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Mars Ice Cream

I am sure this is not a big deal for many of you but for us in Sydney it is. I had heard about the Mars Ice Cream for a while but couldn’t find it anywhere here but finally Woolworths started to stock them. I had my first taste of it today. I know I am supposed to be dieting but I really wanted to try it and I finally did.

And I loved it. The outside is same as the regular Mars bars with chocolate coating over caramel but inside the caramel is the ice cream. Yum yum yum…

The bars aren’t that big (8x3cm) and it has a shocking amount of carbohydrate and fat so definitely it is not something you can have all the time but once in a while indulgence should do no harm J

You can buy Snickers, Twix , M & M, Milkyway and Bounty Ice Cream too.

Do you like these ice cream chocolate bars?

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Another year older

I can’t believe I am another year older, it looks like time flies since I seem to remember talking about my pool party only a few months ago, or was that a year ago??

Birthday (35)

 God I am loosing my memory already, I must indeed be old now 😉 :wizard::wizard: :wizard:

And it’s weird, the older I get, the younger I seem to feel. As my body ages, my mind and my spirit are pulling a Benjamin Button. Is it normal? :headbang::nutcase::woo:

Even after so many years, I am excited about my birthday like little kids and getting a cake, wishes and gifts makes me feel out of this world. I find myself feeling much younger than I am.  I suppose we all feel that way.  All I know, right now, today, is that I am happy.

Ten years ago, I thought I would have done and accomplished so much in life by this age but  I don’t have it together today. I thought that I would. But I don’t. In fact, the more I learn about myself and life, I believe that life is all about constant learning and the more that we learn, the more we realize we don’t know very much.

Birthday (4)

Looking back at my life, I am happy with it and hope to live the rest of my life surrounded by loved ones. So to celebrate life, I want to fill each day with something purposeful.  I’m so very fortunate to live where I want, with whom I want  and do what I want.

Halloween Birthday (37)

This year I decided that I am not going to have a big party like the last few years. All I want to do is to spend some quality time with my husband. We have plans to go for dinner tonight; will let you know details 🙂

It’s been a happy day so far with lots of texts, phone calls, Facebook posts from family and dear friends, wishing me a happy birthday. Hopefully rest of the day will follow suit.

If you are celebrating your birthday today, Happy Birthday fellow Scorpions 🙂

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Learn Nepali: Days of the week

Days of the week in Nepalis with its  English translation. Please click here to learn more Nepali.




aaja (aa-ja)


hijo (hee-jo)


bholi (bho-lee)

this week

yo hapta(yo hap-ta)

last week

asti ko hapta(as-ti ko hap-ta)

next week

arko hapta(ar-ko hap-ta)


aaitabaar (ai-ta-bar)


sombaar (som-bar)


mangalbaar (man-girl-bar)


budhabaar (bu-dho-bar)


bihibaar (bee-hee-bar)


shukrabaar (shuk-ro-bar)


shanibaar (sa-ni-bar)

Monochrome Trend

This article was published in +977 (a Nepalese Lifestyle Magazine in Australia) in September 2013 issue.


Isn’t it so awesome to finally welcome spring after what seems like a very long winter? Off with our winter woollies and on with our floral, monochrome, bold colours and pastel outfits. With ideal temperatures for the next few months, let’s celebrate the warm weather with something fun and uplifting.

Sometimes things are simple and are black and white. If you are not big on colours, you can get inspired to think in black and white with monochrome outfits and accessories this spring. This fashion trend is one of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe for spring.

Catwalk shows from Marc Jacobs to Chanel showcased their black and white designs and the looks have quickly translated to our streets. Wearing just black and white is a great way to add interest to an outfit; it’s eye-catching and can work wonders on every body shape using different proportions.

 Tips on wearing monochrome

  • To brighten up a black and white look, simply add a pair of neon heels, colourful necklace or a bright, oversized clutch.
  • Curved contrasting panels on dresses accentuate or create an hourglass shape.
  • Draw attention to your top half by pairing a geometric patterned jacket with black pants.
  • Vertical panels make you look taller and slimmer.
  • To take your black and white look to an evening event, jazz it up with a red or pink lips to contrast with the simplicity of the outfit.
  • Experimenting with different shades and it will give your outfit variety .

