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Am I allowed to be annoyed?

I have been on a mission for the last few months cleaning out our wardrobes every weekend. I am getting rid of anything that I can’t wear or haven’t worn for a while. Same with AS and Chhori’s clothes too. That means heaps and heaps of clothes and shoes are going out. I have a few pieces that have I emotional attachment to but I figure there is no point keeping things just for their sentimental value.

my walkin wardrobe

I used to take all of my clothes to charity but I read that most of the donated clothes end up in a bin.  So I decided to donate in a different way. I have been putting them on Gumtree (similar to Craig list) for free, a bag at a time.

I am always happy when someone responds because sometimes I wonder who will take them. So far I have had a great experience giving as people message me and we organise a time and they come and pick up the bags from my place. I have given away heaps of shoes and dresses. I have also given away carpets and kitchen stuffs.

Anyway, it was going so well until recently. I had a few people who wanted the stuff and some even telling me their sad story. Anyway, we arranged a time for pick up but just before the appointed time, they texted me that they are not able to pick up the clothes for some reason. I can understand things change so I agreed for another time. But the thing is after many rearrangements, they don’t message anything and didn’t show up at the agreed time. To make matters worst, they don’t respond to my messages.

I sometimes wonder why anyone would stand somebody up who is giving them something for free. If you don’t need it or change your mind, at least have the courtesy to message and let them know. I had this experience from three different individuals recently which has put me off a little about the whole process. Sometime it makes me a little annoyed as well. Am I allowed to be annoyed or am I over reacting?

Anyway if they fail to respond me, I am giving it to the next person in line and I am happy to see so many of them messaging me. It is just annoying that someone will waste my time like this.

Have your experienced something similar? Do share your experience and in the meantime I will keep cleaning out my wardrobes because it is such a relaxing process to see some free space in my wardrobe. It is a bonus to know that the clothes I didn’t want have been put to good use by someone. Do try doing Spring/winter/summer/autumn cleaning and experience the amazing feeling 🙂

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


My little Chhori

Recently I talked about how we are trying to wean Chhori off her night feed. Well it’s been more than 3 weeks and it is working well. I have to say a big thanks to dear hubby as I have been sleeping well (7-8 hours a day) for the last 3 weeks.

There is also progress with Chhori as her night awaking has lessened and we hope in a few more weeks she will sleep through the night easily.

chhori (1)

But last night, I felt a hurt (being a typical mum I guess). Our normal night time routine is, after dinner, I breastfeed Chhori for a while then, AS takes Chhori to the room to sleep. I think, these days she has started understanding that mummy is not coming to the room to sleep with her.

So I was breastfeeding last night when AS went inside the room and put on the rhyme he plays to put Chhori to sleep. As soon as she heard it, she paused her feeding and tried to find out where rhyme was coming from. When she realised that it was coming from the room, she stop feeding, got off my lap, off the sofa and went inside. She didn’t even turn back. Normally I kiss her good night but because I was not expecting swift her action, I felt a pinch in my heart.

Don’t get me wrong. I am extremely happy that she is at this stage now. It is just that I need to get used to all these changes in her as well. In a few months’ time, I am planning to stop breast feeding altogether so I am sure there will be many more moments like this.

She is growing bigger every day and she is becoming smarter as well. These days, we have tea party. But she is adamant that we only use specific cups. The pink one is hers while the purple is mine and green is for grandma.

chhori (1) chhori (2)

We do pretend to drink and eat. We got her a toy kitchen so she cooks and cleans as well. I love how she uses the toy tap and pretends to clean her hands and dishes.

chhori (3)

Also she enjoys blocks and things with caps on. She also likes shape sorter toys and I am glad it keeps her busy. I hope she will speak a more words soon and I can talk to her 🙂 .

I am loving every moment being a mum and it is definitely one of the best feelings in the world.

Do share what you do with your time with your kids. What are some good toys and games for a toddler for their development and to keep them engaged?

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


We are “Pokémon Go” family

I went back and forth on whether or not to write about this, but decided to go ahead as it is my personal blog where I share what is happening in my life and Pokémon Go is definitely happening at this stage.

I am sure everyone is aware of Pokémon GO, which has been dominating the news for the last few weeks. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you must have read or heard about the about this game around the world. I found out about Pokémon GO the same way too and it got me curious.

I didn’t know much about Pokémon at all expect the cute Pikachu before last week. For anyone who is not aware of it, Pokémon Go is a new mobile game released recently which is taking over the world. It is a game that uses GPS and to go to locations as a means of actually ‘Checking In’ at nearby stores, businesses or weird graffiti on the wall.

