Chhori update

Thank you everyone who sent me emails letting me know that you enjoy my blog or to let me know that my blog has helped you in some way or emailing to ask some questions or just to say hello.  I am trying to reply to everyone as soon as I can. I am really happy to answer question or help in any way possible so please do not stop writing.

I got a few emails asking about Chhori so here is an update.

chhori (3)

Chhori is 16 months now (I know it makes me feel very old) and is running around a lot.

When we are out and about, she loves to walk around so one of us has to be behind her at all times. She enjoys people and has started saying a few words like

  • Mama
  • Hi
  • Bye
  • Ma (grandma)
  • Ba (grandpa)
  • Pa (water)
  • Mum mum – food

AS constantly tries to teach her to say “dada” or “daddy: but so far no success.

chhori (1)On top of these words, she mumbles a lot. If I ask her what does a dog do, she will say “bow bow” and for a duck she will go “quack quack “ and cow is “mooooo”

Even though she doesn’t talk properly yet, she understands almost everything we tell her. I have named all her toys so when I ask her to pick one toy out of many; she understands what I am talking about. She uses lots of sign language and gets what she wants done using them. I have to admit, she has both parents wrapped around her tiny cute finger already.

chhori (7)

She also knows actions to many rhymes like “itsy bitsy spider”, “head shoulder”, “twinkle twinkle”, “five little monkeys” and quite a few more. I love to watch her when she does these actions as she looks super cute. (I know I am biased :))

chhori (2)

My parents, especially my mum is looking after her 5 days a week while we are at work. I am very grateful that they decided to come and help me. A few days a week, my nephew comes over too so my parents have their hands full. Chhori really enjoys my nephew’s company and she is always happy around people. I guess she is going to be one social being.

As it is winter here, it gets dark around 5pm these days. Every day when it is dark outside, Chhori comes over to the door every 5 minutes to check if AS and I are home yet. As soon as we enter the house, her face lights up and most of the time she shows her happiness by clapping her hands. If I ask her to come and hug me, she will run and hug me and plant a big kiss on my cheeks. I am so enjoying being a mum and I love her so much.

chhori (6)

Most of the day, my mum gives some update about the day and sometimes it is a complaint that Chhori refuses to eat some meals while other days about the fight between Chhori and my nephew. I think my mum loves to describe her day with the kids. I believe that there is a special bond between grandparents and grandkids.

Recently we went to a friend’s baby’s christening and Chhori surprised everyone including me by sitting on a high hair for the whole time and eating a normal meal. She loves using a fork so we take her eating set wherever we go. So she enjoyed roast duck, broccoli, potatoes, noodles and water melon. I break them into small pieces so she can use her fork. She loved it and was happy to sit and eat.

chhori (4)

Also during one of the parties we went to, there was music and people were dancing so she went around the dance floor and started clapping and did her own little dance and she looked so adorable.

chhori (5)

As a mum, I am very biased and love everything about her. I am sure every parent is like that. 🙂  Will have another updater soon.

Please share about your little one.

Thank you one again everyone and take care.

M from nepaliaustralian



8 responses to “Chhori update

  1. Your stories are precious and I enjoyed how smart, cute and funny Chhori can be! I like her ability to do motions to songs. This is very clever of her! ❤

  2. Oh it is nice that she copies those animal sounds. our little one did the same till he suddenly started a few months ago to copy every word we say, no matter which language 😮
    Today I was watching a swimming video and there was the name of one of the guys “Nathan Adrian”, our son pointed at the name and said “Nathan”. He is beginning to scare me a bit:p

  3. She’s shoooo adorable… god bless her… and I like your saree.. 😃

  4. You do have a cool blog!

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