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A walk in wardrobe: Dream come true

I know every girl dreams of having a walk-in wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaw’s from Sex and the City movie but not everyone can have Mr Big in her life who will surprise her with a wardrobe as big as a one bedroom apartment.

Actually, it may not be only a woman’s dream to have a walk-in wardrobe, what about the sneakers wardrobe of Turtle from Entourage. BTW, Entourage is one of my favourite series  :).

I am sure in many of my previous posts I have mentioned how I would love to have a walk-in wardrobe. The fasionista inside me always dreamed of opening a door and seeing all her clothes and shoes nicely hanging from floor to ceiling in a walk in wardrobe.

As you, all know, I have moved recently to a bigger place and one of the things I got in this new place is a walk-in wardrobe. 😀 Initially, it was just a storeroom which was meant to be a storage or study but from the first time I saw this place, I knew what I wanted to do in that space, a walk-in wardrobe.

My hubby was nice enough to let me have my dream so we designed the space and bought wardrobes and finally I have a walk in wardrobe.

I am sure all of us have seen big fancy walk-in wardrobes on TV. Mine is definitely nothing like that so don’t be disappointed when you see it. It’s not the biggest walk-in closet ever or the prettiest of all but it’s certainly my little heaven. Here is a peak.

walk in robe

walk in (2)

walk in (3)

You can imagine my excitement when I walk in every morning to pick my dress and shoes to go to work. It feels like I am shopping from my closet. Before, this wardrobe, I had my clothes overflowing everywhere but now everything is in one place and the feeling is just awesome.   To make it fair, my hubby is getting the whole wardrobe in our main bedroom and I had this slice of heaven to myself. As I said, it is not very big but has enough space for my dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. It took me a while but I have arranged the entire wardrobe.

I have my work clothes in one section while my daily dresses at one end, parties and formal dresses are on one rack and summer dresses on another.

walk in wardrobe (8)

Then all my shoes are nicely displayed in two cupboards so I know what I have. I have talked about my obsession for shoes here and here so you know that I have many pairs of shoes. Now as they are all visible, I know my options upfront. I made sure all the black ones are at one area and all closed shoes are on another. It feels so good to know that I have so many pairs of shoes. Before, most of them were in boxes so I had no idea what I owe.

walk in wardrobe (11)

walk in wardrobe (19)

I also have enough room for my accessories like earrings, belts, hats etc.

walk in wardrobe (15) walk in wardrobe (10)

Except my winter clothes, everything is in this room.

walk in wardrobe (2)

For my winter stuffs, I used the wardrobe in the second bedroom where I have jackets, coats hanging while all my jumpers and sweaters are neatly folded on the shelves. Then I have scarves, gloves, stockings and beanies in drawers.

walk in wardrobe (1)

All my saris and traditional outfits are not used so often so they are in my suitcases. I can’t believe I have so many saris and kurta surwals. Most of them are from my wedding.

walk in wardrobe (14)For my makeup and other accessories, I have a slim boy. Each shelf has different items and now I can match my outfit to different accessories like rings, sun glasses, necklace and lip gloss more quickly.

walk in

I still want to do some more in this room like having a nice carpet and a small ottoman. But for now, I am very happy with what I have.

 “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” —Carrie Bradshaw

So tell me about your wardrobe. What you wish you have?


M from Nepaliaustralian

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My love for shoes

After we got engaged, and AS was coming here, he went to see my parents. One of the things my mum warned him about was how many pairs of shoes I have. I know it’s funny, out of all the things my mum could have said to him; she remembered to mention my shoes.

Every time my parents visit me here in Sydney, I try to clean up my wardrobe and the shoe racks. So my mum hasn’t actually seen all my shoes but she still thinks I have too many of them.

I might be highly inspired by character like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City or Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic but I know I live in the real world. I don’t have 100s of pairs of Jimmy Choos or Manolo-Blahniks. Neither will I buy the latest issue of Vogue instead of buying dinner, max out my credit card while shopping or become a shoe lady .But I just love shoes.

I think I started buying lots of shoes when I started wearing dresses. I thought it would be cool to have matching shoes and handbag like in the movies. So every time I go shopping I buy a pair or two. Thus started my shoe collection.

Once I started going on holidays overseas, my collection boomed. When I went to the US, I saw that all the shoes we buy here were 50% or even cheaper in the US so I had to buy as much as I could carry. And it was the same with my holidays to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Nepal.

I love going through the shoe sections of a magaine and checking out what is on this season. The best part is to see a shoe similar to mine in the magazine.

I had never counted the number of shoes in my collection. When we were moving the last time, AS was really curious as to how many pair of shoes I owned so he stared counting them but he stopped when it reached 100. He said “I give up now!”. So now I know that I own more than 100 pairs of shoes.

I own all types of shoes: High Heels, Ballet Flats, Wedges, Ankle Boots, Tall Boots , Open Toe Dress Heels, Low Heel Pumps, Summer Sandals, Evening Shoes, T-straps, Ankle-Straps, Sneakers and even Sports Shoes for workouts. I have shoes in every color of the rainbow and even shades in between.

It really feels good when I open my shoe rack and find the shoes that goes perfectly with my outfit. That always makes me smile.

I think I will never stop buying shoes as there will always be new models and new styles on the market but I have slowed down a bit after my wedding.

If you have watched the movie Sex and the City and remember the scene where Mr Big takes Carrie to their new penthouse and shows her the new walk-in wardrobe, that’s the moment my heart nearly stopped because that is exactly what I want. To have a walk-in wardrobe with one whole wall just for my shoes.

 I hope one day my dream will come true.

Till then – “If the shoe fits… buy it in every color.”