So I decided to download the game just to find out what it is all about. That evening I mentioned it to AS because normally he is very into things like this. He used to play Ingress (a similar game created by the same people) religiously a few years ago. Not to my surprise at all, he was already playing the game for the last 24 hours. He insisted that I start playing it as well but I told him, I will wait until the weekend so I have time to actually play.

But I didn’t sign up for a few days. One day, a colleague’s daughters (9 and 11) came to visits us at work. They were playing Pokémon GO and I took them for a walk to the nearby shopping center so they could catch some Pokémons. Anyway watching them so excited, I thought I needed to start playing it as well.

chhori (1)

So finally on the weekend we went to the parks and places around our area to play the game, I saw signs around my neighbourhood that I never knew even existed. I also saw many people playing the games, couples with young kids, family with older kids and just teenagers.

I am glad Chhori was so happy to be out and about and AS was happy to be playing the game. I enjoyed it too and I am on Level 7 now 🙂

chhori (2)

I have to admit I am not as crazy as many around the world or even as AS but I find the game very interesting to play if you have some free time.

It definitely makes you walk around and search for Pokémons. making you active but like we have heard so much on the news these days, you need to be aware of your surroundings so you don’t have an accident or worse, get mugged.

So far it has been only 78 hours of Pokémon for me and we have become a Pokémon family for sure. Let’s see how I go in the future.

So are you playing the game yet? Do share some fun stories about it.

Happy Monday.

M from nepaliaustralian


Chhori : growing up too fast

I can’t believe how quick kids grow up. I believe it now when people say that all you need to do is have kids and they will grow up; you don’t even remember how time flies by.

Chhori is 16 months now and she constantly manages to surprise us.

chhori (3)

These days, she wants to eat her own meal. So she sits in her chair, she can strap herself in if she wants to and then waits for the tray to be put on the chair. Then she patiently waits for her food. Once the food is on the tray, she wants a fork and she feeds herself. It is so cute to watch her eat.

chhori (1) chhori (2)

I have to admit, she might grow up to be a patient one unlike her mum. It sometimes takes her few attempts to get her food on the fork but she is very persistent and keeps going until she has them on her fork. There were times when she got frustrated and threw her fork but she is getting better at it. She loves her independence.

It is easier for us as well. If there is food she can eat using a fork, like meat, pasta, noodles, veggies, fruits, we cut them into small pieces and give it to her and she will eat it all. Of course, she makes a mess as well but it is all a learning process.

I still haven’t given her rice and lito as she is not very good with a spoon and only 50% goes into her mouth. So that will be our next goal once she masters the fork. But we still are quite proud parents.

chhori (2)

She also managed to surprise me with her dancing. From very early on she has managed to copy the actions from the rhymes on Youtube but this one was very special. I didn’t know that AS was teaching her but he asked me to come to the living area on the weekend.

So when I got there, AS asked Chhori to bring a teddy bear. She got a big pink one and AS started to sing the rhyme “Teddy bear teddy bear turn around” doing the action with the teddy bear. I was pleasantly surprised when Chhori joined and did all the right moves with the rhymes. So the rhyme goes like this

Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Turn around!
Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Touch the ground!
Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Jump up high!
Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Touch the sky!

Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Bend down low!
Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Touch you toes!
Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Turn out the light!
Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Say good night!

Chhori was doing all the right action and the best and cutest part was when she was turning around, doing the full circle. She is doing it so well and I am so happy to watch. This father-daughter team means a world to me for sure.

chhori (6)

I am sure every kid goes through this phase and every parent has these happy moments. Please share yours and let me know what I can look forward to :).

Have a good day everyone and take care.

M from nepaliaustralian


Healthy snacks: Roasted Chickpeas

I find that eating healthy is not easy, especially if you snack a lot. I try my best to eat healthy meals and I am happy with that part but when it is the time for a snack, I eat whenever is available which means chocolate, cheese sandwich, biscuits and chips are on the menu too. Of course, everything in moderation is OK but sometimes I know I can go overboard.

Normally, I snack on fruits and dark chocolate at work so I don’t jump to eat other unhealthy options but it gets boring at times.

chick peas (2)

I am so happy that I have recently re-discovered Roasted Chickpeas. There are many varieties of chickpeas and most common ones are beige, black, green, red and brown. They are all tasty and healthy at the same time.

chick peas (1)

According to experts, they add a low-fat boost of nutrition that supports healthy weight loss. If you Google them, you can find different ways to eat them but I just want to consume the roasted ones right now.

What healthy snack are you munching on? Do share some ideas.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


Weaning Chhori from night feed

I am sure I have mentioned before that Chhori is still night feeding on a good night, she wakes up 1-2 times for a feed while on bad ones it is multiple times.

