Online shopping is so addictive

I am sure everyone here knows my love for fashion and shopping. I look at shopping as a fun activity and most of the time AS is a great shopping partner. I really value his input when I want to buy anything as he knows my likes and dislikes. It goes the other way as well. So a long, long time ago when we were not parents, we used to go to malls once in a while to shop and have fun.

my shoes

But after the baby, in the first few months it was hard to go shopping. The first 6 weeks, we didn’t go out much unless it was absolutely necessary. That is when I truly discovered online shopping. Almost every brand sells stuffs online and on top of that I discovered eBay as well.

chhori (3)

Since then I have started buying many stuff online including things for Chhori, myself and AS. It seems so much fun and they are delivered to your doorstep. How much better can it get? But after a while I discovered that I was buying a lot more that we needed. As it is so easy, a few clicks and that’s it. I have to admit, I was buying things that were unnecessary.

After looking at my credit card statements for a few months, I decided that I should stop my shopping and I did. But when you shop online, they automatically include you in their mailing list. So these days I get emails form the websites when they have sales or new arrivals. Sometimes it is so hard to resist items on sale. I have spent so much money buying things when they are on sale thinking they are a bargain. I won’t say they are unnecessary but maybe I wouldn’t have bought all the items if I was at a physical shop as I could see all the items physically in the basket.

Prabal Gurung Dresses

Anyway, these days I have started to call AS just to check again if we need the items before paying and have managed to cut down on impulse buying. But I am still shopping online from time to time. I mostly buy items for Chhori and her wardrobe is full of new clothes which she won’t wear for a while. I guess items for girls are so cute that it is hard to resist and if they are at a good price, I say why not.

I definitely do not go out of control shopping online but I do shop more often than when I used to go to the mall.

Do you shop online a lot? What do you mostly buy? Do you like it or do you prefer going to the malls?

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian


8 responses to “Online shopping is so addictive

  1. Hi! So I have a 7 year old girl and I definitely understand the lure of buying all the cute clothes that are out there for girls, but I don’t shop online, especially for clothes since I really like to touch and feel the cloth and feel how it is, so I’ve never had an issue with online shopping.

    Also, when kids are chori’s age they grow so fast and something which fit a month ago might not fit anymore, so keep that in mind if you find yourself reaching for the mouse :-).


    • Before the birth of Chhori, I never bought clothes online but now it is a different story.

      I know how quickly they grow, specifically their feet. I have some unworn pretty shoes which is a size too small now..Such a waste of money for sure. Now I have learned my lesson, I am trying to go slow. Thank you so much for suggestion Raina.

  2. Not that I am such a big online shopper but I did go sometimes overboard when certain computer games where on sale…I still have dozens of games I never even played but had to buy them back in the day, just so silly

  3. Definitely an online shopper. It’s easier sometimes and it comes right to your front doorstep 🙂 -Zaychishka

  4. Love your blog ❤ your baby is adorable!!!
    Check out my blog ❤

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