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Manly 10 KM FUN RUN

On 3rd Feb, Saturday I went for the 10 km Manly Fun Run with some of my friends.

Manly Fun Run is a popular, family-friendly event which invites participants of all levels to take part in a fun-filled weekend featuring the Dee Why to Manly Sun Run. The run is through the picturesque Manly beach headland and the national park of North Head, with distances of 10km, 5km and 2km. Both the 5km and 2km events are pram friendly. Apart from the fun and fitness you will be helping to raise monies for the many charities that Manly Rotary support on the peninsula and throughout Sydney.

I had done City2Surf before but this was my first time for this event.

We went and stayed in a hotel in Manly the night before. We went for an early dinner and went to bed by 9:30 as we were heading to Dee why at 6 am the next morning.

On the day of the run we woke up early, got ready and caught a bus to Dee Why. The bus was full of people doing the same event so everyone looked excited and ready to run.

As we got off the bus and walked to the start point, it started raining so heavily that we all got drenched before the race had even started. I had never had this experience before. Although in another 5 minutes the rain got lighter and we started the run. There was more hill in this run that City2Surf but they were smaller ones.

It was definitely a good run as we ran along picturesque beach looking at some amazing house and beautiful park.

Along the way, there were a few drizzles and once it rained heavily but we enjoyed the cool rain as we were running.

Personally, I felt the run was good and not as difficult as expected.

We finished the run in an hour and 17 minutes which was not bad considering we ran and walked few kms as well.

It was a great experience and I am glad I did it. I hope to plan and run more this year.

Have a great week everyone!

M from nepaliaustralian


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Singapore adventures 

As I had mentioned before, we went to Singapore for our Christmas – New Year break.

Initially, I really want to go to Phillipines but we end up going to Singapore at the last minute. Can you imagine the cost of the flight and accommodation when you book during such a busy period? I am just glad that we still managed to have a holiday.

Anyway, Chhori was excited about the holiday from the day we booked the flight and told her about it.

I am so glad to see that she will be a traveler like her parents and enjoy new stuff in life. When we were boarding our flight to Singapore, she was so excited that she was dancing and jumping and saying, “We are going to Singapore for holiday.” Making all the onlookers smile.

We had an evening flight from Sydney so it was perfect for Chhori and me as she slept most of the 9 hours flight while AS couldn’t sleep a wink. For some reason AS can’t sleep on the plane making it hard for him when we reach our destination.

When we reached Singapore, it was 3 am in the morning so we caught a cab 🚕 and went straight to our hotel. We checked in and were very happy with our room. We got upgraded to a better room and I am so thankful to Novotel for that. They definitely gave us a very good start to our holiday.

We decided to sleep for a few hours and woke up hungry. We had breakfast at the hotel itself and decided to go to the city for the day.

We used GRAB, a car hailing app like Uber, while in Singapore and it was so convenient as well as saving us heaps of money.

Our first stop was the Merlion Park and Marina bay. As tourists do, we went around and took heaps of photos with all the iconic monuments. 

Chhori was equally excited to see this new city. I have been to Singapore before but this time it is so much better as my baby and my better half were with me.

From there we walked the bridge to go to the other side to Mariana bay shopping centre. We had lunch there and found this amazing activities for kids.

Chhori was excited to ride on animals, play on the big sandpits with balls and toys. We spent more than one hour there before going to an art and crafts stall where we painted and made snow man out of paper before leaving.

By then Chhori was so tired that she decided to sleep on the stroller.

We decided we should have dinner before leaving and found this little restaurant serving local food. 

I ordered chicken laksa and AS had pork belly. The food was amazing and it came with local tea and koffee as they call it.

We had an amazing first day in Singapore and were very excited for the rest of the trip. 

Will write more about our holiday soon, till then take care.

M from nepaliaustralian


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Dubbo – Chhori’s first road trip

As I mentioned earlier, we went to Dubbo during our Christmas/ New Year break.

Dubbo is located 400 km north-west of Sydney and we decided to go there as a few of our friends recently moved there.

Being new parents, both I and AS were not sure how Chhori would cope with on a trip so we decided not to go too far. Google map indicated that it would take us 5 hours to get there so it was a good distance to cover for Chhori’s first road trip. Both of us were a bit nervous.

The packing was a nightmare as I felt like I needed everything for the baby but finally we were sorted and the car was full of stuff and 3 human beings. 🙂

We planned the trip only few weeks in advance and as the day neared I was a bit nervous. But Chhori was good on the trip. We reached Dubbo after 7 hours instead of 5. We had a lunch break and 2 more breaks for Chhori to feed and change. We entertained her with her favorite rhymes and she slept for a few hours. I and AS took turns driving so it was not too much for both of us.

Dubbo was nicer than I had imagined. We were there for 5 days and each day we had something to do. We went on a picnic to Lake Burrendong, visited Taronga Western Plain zoo, Old Dubbo Gaol , Shoyoen Japanese Garden , Terramungamine Reserve, Rock Grooves and Orana Mall.

