Namo Buddha

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  2. The car goes all the way to Namo Buddha, no need to walk at all.Please take plenty of water and food with you.I didn’t like any restaurant (vegetarian food only) around the temples as they didn’t look hygienic.

    Please also go to Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery as it is near by.As far as I remember it is 7-10 minutes walk to the main gumba as we parked the car half way on the hill.There is the parking spaces so you know where to leave the car. From Gumba,it is another 10 minutes to top of the hill where there is more temples. Please call and check opening hours as the main gumba is close few hours in the afternoon for prayer . We waited an hour to go inside the main gumba. (Opened at 1pm)

    We took small car and it struggled few times as some roads were bit bad but we were OK. So 4 wheel drive is good option but not must.

    Palanchowk bhagwati is on the way back to Kathmandu valley so if you have time, do go there as well.

    Have fun.:)

  3. I was just wondering how close can you get to the temple with the car? Does the car need to be left at the bottom of the hill and then hike sometime, or can you drive up fairly close? If so, if a 4-wheel drive required for that? We are planning a trip there and were curious on how long it might take us to reach the temple.

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