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Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 22

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Nepal Basa

Body Mah
Ear Nhaay-paa
Elbow Chu-lyaa
Eye mi-khaa
Hai Saa
Hand Lhaah
Head Chhyaa
Mouth Mhu-tu
Nail Lu-si
Neck Ka-ku
Nose Njaay
Shoulder Bwa-hah
Stomach Pwaah
Thigh Kham-paa
Tounge Mea
Tooth Waa

Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 21

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Nepal Basa

I feel unwell. Ji-tah mha-su-ku ma-du.
I have a cold. Ji-tah se-khaa chaah.
He has a fever. Wa-yaa jwar wah.
There is a boils on my face. Ji-gu khwaa-lay kai wa-la.
My friend’s leg is broken. Ji-mi paa-saa-yaa tu-ti twa-dhu-la.
It is difficult to breathe. Saa-sah ihaa-ye thaa-ku.
My finger is swollen. Ji-gu pa-tii ma-naa wa-la.
It burns Hi-yu
It itches Cha-su
It tickles Ku-vhu
My friend has been bitten by a dog. Ji-mi paa-saa-yaa-ta khi-chaan nyaa-ta.
I cut my hand. Ji-gu lhaa-tay ghaah ju-la.
I feel dizzy. Ji-tah i-ki-se chwa-na.
I feel nauseous. Ji-tah lhwa-ye wa-yi thee ju-la.
My knee hurts. Ji-gu pu-li syaah.
Can you give me something for the pain? Ma-syaai-gu waa-sah du laa?
Where does it hurt? Ga-na syaah?
Does it hurt here? Tha-na syaah laa?
Don’t move. Sa-ne ma-jiu.
Please take tis medicine. Thwa waa-sah na-yaa di-saa.
Two spoons thrice a day. Ni-guu cham-chaa nhinn swa-kah.
Before meals/after meals. Na-ye bhyah/na-ye dhunkaah.
Stay away from… ….na-yaa di-I ma-te.
I need to do a blood test. Hi jaan-che yaa-ye maa-ni.
Don’t worry . You will be OK. Dhandaa ka-yaa di-I mwah. Chhi-tah tik jui.

Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 20

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On the phone


Nepal Basa

Hello, can I speak to Adam? Hello, Adam di-I laa thee?
No, he is out. Ma-di, pi-haane wa-naa chwa-na.
When will he be back? Ga-ba-le li-haa jhaa-i?
I don’t k now when he might be back. Ma-siu ga-ba-le wai-gu ju-i
I must see him today. Thaunn na-pa ma-laa-sen ma-jiu-gu.
Please have him call me. Ji-tah phone yaa-kaa di-saa.
You are breaking up. Sah jhyaak-jhuk ju-yaa chwa-naa.
I can’t hear you. Taa-ye man-ta.




Nepal Basa

It is going to rain. Waa wa-i-na.
The sun is out. Ni-bhaah twa-la.
The sky is overcast. Dyah bhug-lu chwaa.
It is very hot today. Thauu ta-sa-kaa taa-nwah.
It was cold yesterday. Mhi-gah chi-ku.
It snows sometimes. Ga-ba-lee ga-ba-lee chwaa-pu wah.
Lightning flashed. Pal-pa-saa twa-la.
Lighting struck a tree. Si-maa-ya ma-lah-juu-wa-la.
Fog Kha-su
Frost Pu-gaah-gu
Hailstone Poo
Hurricance Dhaa-ku-phay
Thunder Naa nayaah-gu
Rain Waa
Strom Waa-phay


Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 19

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Souvenir Shop


Nepal Basa

Brass Lee
Bronze Kayn
Copper Si-jaw
Coral Bhim-poo
Diamond He-raa
Gold Luu
Iron Naa
Jewel Thii
Pearl Mo-ti
Silver Wa-ha
Turquoise Yuu
Jewelry Ti-saa
Mask Khwaah-paah
Scared statue Dyaah
Do you have rings? Chhi-thaau anguu du laa?
Yes,we do. Du
Show me a nice one. Baa-laah-gu chha-paah kya-naa di-saa.
Is this OK? Thwa jiu laa?
No I don’t like it. Aa-ma haa-laah ,a-juu.
Let me see that one. Wa chha-kah bi-yaa di-saa.
This one? Thwa khak laa?
The one next to it. Aa-maa naa-paa chwangu.
Do you have a cheaper one? Thwa si-bee dangu du laa?
What is it made of? Chhu-ki-yaa-gu da-ye-kaa tah-gu?
Is the staute gilded? Dyah luu si-yaa tah-gu khah laa?
Do you accept credit cards? Credit card jiu laa?
I will come back later. Li-paa wa-ye.

Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 18

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Butcher Shop


Nepal Basa

Bone Kwaynn
Brains Nhya-pu
Fat Daah
Leaf tripe Sah-poo
Liver Syenn
Lung Soo
Skin Chhenguu
Tounge Me as in met
Tripe Khaah-gwah
Variety meats Taah-tuu
How much for a kilo of meat? Laa chha-guu kilo-yaa guli?
I want only lean meat. Na-lii ja-ka kaa-yeigu
Leave out the stringy meat. Puaa-thah ma-wa-ye-ka.
I don’t want any fat. Baah ta-yaa di-I ma-te.
Please chop up the meat for me. Laatyaa-naah bi-yaa di-saa.

Shoe shop


Nepal Basa

Canvas Kaa-pah
Leather Chhenguu
Shoelaces Phettaa
Let me see those shoes. Wa laa-kaa chha-kah swa-ye.
Here you are. Swa-yaa di-saa
They are too large. Tappaa ju-la
These should fit. Thwa thik ju-i maah.
They are too small. Chippaa ju-la.
I don’t like this style with heels. Gwaa-li du-gu ma-yah
Do you have children’s shoes. Mas-tay-gu la-kaa du laa?

Another trip planned :)

I have great news; I am going to Kathmandu again. And yes there is a reason we are going, yet another celebration. My brother in law is getting married. I will be there in a months’ time and it will be a great time to see my parents and in law again. It has been a year since we are back from our last trip but I can’t wait to go again.

Nepal (12)

Our holiday has been approved at work and we have booked our tickets so it is all set, counting down the days now.

I have even started my shopping for gifts. Amazingly, we say, we will never do a big shopping for gifts each time we return from Nepal. But each time before we go there, we make a list of gifts. This time too the list is long with names of people we want to buy for but I am happy to buy as their smile is worth the trouble we go through. Looks like for the next few weekends that is all we will be going.

In addition, I will be buying things for my future SIL. I already bought things like perfumes, make-up and other items but still there are a few other things still on the list.

I have never met my soon to be SIL but we have chatted a few time on Facebook. She seems to be nice girl and I am sure she will make my BIL very happy.

Wedding always excites me and this time it is at home so it will a be really fun filled event  with lots of foods, music, dances, ritual and people. I will definitely report on everything.

As usual every time I plan to go to Nepal I have a long list of things to do and buy and I have never manged to cross off everything. I am hoping this time I will be able to do a lot.

I really want to buy some specific decoration items for our home here so every day I can see them and admire them. I am looking for one big painting (I am not very sure but still want to try before forking out money here) and some traditional masks.

I am also thinking I should look for some traditional cushions .

As usual, I need to buy lehengas and saris for the wedding and accessories to go with them. I am sure until the wedding is over, we will be extremely busy but I have a few weeks after the wedding when I can to do things that I like.

The top one is trekking somewhere in Nepal. I am not even sure that it will be possible, as trekking requires at least a week but I will try my best. My list has grown longer day by day so hope to tick off most of it while I am there.

Anyway looking forward to enjoying the company of my family and friends and be spoiled soon. Hope I might even meet a few of my blogging buddies there like last time.

Take care everyone ,

M from nepaliaustralian


Noumea and Amedee Island – New Caledonia

On our cruise, our first port of call was Nouema. After sailing for 60 hours without seeing land, when we docked at Noumea harbour, I was really excited. The morning we reached Nouema, I opened our window and was so happy to be at the port. As fun as it was to go around the Carnival Spirit doing various things, being on a boat for a long time gives you a feeling as if you are always moving or swaying.

AS told me that is what being drunk feels like. I have never been drunk in my life so I don’t know how it feels but if that is what being drunk feels like I don’t want to be drunk ever.

On the morning we arrived in Noumea, there was an audible excitement around the cruise. We had arrived somewhere beautiful with blue water and lots of history.

There were heaps of things one could do while in Nouemea like taking a ‘Tchoo Tchoo Train’ tour, do a city tour, do a village tour and many more but we didn’t want to think much so we booked a whole day tour to Amedee Island.

We had heard that Amedee Island was really beautiful so I was looking forward to snorkeling and geared up for that. Our tour included the following things.

Activities included:

  • Glass Bottom Boat ride
  • Reef Exploration Cruise
  • Lighthouse visit
  • Sarong tying demonstration
  • Coconut tree climbing demonstration

Island Lunch included:

  • Welcome cocktail
  • Buffet lunch with wine – during a South Pacific folkloric show
  • Coffee and Tea

So after breakfast we went to the meeting point from where we were to catch a bus to a smaller boat and then to Amedee Island. The Amedee Island is a natural marine reserve, situated on the New Caledonian barrier reef, in the biggest lagoon in the world. And this ‘secret’ paradise was classified as a unique UNESCO heritage site in 2009.

