My Halloween Theme Birthday Party

I have to admit marriage has more perks than problems. It gave me two brains to think with and four hands to work with, when I needed it.

As I had mentioned on my previous post (Need some help with Halloween food!), we were planning a Halloween themed birthday party for me. It was last Saturday and I am so glad that I had AS with me to help with the cooking and the decoration.

I was joking with AS that he was taken over by some Halloween ghost because for weeks leading to the party, all he talked about was how he wanted to decorate the apartment. He had this vision and I helped him and the end result was awesome!

Everyone was so impressed with what he had done with the decoration. We had our window in the living room decorated with Halloween silhouettes. He spent lots of time making this. We also had a big cloth painting of the Grim Reaper with red eyes and a scary voice.

The best decoration was in the bathroom, behind the door. He used a mask like in Scream with my long leather jacket and black plants. Then he had this Halloween plastic knife which looked like it had blood coming out of it, and he attached it to the hand of this spooky figure. Many of my friends got a fright when they went to the loo. 😀

I was really happy with my friends and family when they too got into the Halloween spirit (pun intended) and dressed up for my birthday party. They came as the devil, a vampire, a witch and many more scary and ghostly apparitions for which I don’t even have names 🙂 . A picture speaks a thousand words, they say, so I will let you decide what they were for yourself

Even the cake was spooky with eyeballs, ghosts and pumpkins.

Overall I had the best birthday ever especially when AS surprised me with the wonderful ring that he got for me.

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13 responses to “My Halloween Theme Birthday Party

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  5. Hey M, I just noticed you had asked me something, for some weird reason, I only see your comments, when I go through the posts again, I don’t get notified. Probably something wrong with the settings. Anyhow, I dressed up the Arabian Princess Marjan.. from the movie “The Baghdad”. My sister was princess Tiana from princess and the frog. There were other characters like Jack Sparrow, Lady Gaga, a zombie, samara from Ring 2, Anarkali from mughal-e-azam (Indian dancer during the Mughal rule), chinese princesses, sheriff from the Toy story, Michael Jackson, Cameron Diaz from Bad Teacher etc. It was pretty star-studed. I hope your husband’s party is great too! I’m always brimming with ideas for such parties. Let me know if you need any help 🙂 would be glad to suggest ideas.

  6. I m sure it was a great party.
    So funny outfits …..

  7. Wow! That seems like an awesome party! Happy birthday “M” (i think i got that off the cake).. the ring looked lovely! and so did your whole apartment.. i loved the earrings.. very hallooween-ish! I held a theme party for my sister too on 15th october.. but it was more like fiction characters and everyone dressed up as characters out of books and movies! But i think theme parties are just so cool! 🙂
    And you looked fab!! 🙂 I loved how you and AS had matching outfits 🙂

    • Thanks Tashsn. I was surprise with my gift as well and I loved it.
      What did u dressed up as for your sister’s party?
      My husband’s birthday is in December so we are thinking of another theme part: D

  8. Happy belated birthday! Looks like your party was lots of fun! Great job with the decorations!

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