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And then she (Chhori) cried…

I wrote recently how Chhori has started childcare and how she was been great. It is sad to see that, she no longer runs to the toys or forgets about us as soon as we go inside the childcare.

I think slowly she has started to realise that, she needs to go to the childcare regularly and her reaction started changing.


Normally AS goes to drop her off so I can start work early and I pick her up a bit early.

In the last few weeks, Chhori’s reaction to childcare has slowly changed from no tears to lots of tears.

The first few days, she refused to let go of AS when they got inside the childcare. Then she started to cry once inside the childcare and now she refuses to eat her breakfast and starts crying as soon as she is in front of childcare.

I was really happy when we had no tears initially but that period is over now. It really breaks my heart that she has to go through this.


I know it is a natural stage of development and every parent has to go through this journey but this makes me feel so guilty and question our decision to do it in the first place. She is not even 2 years old and doesn’t communicate that well which makes it even harder.

I am glad I am not the one who has to drop her off regularly because I would have cried with her every time there is a drop off. Just checking with AS every day and knowing that she cried makes feel me so sad.

I feel so helpless; don’t know what to do to make it easier for Chhori. All the parents out there who have been through this please give me some advice/suggestions.

Take care everyone.

from nepaliaustralian


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Christmas road trip : Katoomba – Oberon – Jenolan Caves

As mentioned before in my post, we went for a road trip during Christmas with my parents and my brother’s family. It has been a hot summer this year, so it was a perfect escape from the heat to the mountains where the temperature is cooler than Sydney.


Our first stop was Blue Mountains in Katoomba. I have written about our previous trip here.

As it was a public holiday, there were lots of people there and families enjoying the long weekend. We were there for a while, took a few photos and decided to have lunch.


Being Christmas Day most of the restaurants were closed. We had researched and found out that there would be an Indian restaurant open nearby so we stopped there before heading on ahead.


Lunch was quick and OK. Then we headed back to road for another 100 km toward our next stop.


Oberon is a small town around 180km from Sydney. The drive was pleasant with a lot of greenery and open spaces. The drive remained us our New Zealand trip as the landscape was so similar with small hillocks and lots of farms.

oberon-4 oberon-3 oberon-7 oberon-1

It was our first time in Oberon and we liked the tiny town.

Our hotel was clean and quiet and had a big garden at the front where the kids could run around.


After we reached the hotel, we rested for a while and went for a drive around the town. We went to a nearby park and to the Oberon damn. As it was summer, there were lots of flies at the damn but the park was fun with lots of flowers, a pond with ducks in it and a kid’s play area.

oberon-5 oberon-2

After a while we headed back to the hotel so we could have some rest for our trip the next day.

Jenolan Caves

Our destination for this trip was Jenolan Caves, “the most spectacular and most famous cave in Australia”.

Jenolan Caves is considered the world’s oldest known open cave system (aprox. 340 million years) the cave system counts more than 40 km of passages, and is still being explored. For now, 11 caves are open to visitors to enjoy the magnificent limestone formations of astonishing beauty.

The road from Oberon is very challenging with many unsighted tight, steep chicanes.

We booked the Imperial Cave tour (the easiest one as we had kids and elderly) for 11 am.


We wandered around until it was time for the tour. Our guide met us at the entrance of the cave and gave us some rules to follow while inside the cave. We were all excited including the kids.

jenolan-cave-10jenolan-cave-1 jenolan-cave-7

The group contained many kids and very elderly people as well so we knew we would be alright.

jenolan-cave-25 jenolan-cave-15

The cave was cool but was perfect for summer. The entire path inside the caved was properly done so, we felt safe walking inside the cave. There were many stairs but they had a railing on the side for support.

jenolan-cave-24 jenolan-cave-23    jenolan-cave-17 jenolan-cave-16 jenolan-cave-13

It was a fun experience as the knowledgeable guide gave us the history and geography about the cave. It was so much interesting to see the entire natural formed limestone and their very interesting patterns.

jenolan-cave-3 jenolan-cave-4   jenolan-cave-20 jenolan-cave-21

The cave features include ‘The Sinkhole’, ‘Ridleys Shortcut’ (with a story on how it got its name), ‘Lot’s Wife’, the ‘Alabaster Column’ and the dramatic’ Crystal Cities’ which looks like an ancient fortress. And as its name suggests, the ‘Shawl Cave’ is filled with delightful cave shawls.