Amedee Island (1)

As we exited the ship, we were greeted with a landscape of skyscrapers and yachts. We had reached the rather westernized capital city of the French territory of New Caledonia: Noumea. There was a photographer who was taking our photo with local people as we were getting off the ship.

There were buses from a company called Mary D which was taking us on a short bus trip to board the ferry. The boat was called, Mary D Princess which took 45 minutes to get to the Amedee Island. As we got closer to the Island, we saw the beauty blue water and white lighthouse. I knew that we were going to have a great day as the water was crystal clear.

Amedee Island (17)New Caledonia (10)

When we got on the Island, I could see why they called it Paradise. The water was crystal clear and I could see fishes swimming near the shore but one has to be careful as there were sharp pieces of coral, dead leaves, and the odd piece of broken glass everywhere. I was glad that we packed our reef shoe so we didn’t have to worry about all that at all.

Amedee Island (14)Amedee Island (3)

As there were many activates set for the day we decided to go and visit the light house first before getting into the water.

Amedee Island (13)

We climbed to the top of the 150 years old lighthouse – all 241 steps. The lighthouse was built in the 1860′s in France by Napoleon III and transported to the Island. It stands 56 metres tall and is the second highest lighthouse in the world.

Amedee Island (8)

By the time we made our way up the tight spiral staircase to the top, I was huffing and puffing but once I was on the balcony, I knew all the effort was worth it. Fighting against the wind we opened the solid iron door and we saw an amazing view of the lagoon, reef, and the little islands.

Amedee Island (11)

The water looked just amazing and people on the island very tiny.

Amedee Island (10)New Caledonia (11)

We went around the tiny balcony of the lighthouse and once we rested and enjoyed the view, it was time to come down as there were many more things on our list before going back to our ship. Coming down was rather easy compared to climbing up.

Amedee Island (12)

Next, we decided to take a ferry ride to explore a part of the barrier reef where we were told we might see turtles, rays, or dolphins. There were not many people on board so we went outside to deck hoping for a better view. Once we were in the correct area, the boat stopped and the guide threw breads. Once the bread was in the water heaps of fish came.

Amedee Island (9)

Unfortunately we didn’t see any turtles since we can’t control what wildlife we would see. So we made our way back to the island.

Amedee Island (5)

By that time, it was almost time for lunch so went to the lunch area where there were served a huge array of salads, fruits, seafood, hot dishes and ice-cream, buffet style, while performers entertained us with local traditional music and dance.

Amedee Island (16) Amedee Island (18) Amedee Island (19)

As it was Christmas Eve so Santa came in a speed boat with lollies for kids.

Amedee Island (20)

After a scrumptious buffet lunch and a display of dancing, we decided to swim and snorkel as that was the real reason we choose the particular trip. The water was just beautiful, you didn’t have to swim far to see beautiful corals and colourful fishes.

Amedee Island (22) Amedee Island (21) Amedee Island (15)

We also saw lots of while/colourless fish which almost blended in with the water and of course the water snake. They told us that the snake doesn’t bite until we annoy them so I was very excited to swim with them. They were black and light brown in colour and I couldn’t keep up with them.


After swimming and snorkeling we were really tried so decided we should go on Glass bottom boat. I was a bit sceptical at this point, as our previous experience with a glass bottom boat in Thailand had not been very fruitful. When we got on the boat I was happy to see that they had a huge glass bottom, and already suckerfish had stuck themselves to the bottom of the boat enjoying the free ride.

Amedee Island (7)

As we went further out into the ocean, they fed food from tubes on the boat and heaps of fishes like black and white zebra fish, butterfly fish, and amazing multi-coloured fish, blue Nemo and many other fishes appeared, To our excitement we also saw turtles multiple times and it was just amazing.

Amedee Island (6)

Everyone one the boat were happy with the trip.

Amedee Island (4)New Caledonia (12)

Back on the Island, there was coconut tree climbing and coconut cutting demonstration happening. I watched and tasted the freshly cut coconut. It was really yummy and definitely fresh. Then we went to the only souvenir shop in the island to see if we could buy anything.

Amedee Island (2)

Before long, our time on Amedee Lighthouse Island was over and it was time to return once more to our ferry for journey back to Noumea.

Because the tour was all day, we had left the ship at 8.30am and got back only 15 mins before sail away, we didn’t really have time to explore Noumea proper this time. I wished I had more time to get to know it a bit more, and understand its people. But both I and AS were satisfied with our day and couldn’t wait to have a hot shower and go to dinner as we were famished after an eventful day.

Take care everyone ,

M from nepaliaustralian