Recycling and reusing in Nepal

This article was published in +977 (a Nepalese Lifestyle Magazine in Australia) in April 2013 issue.

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My recent visit to Nepal has given me inside to many things and one of them is recycling and using anything and everything possible.

Recycling is very important, but even better is reusing. I was really impressed on reusing skill on people from Nepal. From old metal cans, plastic bags, old newspapers, packing containers and old clothes, Nepali housewives especially found ways to give second life for simple items around their home by reusing them.

I really think people living in west are spoiled and they really need to learn how to reuse and recycle than buying things that are use and throw. I have to admit, even though I am conscious about recycling and reusing, I have a long way to go to be anywhere near these housewives. I am going to remember from now on that not everything is destined for the rubbish bin. I need to think before I throw.

No matter how rich or how poor people are, most Nepali people reuse lots of thing and this is what I observe.

  • Plastic grocery bags used as small trash can bags.
  • Ziplock bags washed and reused.
  • Worn out clothes used as rags to clean floors and windows.
  • Margarine and butter tubs used as takeaway containers.
  • Everyone unwrap their gifts very careful so they can reuse the wrapping paper.
  • Shoe boxes used as storage containers for small items.
  • Old toothbrush used to clean hard to reach areas like around the sink, your drains, faucets and grout.
  • Newspaper used for cleaning windows and mirrors. Also it is used to clean up after pets.
  • Old glass bottles from tomato sauce or honey used as storage container for herbs and spices in the kitchen.It can be also be used as a stationary organiser.

  • Small jars from jams used as candle holders.
  • Old saucers used as soap dishes.
  • Mugs are used as utensil holders.

  •  Leftovers are put in freeze and used in fried rice the next day.
  • Any kind of boxes used as storage containers or organisers.
  •  Plastic milk jugs, juice containers, big coke bottles used to store water.
  •  Small plastic water or soda bottles used to take water with you while out and about.

If you are interested in any of the ideas, please Google and you will find heaps of ideas on how to turn your trash into treasure and you will be surprised how good they look. Also it will help you save some money and you are doing your bit to save the environment.

Do you recycle?

Till next post, take care.

M from nepaliaustralia


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9 responses to “Recycling and reusing in Nepal

  1. Plastic recycle plant i ned

  2. dibash adhikari

    i am doing thesis in solid waste recycle center in 5th year thesis in architecture engineering but here is not any good recycle company. can you help me?

  3. I would like to practise more of recycle and resuing. The area I live does not practice any of that which is very sad..however around the house – I do practice few of the things you mentioned above. Esp resuing ziplock bags, & jars/plastic containers as togo boxes. Another thing I try to do is have a plastic or metal water bottle on my desk so that I am not constantly using new plastic water bottle. I simply refill it from the fountain.

  4. We recycle and reuse. I laughed out when I read about Ziploc being reused… we do that too. And plastic shopping bags are reused as trash can liners. California has excellent recycling system, so it’s alright to throw recyclables in separate recycling waste cans. they are collected separately. Anything that is rigid, we recycle ! !

    • It is so good to know that many cities in the world have great recycling system. In Australia, in some states, you get 5 cent if you return empty can of coke or soda drinks to depot.

  5. Recycling is a good thing. The town I lived in previously we separated out everything, but this one does it single stream. At home, there are lots of things one can do, as you pointed out.

    • In Sydney, we do have recycling bin and garbage bin so we separate our trash before putting them in bins. I wish it is done everywhere so we reduce the pollutions and make new stuffs with recycled items.

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