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Guys wearing makeup

Is it only me or is everyone seeing more and more men wearing make-up these days. I am not talking grooming themselves like shaving or putting on deodorant but literally wearing make-up like nail polish, foundation, bronzer, mascara, concealer and eyeliner. I do understand that mascara and eyeliner on a rocker or Goth but in a normal man this makeup doesn’t quite work for me.

There is a new movement towards men wearing makeup and it’s not just gay men. According to the study, 33 per cent of men use hair removal products, nine per cent use foundation, 11 per cent use bronzer and 10 per cent apply concealer. When it comes to beauty treatments, 29 per cent of men get manicures, 24 per cent have facials, and 13 per cent book in for eyebrow waxing appointments.

Celebrities like Boy George, Seal, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson, Russell Brand and many more are embracing these latest traditions as well. It’s fine, as long as it looks natural but some of them are too girly for a man.

My husband won’t even touch the countless bottles of conditioner I give to him, and if I want him to moisturise his skin, I need to do it for him. In winter, I really want him to but he will only do it if I nag him constantly. I am glad because I can’t imagine my husband coming to me and borrowing some concealer to cover a pimple or asked for a foundation before a big interview or party.

Several well-known women’s lines are starting to offer cosmetics just for males. They call concealer “camouflage” and put the stuff in masculine packaging.

So what do you think about it?Do you know a man who uses make up? What do they use? 

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Our Story : Our first Valentine’s day – Part 17

This is a continuation of my previous post. Please read the previous posts here, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7 ,Part 8 ,Part 9 , Part 10 , Part 11 , Part 12 ,Part 13 , Part 14. , Part 15 and Part 16

I am sure you all know by now I am a hopeless romantic. I was eagerly looking forward our holiday to Thailand but before that, there was one more celebration. Yes, it was 14th of February and it was our first Valentine’s Day. Bubbling with excitement and anticipation, I spent hours thinking what I should do to make the day special. Luckily for both of us, it was our day off so we were planning to spend most of the day Skyping. In addition, I want to make the day memorable and was thinking what I should do to make it special for him. I really wanted to surprise AS with something, as I love surprises.

We both decided that our holiday the following month would be the best Valentine’s Day gift we could give each other. I told him not to spend money buying overpriced flowers and I would be happier shopping with that money in Thailand instead. But when he talked to me, I got the feeling that he was keeping a secret and that he was planning something. I had to restrain my excessive curiosity. After all, I wanted to be surprised so I didn’t push for any hints.

On my part, I tried to think of a nice way to show him that I loved him. I really wanted to send him a small cupid but I couldn’t find anything online that would be delivered to him. So I had to settle for a heart shaped cake with a cupid on it, a card and a rose. I knew that it was not what I really wanted to give him as a first Valentine’s Day gift but it was all I could do when we were thousands of kilometres apart.

If he had been here, we definitely would have done it differently. I would have made sure that he had breakfast in bed and we would have spent the day enjoying each other’s company followed by a romantic dinner somewhere nice. Then there would be a bubble bath in a hot tub with aromatic candles flickering on the side. But alas that was just a dream and I had to keep reminding myself that it would happen soon enough when AS moved to Sydney and all I needed to do was to be patience.

So Valentine’s Day arrived. The morning seemed more refreshing than usual. I got up early, had my breakfast and finished all the chores to have a free afternoon to talk with AS. I knew AS would still be sleeping and didn’t want to wake him up too early. I had already placed my order for him so was expecting it to be delivered around mid-day. I hadn’t told him anything as I knew it would be a nice surprise.

After I was done, I logged on to Skype and there was a message from AS. It said,

Wake me up when you see this message.

Wish you a very happy first Valentine’s Day my love.

I love you a lot baby.

 :-*  :-* :-*

Talk to you soon love.

Looking at the time I knew that he was up late the night before so I decided to wait for him to wake up and come online. I so wanted to talk to him but I knew it would be better for both of us if he was fresh and not tired with lack of sleep. I watched my rerun of the Sex and the City series and enjoyed Carrie Bradshaw‘s amazing world.

When it was around mid-day, he came online and I was so happy to see him. I was so looking forward to talk to him.

AS: Good morning love.

Me: Morning my dear. Happy Valentine’s Day baby; wish you were here and I could have given you big hug and a kiss.

AS: I will be with you soon baby. Just count the days.

Me: I can’t wait for Thailand. Few more weeks 🙂.

AS: I know, I am counting too. Why didn’t wake me up earlier?

Me: I wanted you to have some rest.

AS: Thank you baby but you could have waked me up at least a few hours ago.

Me: So what is the plan for today?

AS: No plans. Just want to be online with you so we can have a special day.

Me: I love your plan 🙂

AS: Good. I do too.

