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Birth Week :)

Yap, you read it right, instead of just being my birthday on 28th Oct, it turned out to be a birthday week this year :).

I am sure I have mentioned here many times that Nepali people follow different calendars which means we have birthday in different days every year depending on what you are following, the Gregorian calendar, Nepalese Calendar or the tithi (birth chart and position of sun, moon and planets). Normally, I don’t care much as I don’t really know when my Nepali tithi birthday is. My mum normally does some puja in Nepal and that is it.

But as my parents are here, I celebrated my tithi birthday. It was on 21st Oct and my mum did a simple puja for me that day. As it was a weekday we didn’t do much but just tika and sagun to mark the day. It is always special to have your parents around as they make you feel special every day.

birthday-3 birthday-4

Also after the puja, Chhori gave me a flower (thanks to AS) and a big hug and kisses to wish me on my birthday. I put a few of those photos taken during the puja on Facebook which led to many of my friends and family wishing me birthday as well. Thus the birthday week celebration officially started.

During the whole week, I had birthday wishes and Facebook posts which made me feel very special  🙂

On the 27th, my boss bought me flowers and they were lovely.


On 28th, I work up early as normal and waited for Chhori and AS to wake up. As I was checking my phone, I saw a message from AS that he had send me before he went to bed so he was the first one to wish me :).

It said, “Happy Birthday to the one who has always been there for me. Whether rain or shine, I’m so happy and grateful that I can call you mine.”

He definitely made me happy and it was a great start of my special day.

There were a few more messages in my Facebook and inbox as well as sms which were flowing the whole day.

When both my sweethearts were awake, AS got Chhori to give me a card and flowers and gifts.


The flowers were lovely and loved my wallet, sunnies and umbrella. AS has always been so thoughtful and Chhori was too cute hugging and kissing me. I have to admit it was one of the best days I have ever had.


Since Chhori came into our life, our life has changed for the better and I love being a mum to such a cutie pie.


It was the first day of Tihar that day so we did Kag Puja and went out for breakfast. I had egg Florentine and AS had the Big Breakfast. The food was yummy and we were stuffed by the end of it.

birthday-15-tile birthday-16 birthday-18

The plan for the afternoon was lunch and movie as mum was looking after Chhori and we didn’t want to come home late. I think when you have a baby, you change things so you can be with your kids more and I was more than happy to come home early to be with Chhori.


First we went to watch a movie. We choose to watch “The Girl on the Train”. I had heard good reviews about it so AS got tickets to it.

The movie was OK. I loved the drama and suspense but at times I found it very slow.

For lunch AS chose a nice Japanese contemporary restaurant called Sorenzo.  When we walked into the restaurant, as it was afternoon, there were not many people. The ambiance of the place was good but the food is what I am still thinking about.

We went there for lunch so we thought we would order a set menu to make it easy as it had a wide range of dishes.

We thought we were getting 5 different dishes and dessert as there was slash in the menu between two items. We thought that we could easily handle much of food as Japanese food is small in portion generally but we realised later that we were getting everything in the set menu.

So we started with our favourite edamame with salt sprinkled on the top. It was warm just like I liked it.


It was followed by fresh pacific oysters. Both AS and I are not a big fan of oysters but we loved them as they were tasty and full of flavour and surprisingly they didn’t have a fishy aftertaste .


Then came Kingfish carpaccio which was amazing and we finish them in a few seconds as it was delicious.


It was followed by the most interesting dish of the day, sashimi platter. But the interesting part of this was the presentation.  The dish came with oozing Nitrogen and a skull making it really interesting. As it was close to Halloween it was a great idea. The platter contained various cuts of Salmon, Kingfish, Tuna and Scallops which were fresh and perfect. We were really impressed at this point and AS was really happy about his pick of restaurants.


Following the sashimi platter, there was a chef’s selection of sushi which was light and perfectly seasoned.


Then came the pan fried scallops with white miso sabayon which was one of the most delicious platters on the menu. The presentation was awesome as well.


Next was tempura platter that included prawns, mushrooms, eggplant and sweet potato. It was fresh and crunchy and very yummy but we couldn’t finish it as we were already so stuffed with the sushi and the sashimi.


