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Some help with my SAREE please?

I am currently looking for online reliable shops to buy some sarees. If anyone has used a website that they liked, please let me know. I know there are many websites but I am not sure if they are reliable and not too expensive :).  I am hoping to buy sarees and lengha 🙂

Thanks for help in advanced.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

M from nepaliaustralian


Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 18

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Butcher Shop


Nepal Basa

Bone Kwaynn
Brains Nhya-pu
Fat Daah
Leaf tripe Sah-poo
Liver Syenn
Lung Soo
Skin Chhenguu
Tounge Me as in met
Tripe Khaah-gwah
Variety meats Taah-tuu
How much for a kilo of meat? Laa chha-guu kilo-yaa guli?
I want only lean meat. Na-lii ja-ka kaa-yeigu
Leave out the stringy meat. Puaa-thah ma-wa-ye-ka.
I don’t want any fat. Baah ta-yaa di-I ma-te.
Please chop up the meat for me. Laatyaa-naah bi-yaa di-saa.

Shoe shop


Nepal Basa

Canvas Kaa-pah
Leather Chhenguu
Shoelaces Phettaa
Let me see those shoes. Wa laa-kaa chha-kah swa-ye.
Here you are. Swa-yaa di-saa
They are too large. Tappaa ju-la
These should fit. Thwa thik ju-i maah.
They are too small. Chippaa ju-la.
I don’t like this style with heels. Gwaa-li du-gu ma-yah
Do you have children’s shoes. Mas-tay-gu la-kaa du laa?

Serenity Deck on board Carnival Spirit

Before we even boarded the cruise, I had heard a lot about the Serenity Deck on Carnival Spirit so I was curious to find out what it looked like.

Water Park and Green Thunder on board Carnival Cruise (23)

Serenity is defined as the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Serenity Deck is an adults only sanctuary (18yrs +), a free area to enjoy at your leisure with pods, deck chairs, hammock to lie down on and a heated spa and pool, if you want to take a dip. There is a bar where they play live music in the evening, separate towel service and waiters are always around if you want to order drinks.

When we got on the ship on the first day we went to deck nine where Serenity Deck is  and the first thing I noticed was the 270-degree view of the ocean. The pods are round bed-chairs that fit up to 3 people and looked really comfy. The huge hammocks were partially shaded. On day one there were not many people there so we thought we would give it a go another day.


One of the first sea days after lunch we went around the Serenity area to see if we could get a pod but it seemed as if every adult on the ship tries to secure a spot in there, so it was quite crowded. It was a big mistake to think that we would get a space easily. It looked like parents leave the kids in kids club and hide there.

I didn’t want to give up so we decided to go round again and luckily I saw a lady in one of the hammocks leaving. I waited for her to gather her stuff and we finally got the hammock.

carnival spirit (1)

As it was a nice sunny day, the hammock was not a great idea as the sun came straight into your eyes. We relaxed there for an hour and then we moved on to do other things.

carnival spirit (2)

People normally came early to the Serenity Deck and left their towels to reserve their area. Even though a sign said you can’t hold the pod/hammock for more than 40 minutes there was no one enforcing it really. We definitely didn’t want to waste our energy waiting for a space as there was so much you could do in the ship. But whenever we went around the serenity area, it would be full. But we learned that in the evening, when the first dining sitting started, people left to go and eat so we went there just to relax for a few hours in the evenings before our dinner, for the rest of the days on board.

carnival spirit (3)

It was the perfect time as we got to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.


We quiet enjoyed the pods and hammocks as it was really relaxing just to watch the open ocean or sky while lying there. But at the same time I didn’t think it was worth it to spend a whole day there missing every other activity on the ship.

Serenity Deck was not as quiet as it is supposed to be as people would be on the phone or with friends talking so loud that you be left wondering if they even understood what serenity meant in the first place.

Anyway, for me and AS, it was a fun and relaxing time on this part of the ship.

Take care everyone ,

M from nepaliaustralian


Where is the umbrella?

It was very hot the other day so AS was making drinks for us. He was in the kitchen while I was watching TV.

AS: ”Where’s the umbrella honey?”

Me: (Fully concentrating on what I was watching) “Babe, one is in the car and other is in the store room.”

AS started laughing and so did I after I realised he was talking about the decorative umbrella for our drinks while I was talking about the real one 🙂

Nudity in the Locker Room

I have been swimming a lot during lunch time lately and I have shower after the swim and then change before coming back to work.

Every time I go into the change room, there are a few women totally naked doing something (what, I don’t know because I am too embarrassed to look.) I can’t even avoid the naked women completely because there is a mirror on the wall so even when I turn the other way I am bound to see something.

I know that there are men and ladies change room for the very reason so everyone can be comfortable but I still feel a bit awkward when I see full nudity.  It may not be normal but I am very uncomfortable around naked women.

I feel I have to be polite to all the other women when changing so I always go to the shower with doors and change in cubicles. If it is a communal shower, I shower with my bikini on and then wash my bikini later.

I understand when the women walks 5 meters from shower to the locker one can be naked but it is easy to take your towels so you are not 100% exposed.  I am sure nobody is looking in the changing room as everyone is busy doing their own stuff but I see there are lots of kids, both boys and girls around and I think they don’t need to see naked women like that.

I think we can always try to change in stages and no need to just strip down and prance around the locker room. The easiest way to do is have everything ready and change one article of clothing at a time. If you are heading to the showers, make sure your towel is nearby and ready to do double duty.

I haven’t done extensive research, but when I ask AS about the male locker room situation, it is the same as well. Only a few of the men wrap themselves in towels but most are totally naked.

I know my uncomfortableness might sound like I have body issues but I am very comfortable with my body (most days) but I still think my private parts should not be expose anywhere, even in women’s only locker room.

Obviously, I have no problem with other women being naked but at the same time I think full nudity around kids is not great.

What do you think? Is it OK for people to be naked like this or not? Especially when there are kids around?