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Anniversary celebration @ The Black by Ezard

First of all, thank you everyone for your wonderful wishes. I am excited to report back that we had an awesome day.

I have to admit taking a day off to celebrate the anniversary was a great idea as we were able to stay in bed till 9 am. I was awake before 7 am but it was nice not to worry about the time and spend more time in bed in the cold winter morning. I just cuddled with AS on the bed.

It was even nicer when AS gave me a nice and sweet card. I loved what he wrote on it and you can say I was touched.

To M,

The love of My life,

My past, My present,My future

Always & forever


anniversary card

As you can see my AS is a man of few words but when he writes, he makes it count :). I just loved it.

I can see that as the years have passed, we became more compatible and stronger as a couple. We know each other better and we know what to do to please each other. We fight less and get annoyed less. If we fight, it doesn’t last long like before and we both understand each other a lot better. I have to give most of the credit to AS for sure. He brings out the best in me every day.

Park (3)

We had a lazy breakfast and decided to go out for lunch. Before that, we stopped at a park and spent some time there. It was a windy afternoon but we still had fun in the sun.

Park (1)

Thai was on the menu for lunch and it was nice and filling. I was again thankful that we had a day off as we did not need to rush. We took our time, enjoyed the food and went home to change.

Park (2)

IMG_8036 - Copy

We had dinner reservation at the restaurant called Black by ezard.

Black by ezard is by Melbourne chef Teage Ezard, at The Star casino. Ezard is the creative force behind the two hat restaurant ezard and Asian street food diner Gingerboy. The venue is cool and slick, a mix of elegant booth seating and leather upholstered seats, fronted by floor-to-ceiling glass windows that look onto Pyrmont Bay.

We were given a table with a window view. We could see the beautiful Sydney city in evening light.BLACK by ezard (7)We ordered drinks first. I had ORANGE – Angostura Bitters, Passionfruit, Carbonated Natural Spring Water mocktail and AS had a beer, Lord Nelson Three Sheets.

BLACK by ezard (2)

Before our drink, we were served complimentary brioche with butter and volcanic black salt. It was just delicious with chunks of the warm, buttery bun and inky black sea salt.

BLACK by ezard (9)

My mocktail came shortly with AS’ beer and we both were happy with our choices.

When faced with a dilemma over what to order, the best thing to do is share. So AS and I decided that we are going for three-course meal but would share all the dishes and it was a good decision.

We stared with mushrooms; a warm salad of exotic mushrooms, rocket leaves, brioche crumbs, parmesan and pork hock, crisp fried, nashi pear, radish, yuzu and green chilli caramel.

BLACK by ezard (11)BLACK by ezard (6)

To my surprise I loved the mushroom more than pork. It was so tasty and full of flavour. Also the portion size was really good for up class restaurants like this.

It was followed by gnocchi, handmade potato, roasted chestnuts, black cabbage and ocean trout with crispy skin, cauliflower, heirloom carrot, caper and lemon sauce for main.

BLACK by ezard (5)BLACK by ezard (3)

The ocean trout looked and tasted great with lots of fanciful accompaniments. Gnocchi was very enjoyable with black cabbage.

By this point, I was stuffed – I was wondering why I had decided on a three course meal as there was more to come.

Of course, I can never skip chocolate dessert when I am with AS so we had chocolate caramel and chocolate custard, peanut butter mouse, wood grilled banana sorbet as well as lemon olive oil and lemon cake, lemon curd, poppy seed cream, frozen yogurt.

BLACK by ezard (4)BLACK by ezard (10)

We had mentioned that it was our anniversary during the reservation and we were happy that they remembered this and so in a wonderful show of hospitality, our dessert plates had ‘Happy Anniversary’ piped in melted chocolate.

BLACK by ezard (8)

Desserts tasted wonderful, super rich chocolate and peanut butter mouse and the lemon cake was surprising yummy in every bite. I only left some poppy seed cream behind because I was going to explode if I had another mouthful.

The service, while quite good for a restaurant in general, falls somewhat short of hatted service.

I noticed that every time we go to a hated restaurant, the wait staffs make you feel so special.  There were three of them looking after us making sure everything was perfect. I was telling AS that it must be that great feeling you have when you have you own butler like in Downton Abbey 🙂

Overall, I found Black by ezard an amazing dining experience that is everything you would want and expect from a restaurant of this level with impeccable service. Both of us were happy when we left the restaurant.

After that we went to The Star casino for some fun.

It was such a perfect day for us with amazing food and lovely company.

Till next time, take care

M from nepaliaustralian


Happy Third Anniversary my darling husband

Today is our wedding anniversary. Like every anniversary, I am writing a letter to my dear hubby.

My dearest AS,

I can’t believe that it has been three years of our union because it feels like only yesterday that I met you again and I started believing in forever. Now that we are together, I want to believe in eternity.

I am glad we have made it so far and I am sure we will go far as we love this journey that we are in together. Every year our anniversary becomes more and more special as every year seems to bring more and more happiness and priceless memories.

I couldn’t have done anything without you by my side. Since I met you, my life has never been the same. Thanks for making it better and happier. Even though we are supporting different teams during FIFA world cup, I know that you are happy when my team wins and vice versa. (You know that my team goona win the cup 🙂 ). Despite our differences, I always have fun when I am with you and that is the most important thing and the most precious moments of my life. At least we agree on one thing that The Games of Thrones is the best series ever.