It was such a great feeling to be able to have a Valentine and more important to be loved so much that I thanked god to have given me AS in my life. Love always sounds so cliché until you fall for someone and you realise that everything they told you about love is so true. I couldn’t believe that I loved AS so much.

We were having a great afternoon and I was having an awesome time but something was bothering me. It was past midday in AS’s place and still no one had called AS to deliver my gifts. I started getting worried that he was not getting anything and I had also lost my money. I had ordered it online and it was a company that I had used in the past. They had always delivered my order on time but this time I thought they had failed me on this important day. I really wanted him to get the gifts that afternoon when we were together online.

I knew they must be very busy because of Valentine’s Day so was holding my silence for another couple of hours before I asked AS if anyone had called. Those hours passed as well and there was no sign of anything so finally I had to ask AS just so that I know what is going on. Normally they call in the morning and deliver by the afternoon but it looked like AS hadn’t got any call at all. Otherwise, he would have mentioned it.

Me: Hey did anyone call this morning?

AS: What do you mean?

Me: Just asking if you got any call from anyone this morning like someone you didn’t know or a miss call on your mobile.

AS: No, why

Me: No just asking.

AS: You mean did someone call me to give this?

And he showed me the card, cake and flower I had sent him. I was a bit annoyed with him that he didn’t tell me that he had received it already. He was waiting for me to bring that up while at my end, I was worried that he didn’t have it.

Me: OMG, I can’t believe that you didn’t say anything to me. I was so worried.

AS: I know but I was waiting for you to tell me.

Me: I am really angry now that you left me hanging so long.

AS: Hahaha come on, I wanted to surprise you and it was worth the reaction I got.

Me: Not fun for me for sure.

AS: Ohoo baby come on. Sorry, that I didn’t tell you straight away but thank you so much. I loved the card, the cake and the flowers. I haven’t cut the cake yet because I wanted to do it while you were still online.

Me: Still you should have told me as soon as you got it. BTW when did you get that?

AS: A few hours ago when I was talking to you. Remember I went out for a few minutes? That is when they had come. Thank you so much for it baby. It was very thoughtful of you and I loved it so much. But it is not fair because we said no gifts.

Me: I know we did but I just wanted to surprise you, I hope I did.

AS: Of course, you did my love. Thank you so much.

He showed me the cake, the flowers and the card even though I was on Skype and couldn’t see it properly. I asked him to describe what the cake looked like.

He said it is pink with pink flower on the top. I was surprised that they delivered the wrong cake so I asked him to send me the photo. When I saw the photo I was shocked. I actually ordered for him this beautiful white vanilla cake with red cupid on the top. Around the cake were red hearts making the cake so meaningful for Valentine’s Day.

valentine's day (1)

What he got was a pink heart shaped cake with some pink stuff on the top which didn’t look anything like a cupid. If I didn’t know what it was meant to be, I would have been super confused. In addition, the hearts around the cake were upside down. I am sure I could have baked a better cake than that. I really don’t know what kind of business those people were running but it was surely a disaster.

valentine's day (5)

We didn’t like the cake much so I thought I should let them know what happened so I wrote the following email to the company, Thamel online, regarding the cake but they never got back to me. Therefore, I stopped using that company.


Thank you for delivering my gift. Just want to let u know I was a bit disappointed with the decoration of the cake. This cake was more expensive than other cakes and I chose this cake especially because there was a cupid on the top but when he got the cake it didn’t even look like a cupid. I am sending the pics 4 comparison. Hope you will take more care about these things in the future as we sends gifts 4 sentimental value and it is not just a cake for us.


Now coming back to our Valentine’s Day. We had a good laugh about the cake. I sent AS the original picture of the cake promising him that my intention had been good. He knew that and told me not to worry about it at all. He cut the cake and told me it was quite sweet but he would definitely have some for sure as I sent it especially for him on our first Valentine’s Day.

I couldn’t believe that we spent almost 8 hours online talking to each other. Definitely one of the best Valentine’s Day of my life.

Then AS’s told me something that would make our first Valentine’s Day more interesting still. Sometimes love across borders has more than a few hurdles to overcome. He asked me if anyone called or delivered something to me and I was surprised. It was 9pm my time then so he was worried that I didn’t receive anything at all.

AS: Did anyone called or leave something for you at the door.

Me: They didn’t. I have been in front of the computer all day, with you.

AS: Come on don’t lie if you have received something.

Me: I swear nothing came and I am not hiding anything from you.

AS: That is really bad then.

He had placed an order for a Valentine’s Day gift for me a few days before to be delivered on this day but I didn’t get anything and so he was obliged to ask.

AS: Let me call the company and find out what is happening.

I waited while he got on the phone.

AS: They said that they have delivered it today. They said no one was home so they left it at the door.

I went out and checked and there was nothing there.

