Prabal Gurung : A Fashion designer from Nepal

It is always so good to see anyone from Nepal doing well in an international level and I am so glad to see Prabal Gurung in the international fashion arena.

I saw his designs on Michelle Obama, Demi Moore, Zoe Saldana and Oprah Winfrey. I just love him and his creations.

Here is the excerpt from his website introducing him.

 “Gurung was born in Singapore and raised in Kathmandu,Nepal. It was in New Delhi,India that his design career truly began. While studying at New Delhi’s National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gurung freelanced at several production and fashion houses and apprenticed with Manish Arora. His travels took him to Melbourne and London, where he assisted stylists for various fashion shows and editorials at international publications. In 1999, Gurung moved to New York City. He began his career in New York interning for Donna Karan while attending Parsons School of Design. In his first year, he was awarded the “Best Designer” title at the annual Parsons /FITdesign competition.

After Parsons, Gurung spent two years with Cynthia Rowley’s design and production team, which allowed him to gain even more invaluable experience within the fashion industry. Soon after, he was appointed design director at the iconic Bill Blass. After five successful years, Gurung left his post at Blass to launch his own collection, PRABAL GURUNG.”

Look at his collection from Spring 2012 collect here . They are so amazing and beautiful. No wonder so many celebrities loves his collection.


Sarah Jessica Parker  was in Australia recently and she wore Prabal Gurung. It was just beautiful.

 He is also the goodwill ambassador for Maiti Nepal .  This is what he told ekantipur about his association, “A society free from human trafficking is possible and we must realise that it is our responsibility to make this world a better place for all mankind. By simply stating our desire, we sow the seeds of great change,”

 Best wishes for all the good work.


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14 responses to “Prabal Gurung : A Fashion designer from Nepal

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  7. @ crazycuitepie; I am glad that they always mention that he is from Nepal in every post and every article. I guess he is just happy to call himself Nepalese and that is a great lesson for all the other Nepalese .Love him more for his grounded nature. :).

    @ Melissa : His range starts above AUD500. If you want one, check this website

  8. I want to buy his collection. I hope I can afford it and he is so cute too. Thanks for a nice post.

  9. I am not so much of a fashion bug…. but happened to see his interview once.. was really impressed with his grounded persona..inspite of the name and fame.. and the fact that he genuinly cared for ” Nepal” and identified himself as a ” Nepalese” when he could have easily said i was born in singapore and discarded the ” Nepalese” chapter altogether.. Kudos to people who still retain so called ” Nepaliness” amidst all the name and fame.

  10. I had no idea Prabal was form NEPAL!? Or that he had a DELHI connection THIS IS SO COOL! Also he is one of my favorites when it comes to the New York shows… after Proenza Schouler that is! ALSO HE IS CUTE! I watched a interview of his and was rather taken with his personal style and eloquence! Thanks for this BIT of information 🙂 I’m from {} btw

  11. happy to hear nepali guys on top ,please do atleat i single bit for nepal too jai nepal

  12. I think Prabal Gurung collections are awesome. Me and A came across him somewhere on Facebook where maybe Vogue spoke about him (I think) it’s great to see south Asian countries have their people up on the international pedestal 🙂

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