The last and main dish was smoked salmon with sweet and spicy miso sauce. The dish was very delicious and flavoursome but we couldn’t finish it as out tummy was screaming to stop as it couldn’t handle the amount of food we were eating 🙂


Finally, it was time for dessert and we both choose ice cream. I had lime sorbet and AS had passionfruit and chilli sorbet. The presentation of the dish was great but unfortunately we couldn’t finish them either.

birthday-23 birthday-24

I think we ate 3 times more than what we normally have for lunch but it was a great experience and loved all the dishes.

birthday-5 birthday-13

After lunch we headed home where our munchkin was eagerly waiting for us. I had invited my brother’s family for dinner that night.


So in the evening when everyone was at my place, we had a cake for my birthday which was an amazing rainbow colourful cake.

birthday birthday-14

The cream was delicious and I loved it so, so much. And thus 28th Oct concluded :).


The next day a friend of my visited and brought a nice dress for my birthday and the following day, some of our friends invited us over for dinner and I got a nice hand bag for a birthday gift.

I am so happy that there are so many people in my life who have made my birthday into a birth-week with their love, blessing and wishes.

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian


Dubbo – Chhori’s first road trip

As I mentioned earlier, we went to Dubbo during our Christmas/ New Year break.

Dubbo is located 400 km north-west of Sydney and we decided to go there as a few of our friends recently moved there.

Being new parents, both I and AS were not sure how Chhori would cope with on a trip so we decided not to go too far. Google map indicated that it would take us 5 hours to get there so it was a good distance to cover for Chhori’s first road trip. Both of us were a bit nervous.

The packing was a nightmare as I felt like I needed everything for the baby but finally we were sorted and the car was full of stuff and 3 human beings. 🙂

We planned the trip only few weeks in advance and as the day neared I was a bit nervous. But Chhori was good on the trip. We reached Dubbo after 7 hours instead of 5. We had a lunch break and 2 more breaks for Chhori to feed and change. We entertained her with her favorite rhymes and she slept for a few hours. I and AS took turns driving so it was not too much for both of us.

Dubbo was nicer than I had imagined. We were there for 5 days and each day we had something to do. We went on a picnic to Lake Burrendong, visited Taronga Western Plain zoo, Old Dubbo Gaol , Shoyoen Japanese Garden , Terramungamine Reserve, Rock Grooves and Orana Mall.

Old Dubbo Gaol is remarkably complete and intact gaol operated for 119 years from 1847 to 1966 and is still nestled in the main street of Dubbo. There are many interesting exhibits and a lot of information on the many prisoners who were held here. They provide a tour which provides a good over view of the history of the Gaol and also the local area.

dubbo (22)

Shoyoen Japanese Garden is a really great place to visit as it is beautifully laid out with its lake, stream, and paths. The water features that are the centre of the garden, from the waterfall over rocks to the large pond which is full of koi that you could feed; we had a really nice time strolling through the garden.

dubbo (17) dubbo (12)

The day we went to Lake Burrendong, we drove for an hour to this beautiful National park. The place was full with holiday makers fishing and boating. We took food from home and had a relaxing time in the park with the view.

dubbo (8) dubbo (10) dubbo (5) dubbo (9)

We were in Dubbo during Boxing day so we went to the mall and did a big shopping :). We did get some bargains for sure.

Definitely the highlight of the trip was Taronga Western Plain zoo.

The zoo has a 5km road with paths crisscrossing their way around the enclosures. We drove around and it was an easy drive but you could also hire bikes or golf carts.

Chhori was so excited when she saw the giraffes. I didn’t expect that reaction from her as I thought she was too young to get excited. It was such a wonderful experience to get up close to these beautiful animals. We saw zebras, lions, tigers, elephants, emu, koala, kangaroo, rhino, and giant tortoise to name just few.

dubbo (14) dubbo (16)  dubbo (18)

We took picnic lunch from home so we ate in the picnic area right beside the zebras. We bought ice-creams from the café and it was a perfect way to end our lunch.

dubbo (19) dubbo (11) dubbo (7) dubbo (3)

My 8 year old nephew was so excited that he made sure we stopped at every animal enclosure and read about each of them :). Chhori was a bit small to understand everything but was excited for a day out.

dubbo (2)

Over all Dubbo weather was perfect and the place was just beautiful. A fantastic family getaway for sure.

On the way back from Dubbo, we drove through and stopped to do cherry, peaches and apricot picking in a place called Orange :).

Cherry picking (1) Cherry picking (2) Cherry picking (3)

It was really fun and Chhori enjoyed the cherries so much 🙂

Cherry picking (4)

Take care everyone,

from nepaliaustralian


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