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Patience is a virtue

This article was published in +977 (a Nepalese Lifestyle Magazine in Australia) in September 2013 issue.

977 blog

I am sure all of you have heard this phrase many times in your life. A wise man once proclaimed, “All good things come to those who wait.” This is taught to us from a very young age at home by our parents as well as in school by our teachers. The ability to wait for something or someone without being angry or upset is a good and valuable quality.

In the modern world, it feels like everything moves at a million miles per hour and patience is the first thing thrown out of the window. And living in this modern world, I hated waiting for things too. I was like most people who wanted thing done now and moved on to the next task.

The troubling thing about impatience is that it caused me a lot of stress.  I constantly felt like I was left behind, and that I should have accomplished so much more.  This feeling led me to becoming upset with myself, and I acted out by not getting anything done.  The impatience that had kept me going throughout my life was failing me and I was miserable about it.

Then things changed when I got married. It’s no surprise to anyone that getting married will change a person and for me it changed me to be a better person.

My husband is super patient man and being married to him and knowing him better taught me that patience could be blessing. Seeing him less stressed in same situation we both are in and at the end accomplishing the same result, I wondered why was I so stressed. We are still working to come to middle ground so we both are in the same pace but he has definitely taught me how not to get too stressed. I know that being patient will make me happier and I am learning to be patient with people and situations I care about. Slowly but surely I am getting there. I began to have more time to spend in the moment that I was in.  I had less of a worry about the next step and I was able to focus more on the task at hand than I ever had been able to before.

Definitely, Patience is a skill that we all must learn.

Honestly, all of us have become really impatient because of the advances in technology. People now can get access to information much faster than people in previous generations could and still they are impatient when they have to wait even a few minutes.

How many times do you refresh your inbox when you are waiting for an email? We live in a society of instant gratification these days and we want everything thing now. We are not willing to have the patience to wait for those things that we desire. Imagine the olden days when communication was done using carrier pigeon or using our favorite postman. Then we were OK to wait months or days for a message while we can’t even wait a few minutes these days without getting annoyed.

How many of us get annoyed waiting more than a few seconds for a website to load? We have already forgotten in the last few years that, internet used to be dial up once and we had to wait for minutes in some cases for webpages to load. Moreover, we were OK with that then.

I am very frustrated by the drivers in Sydney for sure. They are so impatient and really think they own the road so they drive without thinking. The worst part is that they are not only endangering their own life but also people around them.

I also don’t understand the impatience of parents pushing prams or holding hands of young kids while jaywalking, and not using the pedestrian crossing to cross the road. Seriously, what kinds of parents expose their child to such a danger just to save few minutes? In addition, what kind of education they are giving their young children? I am sure walking a few minutes further to a proper pedestrian crossing would have cost them nothing.

We all have encountered people who have no patience at all and ruin the day for everyone around them. I had such an encounter the other day.

I went to subway to buy my lunch. I was behind a woman in the queue. There were two people before her in the queue and two girls serving. Normally the lines in subway are pretty organised as you start ordering at one end and you just follow the flow. So when the customer service girl asked the woman in front of me what she liked, as she was next in line suddenly, the guy on the other side just burst and said,” What the F*** is this? I am in line before her?” All of us were a bit surprise because he just raised his voice and started swearing and he was not even standing in the proper queue.

The poor girl behind the counter had no idea that he was waiting. He could have said the same words in a polite manner instead of shouting. Seriously, his sudden outburst didn’t make him a hero instead we all thought he was a looser to be taking out his anger on a poor girl just doing her job. I am sure nothing in this world would have changed if he was served after that lady. That was definitely one impatient man.

With the fast pace of life, it is easy to see why so many people are impatient. I know many will argue that many people are impatient because they are just born that way. But as with any bad habit, we need to work on it so we change it to be a better person. Each person is responsible for their actions. So please take a second and think about this next time you run out of patience.

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