jenolan-cave-11  jenolan-cave-9 jenolan-cave-14 jenolan-cave-22

Halfway through the trip, Chhhori fell asleep. Not her fault as it was her nap time but I had to carry her for rest of the tour.

jenolan-cave-8 jenolan-cave-18

When the floor of the Imperial Cave was excavated in 1975, bones were discovered. The bones of a Tasmanian Devil (long extinct on the mainland) and a Wallaby are on display. As you walk through the cave, you can also see marine fossils embedded in the limestone roof and walls.

jenolan-cave-6 jenolan-cave-12

We felt that an hour was not so long when you were enjoying every minute and it was the end of our tour.

We had lunch at the cave café after the tour and we headed back home.

Take care everyone.

from nepaliaustralian


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Dubbo – Chhori’s first road trip

As I mentioned earlier, we went to Dubbo during our Christmas/ New Year break.

Dubbo is located 400 km north-west of Sydney and we decided to go there as a few of our friends recently moved there.

Being new parents, both I and AS were not sure how Chhori would cope with on a trip so we decided not to go too far. Google map indicated that it would take us 5 hours to get there so it was a good distance to cover for Chhori’s first road trip. Both of us were a bit nervous.

The packing was a nightmare as I felt like I needed everything for the baby but finally we were sorted and the car was full of stuff and 3 human beings. 🙂

We planned the trip only few weeks in advance and as the day neared I was a bit nervous. But Chhori was good on the trip. We reached Dubbo after 7 hours instead of 5. We had a lunch break and 2 more breaks for Chhori to feed and change. We entertained her with her favorite rhymes and she slept for a few hours. I and AS took turns driving so it was not too much for both of us.

Dubbo was nicer than I had imagined. We were there for 5 days and each day we had something to do. We went on a picnic to Lake Burrendong, visited Taronga Western Plain zoo, Old Dubbo Gaol , Shoyoen Japanese Garden , Terramungamine Reserve, Rock Grooves and Orana Mall.

Old Dubbo Gaol is remarkably complete and intact gaol operated for 119 years from 1847 to 1966 and is still nestled in the main street of Dubbo. There are many interesting exhibits and a lot of information on the many prisoners who were held here. They provide a tour which provides a good over view of the history of the Gaol and also the local area.

dubbo (22)

Shoyoen Japanese Garden is a really great place to visit as it is beautifully laid out with its lake, stream, and paths. The water features that are the centre of the garden, from the waterfall over rocks to the large pond which is full of koi that you could feed; we had a really nice time strolling through the garden.

dubbo (17) dubbo (12)

The day we went to Lake Burrendong, we drove for an hour to this beautiful National park. The place was full with holiday makers fishing and boating. We took food from home and had a relaxing time in the park with the view.

dubbo (8) dubbo (10) dubbo (5) dubbo (9)

We were in Dubbo during Boxing day so we went to the mall and did a big shopping :). We did get some bargains for sure.

Definitely the highlight of the trip was Taronga Western Plain zoo.

The zoo has a 5km road with paths crisscrossing their way around the enclosures. We drove around and it was an easy drive but you could also hire bikes or golf carts.

Chhori was so excited when she saw the giraffes. I didn’t expect that reaction from her as I thought she was too young to get excited. It was such a wonderful experience to get up close to these beautiful animals. We saw zebras, lions, tigers, elephants, emu, koala, kangaroo, rhino, and giant tortoise to name just few.

dubbo (14) dubbo (16)  dubbo (18)

We took picnic lunch from home so we ate in the picnic area right beside the zebras. We bought ice-creams from the café and it was a perfect way to end our lunch.

dubbo (19) dubbo (11) dubbo (7) dubbo (3)

My 8 year old nephew was so excited that he made sure we stopped at every animal enclosure and read about each of them :). Chhori was a bit small to understand everything but was excited for a day out.

dubbo (2)

Over all Dubbo weather was perfect and the place was just beautiful. A fantastic family getaway for sure.

On the way back from Dubbo, we drove through and stopped to do cherry, peaches and apricot picking in a place called Orange :).

Cherry picking (1) Cherry picking (2) Cherry picking (3)

It was really fun and Chhori enjoyed the cherries so much 🙂

Cherry picking (4)

Take care everyone,

from nepaliaustralian


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