Old Dubbo Gaol is remarkably complete and intact gaol operated for 119 years from 1847 to 1966 and is still nestled in the main street of Dubbo. There are many interesting exhibits and a lot of information on the many prisoners who were held here. They provide a tour which provides a good over view of the history of the Gaol and also the local area.

dubbo (22)

Shoyoen Japanese Garden is a really great place to visit as it is beautifully laid out with its lake, stream, and paths. The water features that are the centre of the garden, from the waterfall over rocks to the large pond which is full of koi that you could feed; we had a really nice time strolling through the garden.

dubbo (17) dubbo (12)

The day we went to Lake Burrendong, we drove for an hour to this beautiful National park. The place was full with holiday makers fishing and boating. We took food from home and had a relaxing time in the park with the view.

dubbo (8) dubbo (10) dubbo (5) dubbo (9)

We were in Dubbo during Boxing day so we went to the mall and did a big shopping :). We did get some bargains for sure.

Definitely the highlight of the trip was Taronga Western Plain zoo.

The zoo has a 5km road with paths crisscrossing their way around the enclosures. We drove around and it was an easy drive but you could also hire bikes or golf carts.

Chhori was so excited when she saw the giraffes. I didn’t expect that reaction from her as I thought she was too young to get excited. It was such a wonderful experience to get up close to these beautiful animals. We saw zebras, lions, tigers, elephants, emu, koala, kangaroo, rhino, and giant tortoise to name just few.

dubbo (14) dubbo (16)  dubbo (18)

We took picnic lunch from home so we ate in the picnic area right beside the zebras. We bought ice-creams from the café and it was a perfect way to end our lunch.

dubbo (19) dubbo (11) dubbo (7) dubbo (3)

My 8 year old nephew was so excited that he made sure we stopped at every animal enclosure and read about each of them :). Chhori was a bit small to understand everything but was excited for a day out.

dubbo (2)

Over all Dubbo weather was perfect and the place was just beautiful. A fantastic family getaway for sure.

On the way back from Dubbo, we drove through and stopped to do cherry, peaches and apricot picking in a place called Orange :).

Cherry picking (1) Cherry picking (2) Cherry picking (3)

It was really fun and Chhori enjoyed the cherries so much 🙂

Cherry picking (4)

Take care everyone,

from nepaliaustralian


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Our Story : Trip to New Zealand: Black Water rafting – Part 32

This is a continuation of my previous posts. Please read the previous posts here.

Black Water rafting started as a sport back in the late Eighties in the Waitomo cave system in New Zealand’s North Island. Waitomo is famous for its huge network of subterranean caves but what make them extra special is their inhabitants.

Glow worms, which are actually gnat larvae, live within these caves attaching themselves to the roofs in order to grow and feast on passing insects. This is why they glow, if you make any sort of noise in the caves they all start waking up to the point where it looks like a carpet of fairy lights overhead. They shine like this to attract food and those who shine the brightest are in most need of dinner. They trap their food by hanging silk-like strings down around them, like a combination of fly paper and a spider’s web.

We had heard a lot about Black Water rafting so we decided to do it. We had pre booked our tickets online. Once we reached Waitomo, the office of the rafting company, we were asked to wait for a while as others in our group assembled and we were taken to the site in a van.

Black Water Rafting (2)Black Water Rafting (1)

They gave us wet suits and helmets fitted with lights to wear. It took everyone a while to get into the suit and then we posed for few photos. We were going to hike through a cave and jump into icy water, while surrounded by glow-worms.

Black Water Rafting (7)

The van drove us down a dirt road to our destination to begin our adventures. We had to climb a big hill, clamber over rocks, scoot down steep, slippery stairs, to get to the rocky cave entrance. It looked bit scary as all I could see was a black hole.

Black Water RaftingBlack Water Rafting (5)

The guides asked us to put the tube, around our bum and jump into the water. My first thought was: Seriously! I didn’t know how deep the water was and felt a bit scared but when the first person jumped in, I was fine. We all took our turn and jumped into the water. The water was very cold but I was happy we landed safely.

Black Water Rafting (4)

After that we basically sat in a giant inflatable ring and cruise the rapids downstream, the path ahead lit up by the glow worms. It was truly a sight to behold. We ended up covering a good few kilometres before finishing. Our guide had us lay back in the water and linked us together, each person taking the feet of the person behind them. Floating that way he pulled us through the caves so that we could continue to stare up at the lights above.

At one point, the guide asked us to turn off our headlight so we could see the glow-worms. Once all the lights were turned off we looked up and it was beautiful, like I could sit there for hours.

Black Water Rafting (6)

As we moved on though, the sound of a waterfall got louder and louder. As we came upon it, we unlinked ourselves and took turns falling off of it. Not floating over it, but standing up and falling backwards.

Black Water Rafting (3)

When it was all over, I came out of the cave exhausted and aching but with a huge grin on my face. Then it was back in the van to return to the changing rooms and some hot cups of soup.

The Waitomo caves are beautiful and magical. I am so glad we did it. The darkness and the cave were more exciting than white water rafting and it was a great adventure.