Chhori (4)

This routine didn’t bother me when I was home looking after her but since I started work, it started affecting my day. There were days when I was not functioning properly at all as I was sleep deprived days in a row.

Anyway, this was the signal for me to start looking for a solution to stop night feeding. I still wanted her to breastfeed for the next few months at least but I definitely wanted to stop night feeding.

So the solution was for me to sleep in a different room than Chhori. So AS and Chhori slept in our room and I slept in Chhori’s room.

chhori (5)

First night, she woke up the same as usual and started looking for milk. When she didn’t get it, she cried. She opened her eyes and saw her daddy instead of mummy and she cried more. It took AS a long time to calm her down and put her back to sleep. It was the same every time she woke up looking for milk.

I was in the next room so I could hear her cry and was so tempted to run, hug her and feed her. But I knew that was not going to solve my problem. She is old enough now that she doesn’t need night feeding as most kids over 1 year will not wake up multiple times at night for a feed.

The second night the story was similar but the cry was shorter and AS got better at calming her but I was still tempted to run over to hold her every time she cried. So on the third day, we decided that it is best for me to sleep in the guest bedroom which is further away from our bedroom so I don’t hear much at all. So I have been doing that for the last 5 days. I occasionally hear her cry but not much.

chhori (3)

Also according to AS, she is getting better at not crying even if she wakes up during the night. If she does cry, it lasts less than a minute and she is back to sleep.

We are hoping that in a few weeks, she will get better and will sleep through the night so I can go and sleep back in our room. I really hope this will work otherwise we will be back to square one.

I am loving my 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for sure but AS probably isn’t 🙂

Please, please share any tips that will help this process be easier for me and Chhori. Thanks in advance.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian



Chhori update

Thank you everyone who sent me emails letting me know that you enjoy my blog or to let me know that my blog has helped you in some way or emailing to ask some questions or just to say hello.  I am trying to reply to everyone as soon as I can. I am really happy to answer question or help in any way possible so please do not stop writing.

I got a few emails asking about Chhori so here is an update.

chhori (3)

Chhori is 16 months now (I know it makes me feel very old) and is running around a lot.

When we are out and about, she loves to walk around so one of us has to be behind her at all times. She enjoys people and has started saying a few words like

  • Mama
  • Hi
  • Bye
  • Ma (grandma)
  • Ba (grandpa)
  • Pa (water)
  • Mum mum – food

AS constantly tries to teach her to say “dada” or “daddy: but so far no success.

chhori (1)On top of these words, she mumbles a lot. If I ask her what does a dog do, she will say “bow bow” and for a duck she will go “quack quack “ and cow is “mooooo”

Even though she doesn’t talk properly yet, she understands almost everything we tell her. I have named all her toys so when I ask her to pick one toy out of many; she understands what I am talking about. She uses lots of sign language and gets what she wants done using them. I have to admit, she has both parents wrapped around her tiny cute finger already.

chhori (7)

She also knows actions to many rhymes like “itsy bitsy spider”, “head shoulder”, “twinkle twinkle”, “five little monkeys” and quite a few more. I love to watch her when she does these actions as she looks super cute. (I know I am biased :))

chhori (2)

My parents, especially my mum is looking after her 5 days a week while we are at work. I am very grateful that they decided to come and help me. A few days a week, my nephew comes over too so my parents have their hands full. Chhori really enjoys my nephew’s company and she is always happy around people. I guess she is going to be one social being.

As it is winter here, it gets dark around 5pm these days. Every day when it is dark outside, Chhori comes over to the door every 5 minutes to check if AS and I are home yet. As soon as we enter the house, her face lights up and most of the time she shows her happiness by clapping her hands. If I ask her to come and hug me, she will run and hug me and plant a big kiss on my cheeks. I am so enjoying being a mum and I love her so much.

chhori (6)

Most of the day, my mum gives some update about the day and sometimes it is a complaint that Chhori refuses to eat some meals while other days about the fight between Chhori and my nephew. I think my mum loves to describe her day with the kids. I believe that there is a special bond between grandparents and grandkids.

Recently we went to a friend’s baby’s christening and Chhori surprised everyone including me by sitting on a high hair for the whole time and eating a normal meal. She loves using a fork so we take her eating set wherever we go. So she enjoyed roast duck, broccoli, potatoes, noodles and water melon. I break them into small pieces so she can use her fork. She loved it and was happy to sit and eat.

chhori (4)

Also during one of the parties we went to, there was music and people were dancing so she went around the dance floor and started clapping and did her own little dance and she looked so adorable.

chhori (5)

As a mum, I am very biased and love everything about her. I am sure every parent is like that. 🙂  Will have another updater soon.

Please share about your little one.

Thank you one again everyone and take care.

M from nepaliaustralian