When I feel sad I turn to you for support and when I feel happy I turn to you to celebrate  because I know you will be there for me as my partner and guide. I know I don’t say it often but I want to thank you for all the love and care, for all the moments we shared, which I truly treasured. Happy Anniversary, my love!

All my love, now and always!

Yours M

Getting ready

my wedding sindoor at wedding


This is how I looked on our wedding day.


P.S: Both of us took a day off so have a nice day planned. Will update you soon.

Take care ,

M from nepaliaustralian


Another post in The Himalayan Times

Another of my post is published in The Himalayan Times , one of the leading daily papers in Nepal.

I am honoured and happy to be a part of the paper.  It was published in 20 June 2014 under Blog Surf section. If you are in Kathmandu, get the paper and find me on page 10 and for those who can’t, here is how it looked :).

thehimalayantimes (1)thehimalayantimes (2)

And here is the link to their epaper.

Just finished watching the game between Germany Vs Ghana. What a great game by Ghana.

Have a great weekend,

Take care ,

M from nepaliaustralian


25 ways you can save money

A while ago, I wrote a post, Not Spending A Cent For A Day, because I believe in saving. Of course, everyone wants to earn more money and it might not always be possible to get more. However, it is possible to have more on your account by saving more. Here are some more simple steps I am taking to get more value out of my money. Hope it will be helpful for you guys too.

  1. Switch off light and power point whenever not required.
  2. Use energy saving blues (CFL or LED) and water efficient appliances to save money on electricity. They may be a bit expensive to buy but will save money over the long run.
  3. Choose a credit card with a low interest rate, especially if you are paying interest. Over years, you will save heaps of money on interest.
  4. If you have many credit cards, consolidate and you will save in annual fees and other administrative fees.
  5. Buy a car at the end of the financial and calendar years and do not forget to ask for discounts.
  6. Make a list of what you want to buy before going grocery shopping and stick to only those items stop impulse buying.
  7. Try the 30 days list idea and stick to it. It will save you heaps of money.
  8. Double the quantity of recipe when cooking which saves you time and money. I cook for lunch and dinner.
  9. Reuse the 3D glasses in cinema. It costs $1 every time you buy them.
  10. Always use discount pharmacy and generic medicine. They are always cheaper and have the same active ingredient.
  11. If you are thinking about a holiday, try to go away outside the school holidays if possible. You will get cheaper deals on flights and accommodations.
  12. If you are flying, try to fly midweek as Fridays and weekends are more expensive. In addition, mornings and evening flights are expensive than afternoon flights.
  13. Premier cuts of meats are very expensive like a kilo of lamb cutlets are $40/kg while if you buy secondary cuts; they are cheaper and taste the same.
  14. Always buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, as they are cheaper and tastier.
  15. When getting insurance, shop round and if you see the cheaper options, tell your insurance company. As the market is so competitive, there is a higher change that they will match the price otherwise you can always switch to the cheaper ones. Do make sure that you are getting the same level of coverage though; or you may end up paying more money later.
  16. Always open an offset account for your home loan and it will save you lots of money on interest saved over the lifetime of the loan.
  17. If you use certain brands/ shop more, subscribe to their newsletter and keep an eye on the specials. I have saved heaps buying things on discount.
  18. If you are going to dine in expensive restaurants for special occasions, check their website for early menus or fixed menu rather than á la carte. They are cheaper and you can enjoy the same food and quality.
  19. If you use your mobile a lot, look for plan options like cheaper calls or data only plans depending on what you use a lot and it will make a difference on your monthly bills. Avoid plans if possible and stick with prepaid, as you will have control on how much you are spending.
  20. Use cold water for the washing machine and it helps your clothes last longer and also save money on electricity.
  21. If you live in a country where tap water is good for drinking, stop paying for expensive-bottled water.
  22. If you have cable, check how often you watch it. As all of us are so busy, it might be worth buying the movies/ series online rather than subscription for the cable.
  23. Exercise is very important but you don’t have to pay for a gym subscription instead run in the park, practice yoga in front of the TV or pay as you go for swimming.
  24. Skip the delivery and pick up your meals. For us we save $8 every time we order pizza if we choose to pick up rather than get it delivered.
  25. If you have a big family, shop in bulk and save.

I am sure some of you already do most of these but of course you could always do more. If you google, you will find lots more tips and tricks online to help you save. My logica is if I can’t make more money, I will cut my spending and as a result the savings in my bank will increase. Be money wise and good luck.

Friday afternoon already so looking forward to the weekend.Have a great weekend and Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


Prabal Gurung Resort 2015

Inspired by a show of the British artist Matthew Stone’s work at The Hole gallery, Prabal Gurung ( my favourite designer), named his latest Resort collection: Unconditional Love. He said he approached his striking new Resort collection as if it were a “one-stop shop from morning to evening”. The idea, he explained, was prompted by all the traveling he’s been doing to trunk shows in places as far-flung as Singapore and Toronto.

I love everything from this collection, from tees and sweatshirts to floor-length gala dresses with prints or jacquards designed to evoke Stone’s brushstrokes. The prints and jacquards came in vivid shades of red or blue, sometimes mingled together, and they turned the clothes into moving canvases.

Here are some of my favourite from the collections..And looks at those choose, love love love.

View the rest of the collection .

Apart from his latest collection, he is definitely making waves around the world and doing a great job.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian