Period laziness

I have written previously about period in topics like “There is no such thing as a happy period”, “I hate those cycles” and “Period carving”. Today I am here to vent some more of my annoyance regarding the same matter.

You have to forgive me if you think I write about it a lot but you need to understand, it comes every month so there is no way I can avoid it. While I was pregnant and the first 6 months after Chhori was born, I didn’t have it and it was just amazing not to have to think about it. Then suddenly, it decided to be a part of my life again. The very first time after the baby, when it happened, I was so upset. I knew it would come back but I didn’t want it to because along with it, it brought mood swings, unnecessary cravings and laziness.


When I am about to have a period, I know it and still can’t control my annoyance at every small thing. I become moody and lazy. I haven’t done my morning exercise for a whole week this week and I keep eating junk food. And all the Easter eggs around is not helping me in anyway at all. All I want to do is sit on the sofa, eat chips and watch TV.

easter eggs

I really feel sorry for AS during this time because anything he does is not good enough and he could do nothing right. I try my best to be good at times but I am not always successful.

I really don’t know how my head works during these times. I will be clam and happy and suddenly, I am angry at small things which, I know at the back of my mind, don’t matter at all. What’s with that? Seriously, I don’t have control over my mood at all.

Now that we have a beautiful baby in our life I don’t want this period monster to take over our life for 4-5 days a month. I have read and heard about things I could eat/drink/do during this time to make me somewhat normal. If you have any special tricks like that which has worked for you please share. I really think I need help otherwise I will waste a few days every month becoming angry and irritated unnecessarily.

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian


13 responses to “Period laziness

  1. A very nice and sincere post. Thanks!

  2. Lots of wine! 🙂


  3. I could have written this post. I absolutely hate the timeframe from when I know its going to come to the actual day it comes, its horrible. I turn into this snappy devil getting angered at the drop of the hat. Poor S doesnt have a clue what is so serious about that simple issue. Sigh Sigh Sigh. If only I know any tricks..

  4. Its hard and I try to keep myself very busy during the time. Doing nothing and sitting idle seems like forever during that time of the month. May be, force yourself to step out and do your favorite activity (not rigorous workout) that will let you focus on it and forget the discomfort.

    • Definitely keeping busy is the key as when I am at work, I don’t even think about it but when I am free then it is hard. I am trying to keep myself busy with Chhori to make it better and I need to make more effort I guess. Thanks .

  5. I feel the same!! I hate it. More than the physical discomfort, I hate the mood swings. It’s a disaster.. I have found that light exercise, like jogging or walking etc helps me. Not really with the mood swings, but at least with the pain. For mood swings, I have no idea 😦

  6. I don’t have any special tricks to share, S. But at least you are well aware of the problem and would like to do something. My previous wife gave me hell when she had her MP and didn’t even try to control herself. I know because when neighbours dropped in, she was kind and gracious towards them but would bite my head off every time.

  7. No tricks here but I totally feel your pain – literally. Spent most of yesterday in bed clutching a hot wheat pack.

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