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4 responses to “Fiji

  1. Do you think we have wheatgrass too here in Fiji? Where can I find it? I really need it.

  2. I really loved Fiji. I had great experience and learn how to snorkel. We went for day trips to Islands where you can snorkel or dive and see all the beautiful creatures. Then we were served with freshly prepared lunch and fresh tropical fruits. Castaway Island and Malamala Island were highlight of our trip. We went there in summer and stay in Sonasali Resort. I loved the whole experience and highly recommend it.

    I didn’t see any lizards in the room but there were lots of ants. When we mention that to the resort staff, they said it was normal in Fiji to get ant everywhere. But no harm done so we were ok.

  3. Fiji looks awesome. Would you recommend traveling there? (also, were there any lizards in your room?)

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