Share your own experience with rafting and water sports.

Take care everyone, more on next post.

M from nepaliaustralian


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Our one night stay in Guangzhou, China

This is the continuation of the post I wrote while I was in Nepal.

Once we were told that our flight had been cancelled due to bad weather and that we were going to spend the night in China, there was some confusion. It looked like the airline staff also didn’t know what was going to happen next. They just gave us visas to exit the airport and asked us to wait in a room. Thankfully, the staff member who was dealing us spoke good English so we could direct our queries and get some answers.

The waiting room had some chairs and snacks. They had some drinks, biscuits, and chocolate. I was kind of hungry and cold so ate one biscuit and drank a bottle of water.

Guangzhou (1)

Luckily AS had his thick jumper in his carry on while I had only a thin one. I was a bit cold when we were waiting while I could see all the airport staff was wearing puff jackets. I didn’t put anything in my hand carry because I didn’t think about that the flight could be cancelled. I expected few hours delay but not 14 hours.

We were in the waiting room for almost an hour when they finally asked us to follow them. We were going to a hotel. We all followed this guy all the way to the exit and as soon the door opened, I want to go and hide somewhere. It was freezing and the wind was not helping either.

As soon as we got out, I saw a hotel across the street. I was happy thinking that we were going there as we start crossing the road; but to my disappointment, we were told to wait for a bus to take us to our hotel. In a few minutes, the bus arrived and we all jumped inside. The staff member told us that we are going to some hotel but I didn’t catch the name.

Guangzhou (4)

At least it was warm inside the bus and we stared our 45 minutes ride to the hotel. Because we were not given a time frame, every hotel we saw on the way, we expect the bust to stop but it kept moving until it came to the Jiaerdeng Hotel Guangzhou.

Guangzhou (3)

The entrance of the hotel looked nice and we were all happy that it is a decent hotel. Most of us hadn’t slept for the last 24 hours so all we wanted was some warm food and bed for the night before we woke up the next morning to go back to the airport. I felt like a zombie and was looking forward to a hot shower as well.

As we queue behind the other passengers from the plane, we suddenly realised that there was no one from the airport with us. In addition, though not surprisingly, no one at the front desk spoke or understood any English. They had no clue why we were there so they were not giving us any rooms. We all spent next half hour trying to make them understand that we needed a room but it was of no use. No matter how slowly we spoke, they didn’t know what to do. We were stranded in the hotel lobby of a hotel in China with no clue what was going to happen next.

Luckily one of the bellboys of the hotel took his phone out and used Google translate to tell us that they had no idea what to do with us as they have no instruction from the airlines or the hotel management. Finally some communication! Then when we asked about the internet, he showed a plaque on the wall that had some number on it. No one had noticed that before but finally we saw a ray of hope in the dark tunnel. We all connected to the internet and used Google translate to talk with them.

Guangzhou (2)

Finally, after a real good effort by a few people, they manage to talk get someone form the airline and allocated the rooms. It was such a relief to get the key to our room. We got a nice big room on the 7th floor. Me and AS literally ran to the room to drop our stuffs and rest. It was after midnight in Sydney by then and we were so tired.

Guangzhou (3)

While we were getting ready to sleep, we realised that we hadn’t had a proper meal for a while so decided to see if they had anything to eat at all. When we went downstairs, there was a hotel staff handing a takeaway container to everyone and that was our dinner. When we opened it in our room, I was but disappointed as it had rice, cabbage and some chicken only, not very appetizing. As AS was hungry he had some of it and I did eat a few spoons and it was enough for me.

Guangzhou (4)

I was still freezing so AS decided to give me his jumper. The room had air conditioning but as everything was in Chinese we had no clue what to do. Still with some trial and error AS managed to turn off the air conditioning. In around 6 hours we had to wake up again as we need to be at the airport 3 hours before our flight to Kathmandu so we set an alarm and went to bed.

Guangzhou (5)

It was so difficult to wake up the next morning but I dragged myself out of bed and had a shower. I knew if I didn’t, I would be a zombie for the rest of the day. Once we got ready, we went to the lobby and there were lot more people in the lobby than the night before. They were going to airport to catch their flight to Kathmandu as well.

Guangzhou (1)

With half an hour for the bus to come pick us up, me and AS had enough time to go around the area and see the place. We saw lots of older people doing their morning exercising. When the bus arrived there was not enough room for everyone in that bus and we had to wait longer for next bus. Finally, it did and we were all happy to be on the road to the airport.

After 25 minutes, we were back doing the check-ins for our flight. The flight was on time and we were relieved when we finally boarded plane to Kathmandu. The flight from Guangzhou to Kathmandu was smooth and without any dramas and we landed in Kathmandu in the afternoon, 14 hours later than scheduled.

My FIL and BIL were at the airport to pick us up and we were on our way home.

So, this was my experience with China Southern Airlines. I am sure no one could do anything about the weather but the airlines did try their best to look after us. Being in China, it is expected that they don’t speak English. While our experience could have been a bit better, I have no problems flying with them the next time though I will certainly pray for good weather.