Me: You know I was home all day and no one has buzzed or called me. They normally call when no one answers the door so I don’t know what is happening baby but thank you so much anyway. Tell me what you had sent. I am just very happy that you sent me something :).

AS: I better keep that a surprised as half of it is already ruined. Ok let me call them and will be back in a minute.

It took him a while but they told him that they were very busy that day and they are still delivering so I might get it in the next few hours. I doubted that as it was 9.30 pm but I didn’t say anything. He seemed unhappy about what happened but I assured him that it was OK. I was just glad he had put so much thought into our relationship and tried his best to send something for me.

I talked to him for another hour and went to bed happy. Even though I hadn’t received anything and he received the awful cake, we both had thought of each other and we were so much in love that it didn’t matter. It was just awesome that we had each other.valentine's day (2)

The gift he sent me didn’t come the next day either but came the day after AS emailed the company twice to complain of the lost order. What an awful service that they didn’t even pick up the call and had to be emailed to get a response from them.

valentine's day (3)

valentine's day (4)

Finally, I received his Valentine’s gift. It was a teddy bear with I Love You written on it, a card and red roses. I was happy to receive them but the company neither apologised nor contacted either of us regarding their mistake. Definitely not a good company that delivers Valentine’s Day gift on 16th of February.

The company is called if you are wondering.

Anyway, as usual our first Valentine’s Day was quite an adventure even though both of us were thousands of miles apart Skyping the whole day.

Next Stop Thailand, so see you there with another post soon.

Till then, take care.


M from nepaliaustralian

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Etiquette for travelling like a local

While travelling to many countries around the world, I have noticed that different actions means different thing in different countries.

As always, when traveling, be respectful and observe local customs, including manners of dress and public behavior but it is also good to know local etiquette.

Did you know it was rude to blow your nose into a handkerchief in Japan or pat someone’s head in Thailand?

Here is some guide to etiquette for travelling like a local.


In Switerzland, if you’re meeting someone for the first time, stretch out your hand and say grüezi (hello). If you meet a friend, then you kiss them three times: offering first your right cheek, then left, then right again. The latter exchange is for women greeting women and men greeting women. The boys stick with a handshake or maybe a man hug. Remember to not actually plant a big smacker on someone’s cheeks: think air kiss instead.

When you go into a store say grüezi to the sales people, and when you leave say adieu (goodbye). People may also greet strangers with a grüezi when passing in the street, and always on hiking trails. Bitte (please) and merci or danke (thank you) are also appreciated here.


In China, a round dining table is more popular than a rectangular or square one. As many people who can be seated comfortably around it conveniently face one another. The guest of honour is always seated to the right of the host; the next in line will sit on his left. Guests should be seated after the host’s invitation, and it is discourteous to seat guests at the place where the dishes are served.


In Nepal,Nepalese address each other using didi (“older sister”), bahini (“younger sister”), daai (“older brother”), bhaai (“younger brother”), buwa (“father”) and aamaa (“mother”) with everyone even though they are not related. To be more formal or respectful, they add ji to the end of someone’s name, as in “namaste, John-ji”.

Body language

Every nation has its inappropriate gestures, such as giving a thumbs up in Italy, which is the equivalent to raising the middle finger in America. In the UK, giving a peace sign with the palm faced inward is also considered vulgar.

Many countries have customary body language signals that may seem odd to some, such as nose-touching (hongi) in New Zealand or sticking out the tongue in India.

Shaking hands in Russia is considered extremely unlucky, while in much of the South Pacific, locals will clasp hands for minutes at a time as a sign of respect. Additionally, in Morocco and Tunisia, greetings sometimes last up to 10 minutes, tallying up lengthy handshakes along with numerous kisses on the cheek.


It’s rude to ask people in Argentina what they do for a living. Wait until they want to bring it up in conversation.


In Japan, never blow your nose into a handkerchief. The Japanese word for snot is hanakuso, which translates to “nose sh-t”, so they don’t like the idea of anyone carrying it around with them.


Watch out Carnations are used at funerals in Germany, Poland and Sweden. Chrysanthemums are used at funerals in Belgium, Italy, France, Spain and Turkey. It’s unlucky to give odd numbers of flowers in China and Indonesia, but odd numbers of flowers are lucky in Germany, India, Russia and Turkey.

Gloves off

In Europe, you’ll be considered rude if you don’t take your gloves off before shaking hands. (Even if it’s freezing outside.)

The bill

In restaurants in Spain, always request the bill at the end of a meal. Waiters think it’s rude to bring it to you before you have asked for it.

Eye level

In Scandinavia and Germany, you should look your fellow travellers in the eye when you are toasting. In Russia, the custom is to drink the vodka in one gulp.

Head matters

At holy places in Thailand and other Buddhist countries, never pat anyone on the head. The head is sacred.


