Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 5 – Counting

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English Nepal Basa
1 Chha-
2 Ni-
3 Swa-
4 Pe-
5 Nyaa- (Kenya)
6 Khu-
7 Nhay-
8 Chyaa-
9 Gu-
10 Jhi-


Different classifiers are suffixed to the number depending on what you are counting. Put the classifiers given below after the numbers in the above table. To form a question prefix ‘gwa’ (as in go) to the classifier.


When counting this Out this after the number Example
Living beings -mha (as in muh) Chha-mha (1 individual)
Objects -guu (goo) Chha-guu (1 unit)
Money -ta-kaa Chha-ta-kaa (Rs 1)
Days -nhu Chha-nhu (1day)
Times -kha (as is caw) Chha-kah (once)



6 responses to “Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 5 – Counting

  1. what is called zero in newari ????

  2. rashna pradhan

    plez send me some more basic language of newari

  3. I’ve been trying out these pronounciations! =)

  4. How interesting… a differentiation by number purpose.

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