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Another year older

I can’t believe I am another year older, it looks like time flies since I seem to remember talking about my pool party only a few months ago, or was that a year ago??

Birthday (35)

 God I am loosing my memory already, I must indeed be old now 😉 :wizard::wizard: :wizard:

And it’s weird, the older I get, the younger I seem to feel. As my body ages, my mind and my spirit are pulling a Benjamin Button. Is it normal? :headbang::nutcase::woo:

Even after so many years, I am excited about my birthday like little kids and getting a cake, wishes and gifts makes me feel out of this world. I find myself feeling much younger than I am.  I suppose we all feel that way.  All I know, right now, today, is that I am happy.

Ten years ago, I thought I would have done and accomplished so much in life by this age but  I don’t have it together today. I thought that I would. But I don’t. In fact, the more I learn about myself and life, I believe that life is all about constant learning and the more that we learn, the more we realize we don’t know very much.

Birthday (4)

Looking back at my life, I am happy with it and hope to live the rest of my life surrounded by loved ones. So to celebrate life, I want to fill each day with something purposeful.  I’m so very fortunate to live where I want, with whom I want  and do what I want.

Halloween Birthday (37)

This year I decided that I am not going to have a big party like the last few years. All I want to do is to spend some quality time with my husband. We have plans to go for dinner tonight; will let you know details 🙂

It’s been a happy day so far with lots of texts, phone calls, Facebook posts from family and dear friends, wishing me a happy birthday. Hopefully rest of the day will follow suit.

If you are celebrating your birthday today, Happy Birthday fellow Scorpions 🙂

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And the celebrations for birthday continues…

Have I told you before that people around me are so nice ? I had two cakes for my birthday already; one, my favourite lemon tart and another at my party but I got two more still. I normally get more than one cake; I remember 3 in the last year. But this year the count went up to four 🙂

I know I get excited like a kid when these things happen but it really makes me happy that there are so many people around me who care about me.

I got a surprised cake at AS’s cousin‘s house. We had invited them for my party but as they had a prior engagement they couldn’t make it.  So when I went to their place for Dashain tika, they surprised me with a cake. It was a chocolate mousse and it just melted in the mouth. It was really nice of them. I also got a card with it.

They also wanted me to have a puppy as well but we can’t keep one as we live in an apartment. Their german shepard had 9 pups recently so I was so tempted when they asked me if I wanted one but we couldn’t. How sad. :(. I took a photo with the pup instead.

Like every year, I got a cake at work as well but this year was extra special as my manager decided to make it a Halloween themed one. It was so much fun as we decorated our office. I also added some decorations that I had from last year birthday party and went with the flow. We had spider webs, scary skeleton, lots of spiders, balloons and much more.

Even the food was really special as my manager baked Halloween themed cupcakes. It was really nice of her.

For the birthday cake, we got profiterole cake and it is one of my favourite cakes too.

Everyone even posed for the camera wearing some silly gear and we had a great time.

Along with the morning tea, we also had Italian lunch where everyone cooked a dish and we shared it all around. As usual, we over catered but all the food were just yummy. Sharing some photos with you all.

 Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Birthday Surprise

I am so happy that I am surrounded by people who love me :). Last year it was my mum who surprised me (read here) along with my husband (read here) and  this year I have another one.

My birthday is this weekend and I am looking forward to spending good time with my friends and family. But my birthday surprise came a bit early this week when one of my co-workers bought me a special tart. It was not an ordinary tart; it was my favourite lemon tart from my favourite shop. I have tried lemon tarts from everywhere but the shop close to our work makes the best. The most incredible thing was that it was not the normal small tart that I used to buy every time I felt sugar craving but it was a massive one the size of a birthday cake!

Everyone at my work knows that I just love lemon tart and they always buy me one when they have to bribe me. They even joked that I should have that as my wedding cake as well as on my birthdays. Normally these tarts come in small and medium sizes which are just enough for one person. But to my surprise this year they made sure I got a birthday cake as the lemon tart which is a big sized.

I just loved it. I took it home and shared it with my family in our Dashain get together.

I did realise one thing that even though I love the tart so much there is no way I could eat such a big tart. After finishing the first piece I could not take another bite. :). Anyway it was a great start of my birthday week.

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