The thumbs-up sign is a rude gesture in Egypt and Iran.

No thanks

As much as you might have enjoyed a meal in India, don’t thank the host because saying “thank you” is seen as a form of payment, and may be taken as an insult.

Foot blunder

In most of Asia, feet are thought of as being dirty, so it’s disrespectful to point your feet or show the bottom of your shoes to anyone. Don’t do it.

Right is right

The left hand is considered the dirty hand in Africa and Sia, so use only your right hand when you eat.

Reading the cards

If you are on business in Japan, the business card exchange is a ritual you need to know about. Receive the card with both hands and a slight bow, then read it carefully. Never put it into your pocket or write on it.


When getting a taxi in Greece, don’t raise your hand as you would to signal stop. Greeks consider the forward-facing palm to be offensive, so turn your hand so that the palm is towards you (and keep the fingers together).

 I didn’t mean that

In the Philippines, never refer to someone who has invited you to an event as your “hostess”; it means “prostitute”.

Wink, wink

Never wink at anyone in India, unless you know it has sexual connotations.

Public transport

When using public transport in Australia, it is rude to board before letting other passengers disembark. It is polite to move from the aisle to the window seat if it is vacant, to allow others passengers to sit down easily. This is also true when entering a lift or elevator. A person who enters an elevator before all the occupants have vacated will most probably be met with a noticeable scowl of disapproval.

Please share the unique etiquette from your country and any experience you have while travelling.

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Thai red curry chicken


  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1kg chicken thigh fillets, trimmed,  cut in half crossways
  • 4 tablespoons of Thai red curry paste
  • 150g total – fresh mushrooms, capsicum. broccoli, beans trimmed and sliced
  • 230g can sliced bamboo shoots, drained
  • 1 tablespoon fish sauce
  • 400ml can coconut milk


  • Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat.
  • Add the curry paste and make sure it is cooked properly until its aromatic smell started to come through.
  • Add chicken and cook until golden brown.

Thai red chicken curry (1)

  • Reduce heat to low. Add coconut milk and stir until curry paste has dissolved. Add mushroom, bamboo shoots, vegetables.

Thai red chicken curry (2)Thai red chicken curry (3) Thai red chicken curry (5)

  • Thai red chicken curry (4)Stir to combine.
  • Cover and cook on high for 5 minutes.
  • Add fish sauce and cook on high for a further 10 minutes.

Thai red chicken curry (6)

  • Thai red curry chicken is ready to be served.

Thai red chicken curry (7)

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Eight foods you should never eat again

I read this in and thought will share this with you all. I have always thought some of the food below are OK but who knew it was so bad.

As human beings, when we are told not to do something, our instinct can be to do exactly that.

Indeed this can also be the case with food restriction, but as a nutritionist there are some foods that offer so little nutritionally that they are best avoided – especially when they are parading as ‘healthy’ choices. Here are the worst offenders:

Rice snacks

It doesn’t matter if rice has been made into a snack bar, cake, puff or crisp, rice is a dense source of high glycaemic index carbohydrate, which means that it makes our blood glucose levels rapidly increase, along with the hormone insulin, which also promotes fat storage in the body.

White bread

While it may claim to have extra fibre and nutrients added, white bread is still not as good nutritionally as wholegrain bread. If you must go white, at least choose sourdough.

We kind of knew this so we always ate wholemeal breads.

Flavoured water

Given that a single serve of flavoured water can contain as much as five teaspoons of sugar, you are best to get your vitamins from grains, fruits and vegetables, and leave your water as nature intended it.

Muffins and banana bread

If you consider that the average muffin or slice of banana bread contains more than 60g of total carbohydrate, or the equivalent of four slices of bread, 20-30g of fat and at least four teaspoons of sugar, it is safe to say that there is nothing healthy about these café options.

Extruded cheese snacks

Puffs, rings or balls made using refined carbs, added MSG and lots of oil will never be a good choice, especially for children who need snacks that are as plain and minimally processed as possible.

No more Cheese balls for me 😦 .

Frozen yoghurt

It may sound healthy but sweet yoghurts can have as much sugar as ice-cream and just as many calories, especially when extra syrups, nuts and treats are added.

I really thought this was healthy 😦 .

Chocolate nut spread

With the first few ingredients listed as sugar and vegetable oil, chocolate spread contains a lot more bad fat than it does good fat from nuts.

No more Nutell 😦

Muesli Bars

There is a big difference between natural unprocessed muesli and the processed mix of honey, sugar, dried fruit, fillers, gums and coatings that are found in most commercially available muesli bars – which also combine to give 3-4 teaspoons of sugar per bar.

Do you eat any of these food? Do you agree with the list?

Eat healthy everyone and we all will be happy. take care

M from nepaliaustralia


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