My love for shoes

After we got engaged, and AS was coming here, he went to see my parents. One of the things my mum warned him about was how many pairs of shoes I have. I know it’s funny, out of all the things my mum could have said to him; she remembered to mention my shoes.

Every time my parents visit me here in Sydney, I try to clean up my wardrobe and the shoe racks. So my mum hasn’t actually seen all my shoes but she still thinks I have too many of them.

I might be highly inspired by character like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City or Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic but I know I live in the real world. I don’t have 100s of pairs of Jimmy Choos or Manolo-Blahniks. Neither will I buy the latest issue of Vogue instead of buying dinner, max out my credit card while shopping or become a shoe lady .But I just love shoes.

I think I started buying lots of shoes when I started wearing dresses. I thought it would be cool to have matching shoes and handbag like in the movies. So every time I go shopping I buy a pair or two. Thus started my shoe collection.

Once I started going on holidays overseas, my collection boomed. When I went to the US, I saw that all the shoes we buy here were 50% or even cheaper in the US so I had to buy as much as I could carry. And it was the same with my holidays to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Nepal.

I love going through the shoe sections of a magaine and checking out what is on this season. The best part is to see a shoe similar to mine in the magazine.

I had never counted the number of shoes in my collection. When we were moving the last time, AS was really curious as to how many pair of shoes I owned so he stared counting them but he stopped when it reached 100. He said “I give up now!”. So now I know that I own more than 100 pairs of shoes.

I own all types of shoes: High Heels, Ballet Flats, Wedges, Ankle Boots, Tall Boots , Open Toe Dress Heels, Low Heel Pumps, Summer Sandals, Evening Shoes, T-straps, Ankle-Straps, Sneakers and even Sports Shoes for workouts. I have shoes in every color of the rainbow and even shades in between.

It really feels good when I open my shoe rack and find the shoes that goes perfectly with my outfit. That always makes me smile.

I think I will never stop buying shoes as there will always be new models and new styles on the market but I have slowed down a bit after my wedding.

If you have watched the movie Sex and the City and remember the scene where Mr Big takes Carrie to their new penthouse and shows her the new walk-in wardrobe, that’s the moment my heart nearly stopped because that is exactly what I want. To have a walk-in wardrobe with one whole wall just for my shoes.

 I hope one day my dream will come true.

Till then – “If the shoe fits… buy it in every color.”

15 responses to “My love for shoes

  1. that is the case for me too dear. But not about 100 pair of shoes. i don’t have that big budget to splurge on. 🙂 still, i want a Walk in wardrobe to get lost in. I hope i will have in future.

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  3. Love your shoes! :OOOOO I am also addicted to shoes but I only have flats, moccasins, an ankle boots, tall boots but no wedges nor heels. I’ll buy soon when I learn how to walk properly in them. I still need a little practice. 😀

  4. You are fashionista M, loved the collection of shoes. I am more into flats that heels so I don’t have that many as your. Will love to see all 100 pairs 🙂

  5. Nah, Im not in the US. I was in UK. 🙂 But now Im in Dubai. It’s like shopping haven. Haha. It feels great to be home where you can walk into every shop and want everything. Dreams of a shoe-a-holic comes true here. Lol. But my folks have clearly refused to buy me anymore so I have to buy myself shoes now. Their excuse “you barely wear them!” And I go like, ” I cant wear them all together now, can I!”

  6. He he….shoes lady!
    100 pairs of shoes? Wow!!!!!!
    Do you like Sex at the City?
    I m a fan too…….yehhhh

  7. Great post! I too love shoes! 🙂 Jen xoxo XOXO

  8. I thought your post on about your wedding was my most favourite post.. but nope. This post rules out the rest! I was so excited while reading.. because if I had to write a post on this topic.. mine would be exactly, just like yours! And the whole sex in the city scenes.. my reaction sitting in the cinema hall- ditto! Haha. Shoe-a-holic much! Shoe frenzy! When I first moved in with A, he went ballistic over the pairs of shoes I owned. And when I travelled back home from Oxford, I had to cargo most of my shoes and I chose to fit the most important ones into my flight cargo and ended up paying a huge sum for excess baggage! When I got home, my dad went mad! He said “you paid excess baggage for shoes! and you din’t carry one clothing article with you!” haha.
    Well, yes the walk in closet dream. I see it too! 😀
    Loved this post! Every line in it is so me!! Hehe! I could proudly say “Hello friend” 🙂

    • May be I should say ” Hello Lover (of shoe)” .Remember when Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex in the City” saw those adorable shoes in the shop window and said, “Hello, lover!” to them? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Nice to know that there are others like me who are crazy about shoes. Sometimes my husband thinks I am bit crazy when I talk about shoes. Love to see your collection.

      You are also lucky that you live in US where shoes are cheap unlike here in OZ. Can’t wait for my another trip there to collect more shoes. 😀

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