soft and it would break apart by itself and chewing on small pieces helps the sore throat (it really does). As I had a few peppers in my mouth, we had the following conversation.

Me: “Babe what happens if I swallow the whole peeper by mistake?

AS: “It will go inside your tummy

I was asking what really would happen if I ate the whole pepper but in the midst of doing his things, it was the best answer he came up with. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian


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You are my whole world!

There was an ad for new movie, Lucy starting Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman on TV. It looks like a good movie and in my to-watch list when it is released. Anyway, while watching the trailer, I realised that it is about controlling the things with the mind so I just started a conversation with AS.

Me: “I wish I have that power in my brain then I could control the world.

AS: “What will you do if you have that power?”

Me: I made a strange voice and said “AS will kiss me now.”

AS followed my wish and kissed me which made me happy.

Me: “Look, I can control the world now 🙂

AS: “Ohoo that means I am your whole world because I am the only one you can control :)”

He is so true, he is my world and I wish we can be happy like this forever in our life.

Healthy Surprise

Whenever we have morning tea for any occasion at work, I try to pick only healthy options but some morning teas don’t have healthy options at all. It feels rude not to take anything so on most occasions I just take a piece of cake or some pastry. I normally don’t eat them as it will make me feel guilty for whole day so I take them home instead.

lemon cupcake (10)

Every time I have something, when AS comes home I tell him that I have a surprise for him. He always gets excited like a little kid :). Most of the time he shares the treat with me and it is always nice to eat it together.

But last time, it was something different. Because we organised the tea and there was heaps of fresh fruits, we had lots of leftovers. We didn’t want to throw them out so we packed them to take it home with us. I ended up taking some watermelons and cherries home.

When AS came home that day, as usual I told him there is something in my lunch box for me.

Expecting something sweet, he opened the lunch box. After a pause he told me, “Please don’t bring me healthy surprises.

I felt bad that I got his hopes up but we ended up eating the fruits together and all was well.

Take care  and have a great weekend,

M from nepaliaustralian


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Happiness in small things

I know I have talked about this before in my blog, small things that bring happiness to our life. I have always believed in that even though big things do matter in life, small things also bring a lot of happiness in our life.

This morning I had a big smile when I discovered AS had packed the sauce for my lunch. This morning I was bit clumsy getting ready for work. May be it was the long weekend that was making me clumsy or my laziness but I was doing everything very slowly. On the other hand, AS was fresh and already ready to go. Therefore, he packed lunch for us and asked if I wanted sauce with it. I knew he was already doing a lot packing lunch, yogurt, fruit that I didn’t want to bother him more so I answered NO.

So, when I came to work while unpacking my lunch to put in the fridge, I discovered that he had packed a small tub of sauce anyway. I felt so happy that I texted him thank you straight away. He was so thoughtful and kind and it made my day.

Do you agree with me that happiness in small things is important? Please share your experience.

Happy Monday everyone 🙂

M from nepaliaustralian



AS and I email each other while at work sometimes. Both of us are so busy someday that the only way to talk is via email. Sometimes it is a few words depending upon the context. Here is one of the funny email chains.

My email (After forwarding an email): OK. I have sent you John’s email. Please read.

AS’s email : Where?

My email: Yahoo

AS’s email: What yahoo… where did you send me John’s email? To which of my email ids?

My email: Ur yahoo email

AS’s email: hahahahaha, just had a brain fa*t!

He just made my day and I still laughed when I read the email chain again this morning.

English is funny language

Last weekend, I felt like eating Indian food. As you know we have been eating really healthy for the past few months but from time to time we do crave others food. So we decided to go out for lunch to the Indian place in Parramatta.

We drove to the restaurant and ordered Vegetarian dosa, a few curries and Naan bread. AS suggested we order chicken dosa but I remembered that the last time I had chicken dosa, I didn’t like it.

When the food arrived we were happy. We had naan and curry and veg dosa was the last to arrive.Helensburgh (17)

Both I and AS were disappointed with the dosa as it was nothing like the one we normally have.

On the way home, we were still talking about the food.

Me: “I didn’t like the feeling after we ate. It wasn’t like before.

AS:  “I know, the filling was not like before.

Me:  “I know . I think it was too oily as I am not feeling very good.

AS: (Starts laughing.) I know how you are feeling but I was talking about the filing, the aloo (potatoes) in the dosa 😀

Indeed English is a funny language 🙂

Take care ,

M from nepaliaustralian


Ugly Vs ugli

AS teases me sometimes that I don’t know Nepali very well. I get annoyed because I find myself to be good in Nepali language but sometimes I do and say something to prove him right.

Normally we communicate in a mix of English and Nepal. I have to admit I can’t communicate in Nepal only but I try my best to talk in Nepali to prove him wrong.

While watching a movie,

Me: “ohoo tyo herion ta kasto ugly rahecha” (ohoo the actress is so ugly)

AS: “I like her, she looks alright”

Me:”I like her too but she is so ugly”

AS started laughing because he realised that I was trying to say ugli (tall in Nepali) but when mixed in an English sentence it sounded like ugly instead.

The pitfalls of speaking using two languages 😦

Please share your experience in this matter.

Take care everyone ,

M from nepaliaustralian