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Period laziness

I have written previously about period in topics like “There is no such thing as a happy period”, “I hate those cycles” and “Period carving”. Today I am here to vent some more of my annoyance regarding the same matter.

You have to forgive me if you think I write about it a lot but you need to understand, it comes every month so there is no way I can avoid it. While I was pregnant and the first 6 months after Chhori was born, I didn’t have it and it was just amazing not to have to think about it. Then suddenly, it decided to be a part of my life again. The very first time after the baby, when it happened, I was so upset. I knew it would come back but I didn’t want it to because along with it, it brought mood swings, unnecessary cravings and laziness.


When I am about to have a period, I know it and still can’t control my annoyance at every small thing. I become moody and lazy. I haven’t done my morning exercise for a whole week this week and I keep eating junk food. And all the Easter eggs around is not helping me in anyway at all. All I want to do is sit on the sofa, eat chips and watch TV.

easter eggs

I really feel sorry for AS during this time because anything he does is not good enough and he could do nothing right. I try my best to be good at times but I am not always successful.

I really don’t know how my head works during these times. I will be clam and happy and suddenly, I am angry at small things which, I know at the back of my mind, don’t matter at all. What’s with that? Seriously, I don’t have control over my mood at all.

Now that we have a beautiful baby in our life I don’t want this period monster to take over our life for 4-5 days a month. I have read and heard about things I could eat/drink/do during this time to make me somewhat normal. If you have any special tricks like that which has worked for you please share. I really think I need help otherwise I will waste a few days every month becoming angry and irritated unnecessarily.

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian


Online shopping is so addictive

I am sure everyone here knows my love for fashion and shopping. I look at shopping as a fun activity and most of the time AS is a great shopping partner. I really value his input when I want to buy anything as he knows my likes and dislikes. It goes the other way as well. So a long, long time ago when we were not parents, we used to go to malls once in a while to shop and have fun.

my shoes

But after the baby, in the first few months it was hard to go shopping. The first 6 weeks, we didn’t go out much unless it was absolutely necessary. That is when I truly discovered online shopping. Almost every brand sells stuffs online and on top of that I discovered eBay as well.

chhori (3)

Since then I have started buying many stuff online including things for Chhori, myself and AS. It seems so much fun and they are delivered to your doorstep. How much better can it get? But after a while I discovered that I was buying a lot more that we needed. As it is so easy, a few clicks and that’s it. I have to admit, I was buying things that were unnecessary.

After looking at my credit card statements for a few months, I decided that I should stop my shopping and I did. But when you shop online, they automatically include you in their mailing list. So these days I get emails form the websites when they have sales or new arrivals. Sometimes it is so hard to resist items on sale. I have spent so much money buying things when they are on sale thinking they are a bargain. I won’t say they are unnecessary but maybe I wouldn’t have bought all the items if I was at a physical shop as I could see all the items physically in the basket.

Prabal Gurung Dresses

Anyway, these days I have started to call AS just to check again if we need the items before paying and have managed to cut down on impulse buying. But I am still shopping online from time to time. I mostly buy items for Chhori and her wardrobe is full of new clothes which she won’t wear for a while. I guess items for girls are so cute that it is hard to resist and if they are at a good price, I say why not.

I definitely do not go out of control shopping online but I do shop more often than when I used to go to the mall.

Do you shop online a lot? What do you mostly buy? Do you like it or do you prefer going to the malls?

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian


My little helper

Chhori started walking independently a couple of weeks ago. It only took her a few days to go from a few steps to nearly running now. We love to watch her walk as it is so cute.

chhori (1)

The fun part these days is when I return home from work. When she sees me entering the door, she leaves whatever she is doing and comes running towards me saying “Hi” and hugs me. I love these moments even though they happen every day.


Since she started crawling, we taught her to get stuff and give it to us. When she does we say “Good girl” and pat her head. It is fun to play with her like that and now that she has started walking it is even more fun as she happily goes and bring stuffs and once she puts that on our hand, she pats herself on the head doing the “Good girl” action.

The other day I was in the balcony putting the clothes on the line to dry. She came outside and started passing me the clothes from the bucket. I couldn’t feel more happier. She has started to become my little helper.

chhori (2) chhori (1)

Long before I had kids, I used to think one day I will have kids and they will help me in the kitchen doing baking or cooking or any other house chores and now it has started. I know most kids hate to do chores when they grow up but I will enjoy these moments for as long as they last :). I hope we can raise her so that she will enjoy the chores and accept it as part of her life. If nothing works, I plan to bribe her but these days she just does it happily.

Hope she will stay like this forever as I am enjoying every minute of being a mum to such a cutie pie.

Do your kids help you out around the house? Do you give them something in return? Is there a trick to getting them to help you?

Take care everyone,

from nepaliaustralian


How a role of a girl/woman changes so many times and society expects us to be the best at it all

I am proud to be a woman and I have written about it time and time again. But I know it is a male dominated society whether you live in the east or the west. If you are from the east or live in the east, you may experience the gender difference everyday but living in the west is not too different either.

In a developed society like Australia, we always read and discuss about gender pay gap and other issues which are basically making women’s position less valuable than men.

From the day girls are born, they are taught to play with dolls so they can be a good mum one day and I really like this photo because it is true too.

We really need boys to be a good father in the future for sure. But let’s not start a gender war in this post, instead I want to share my personal journey as a woman and how expectations build up as you acquire new roles as a girl/woman.

Like so many of our parents, education was on the top of the list for my parents so both me and my brother didn’t have to do much household work and instead were encouraged to concentrate on our studies. My parents never thought to train me to be someone’s DIL from the beginning and I am thankful to their view. When I first came to Australia and made my first ever chicken curry, it turned into a chicken soup. Let’s not even talk about the taste. Anyway, as you know I have improved a lot from then :).

Wedding Ceremony

But then I got married and became a wife and a DIL and I suddenly I needed to know how to be a good wife doing cleaning, cooking and looking after my husband. And why don’t men to do the same for their wife when they get married, there is definitely a double standard to that.

I thought the west would be different in this context but to my surprise it is the same story in most western households as well.

I am thankful that I have got a very understanding husband who helps me in every step of my life. But a society expecting a girl to be a perfect wife and DIL overnight because just she got married is so unfair and puts too much pressure on a girl/woman. This is the story of most of the people living in Nepalese society and many others too.

I really don’t understand that even though a woman does the same amount of work outside the home, she is still expected to come home and fix the dinner, clean the house and look after all the other chores while men can come home and rest because they are tired. I am sure it worked in the past as men were the bread winners and women stayed home but in these modern days where both partners work full time jobs, the same expectation is definitely unfair.

Instead we should be training our sons to look after themselves and do house hold chores so they can take equal in responsibilities along with their wives. Men should not be helping to do household chores but they should be doing them. This will make sure that the relation goes smooth without any hurdles.

If a woman wants to look after their partner that is her individual choice but don’t expect a girl to be a woman overnight just because she gets married.

The same goes when a woman has a baby. Yes, she with her HUSBAND decided to bring a baby into this world. But do not expect her to be a Super mum as soon as a baby arrives in this world. No one knows what to do the first time, we all learn in the process. So why is it a mum’s fault if a child does something naughty? Why can’t be it be the dad’s fault if you really want to point fingers at someone?

Chhori (3)

I love the changing roles we have as a daughter/sister/wife/DIL/mum but I hate the expectations that come with it. And I feel boys/men have to live up to less expectation than for girls/women.

Do you feel the same way? Do you think the society expects too much from girls/women compared to boys/men?

Take care everyone,

from nepaliaustralian


Product Review : Jolly Jumper

If you have a baby, you know they are really expensive. So if you are having a baby for the first time, you really need to plan well so as not to spend money on unnecessary stuff.

When we first found out we were having a baby, we did lots of research and decided that the basics like bassinet, cot, change table, car seat and pram are necessary big ticket items but we could leave toys till the end and see how we go.

We haven’t bought many toys for Chhori but she has heaps anyway as we keep getting gifts. She is really lucky that she has been so spoiled and loved by everyone around her.

Chhori (1)

One of the gifts we got before she was even born was the Jolly jumper. I really didn’t know what it was so we googled it when we got it. AS tried to assemble it to get a better idea. It was a jumper bouncer in a four poster frame. You can get the one which hangs on the door frame as well. We were sure the baby wouldn’t use it straight away so we disassembled it and put it away, and then almost forgot that we had it.

When Chhori was around 5 months old, we were shopping at Toys r us one day and we saw Jolly Jumper in the shelves. That jolted our memory and when we came home we unpacked it.

I was not so sure how Chhori would react to it so we tried it out. From the beginning, she was really excited that she was upright without any help because at that stage she had just started to sit on her own. Jolly Jumper gave her a different view of the world and her first taste of upright movement without us holding her up.

Chhori (2)

I couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed it when she realised that she could jump up and down. In the beginning, I was helped her a little but in one day she was a pro. She was squealing and laughing when she jumped making both of us laugh as well. We had a carpeted floor so we knew it would not hurt her tiny feet.

Chhori (1)

From that day until she was around 10 months old, it stayed in our living room. We used to put her in it for around 15-20 minutes a day and she enjoyed every minute of it. Once she started walking with help of walkers, she didn’t like it any more as it restricted her so we packed it away.

It was one of the best toys we ever had. It’s a great way to give them a bit of exercise and to build strength in their tiny legs.

We always made sure we never left her unsupervised. It was so fun to watch her play and when we had visitors, they got a laugh too.

I read somewhere that they may harm baby’s legs but I think like everything in life, if you make sure it is used in moderation, it is not a problem.

Did your kids used Jolly Jumper or something similar? Is there any other toys your kids loved a lot?

Take care everyone,

from nepaliaustralian