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Learn Nepali : Adjectives

Some adjectives in Nepali. Please click here to learn more Nepali.

Nepali English































Cold (for food)




Cold (for weather)












Not tasty

Bhuteko Fried
Umaaleko Boiled
Noonilo Salty
Gooliyo Sweet
Amilo Sour
Tito Bitter
Piro Spicy

Our story: Meeting the boyfriend – Part 11

This is a continuation of my previous post. Please read the previous posts here, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7 ,Part 8 ,Part 9 and Part 10

I was back in Kathmandu and counting the days until I could meet the AS since he was on a short holiday to New York and Washington DC before heading home to Kathmandu. He was busy sightseeing and meeting his friends and family as he might not get a chance to go back there later once he returned to Kathmandu. We did talk everyday but we didn’t talk for long as he was with his cousins and it would be very rude to be on the phone very long.

I was annoyed about it as I had all the time in the world and nothing much to do but think of him. I have to admit he was doing his best to keep in touch but it would be unreasonable to be staying home when you go to meet people on holiday.

Anyway, the last few days were dragging like it was forever. My parents would ask me about him from time to time and there was no one else I could talk to, as I want us to be OK before I told everyone. He was going to be Kathmandu on 1st January via Hong Kong and Delhi.

Finally, it was 31st December in Nepal and 30th December in New York and we were on Skype.

Me: I am so happy that I will see you tomorrow.

AS: It will be in 2 days for me

Me: Finally we will be in the same time zone. Very excited. So who is picking you up? I don’t think I am ready to meet your family yet.

AS: I have told them that you will pick me up so they won’t be there

Me: You know that I want to meet them but just not ready yet. I want to meet you first. Or they can come and I can see you in the afternoon. Hope they understand.

(I had to explain this to him because my parents had always come to the airport to pick me up and drop me off and that was at least eight times in the last 10 years. I would feel bad if his family does the same and I am stopping them)

AS: I am sure they do. That’s why they said OK, don’t worry too much. I want to see you and meet you love.

Me: Thank you love.

AS: So what are you doing for New Year eve?

Me: I am going to party with some friends in a few hours. I may not be able to talk to you today.

AS: Enjoy the New Year Eve and have a Happy New Year. Will catch you in Kathmandu.

Me: I will but the greatest joy will be seeing you at the airport tomorrow.

We talked for a while and then he went to bed and I was getting ready to go out.

I had a great time with my friends in a New Year Party and was home in time to sleep. I was excited to see AS the next afternoon.

The next morning, I told my parents that I will be going to airport to pick AS up. They asked me if my dad was to accompany me and I told them NO. I was planning to get AS to meet my parents next day anyway.

If you are reading “Our Story”, you can see that airport seemed to have a big role in our life. First, it was LA airport, then Singapore and now Kathmandu airport.

After what seemed like ages, I was going to see him and we were going to be in the same city.  This will be our first time meeting as girlfriend and boyfriend so it was very special day. I went to check my email just to see if AS managed to send me something from the airport and I was happy to see an email from him.

It read

Meri Pyari M, (My beloved M)

Whenever I think of you, I see the sweet smile on your face. I always want the smile to stay right there with the twinkle in your eyes, the blush on your cheeks, the laughter like bells tinkling on a gentle breeze dancing to the rhythm of nature.

Soche ko ta thiyen ki ma euta lamo emial lekachu bhanera.. tara jati lamo email lekhepani.. in essence it all boils down to the fact that… Ma timilai sarai maya garchu M.  (I was planning to write a long email but in essence, it all boils down to the fact that I love you M.)

Whatever may come in life… whatever ups and downs that may happen… hami milera sangai tyasko samanagaraunla (We will go through it together).

I want to write so many things but then I don’t know what to write… I hope this email brings the smile to your face… I’ll wait until we meet to see that smile… Never lose that. Ever.

Forever Yours,


When I finished reading the email and I was grinning and was so happy to have him in my life. He always knew how to make me smile. I was going to see him in a few hours. But as they say, good things always come with their own shadow. That is what came next.

My dad came home and told me that it was Nepal Bandh that day which means you can’t drive any type of vehicle on the road. I became a bit worried because my house was far from the airport and AS will have his luggage. I did not know what to do as AS was expecting me to pick him up.

If we ignore the bandh, it could be very risky. I had read and heard about instances where a vehicle had been stopped or even worst, gotten torched.

Imagine the situation where AS is stranded at the airport. His family were not picking him up as he wanted me to be there and I couldn’t go. I was really annoyed and upset.

My dad made a few calls and told me that there would still be special airport taxis that AS coluld catch to get home. But the problem was, he was on the plane by then and he didn’t have a mobile with Nepalese sim card so I couldn’t leave a message. On top of that, I really wanted to meet him as this day was supposed be a very special day for us. A beginning to a very special year on January 1st and a beginning to our life together.

Therefore, I made my decision. I was ready to walk to the airport and on the way back we could catch the special taxi. When I told my parents, they seemed to be fine with my decision but the only condition was that my dad would walk with me. I didn’t think AS was ready to meet my dad at that stage but my dad insisted that that was the only way I was going to be allowed to go. He said he would drop me at the airport and then come back home and I could wait for AS on my own. I couldn’t believe how understanding my parents were in this situation. So after breakfast, dad and I got ready and started our walk to the airport. I wore sensible shoes as it was going to be over an hour’s walk.

I was really grateful to my dad for walking with me as I was scared to bump into people protesting or worst fighting on the streets. The road was empty except for people walking so it a was very different Kathmandu than what I saw every day. The sun was shining which looked like a good omen. From time to time, we saw an occasional bike but apart from that, there were just police vans on the road. Dad and I talked about lots of subjects by the time we reached the airport including mine and AS’s future and what was our plan.

I was honest with my parents from day one about our relationship so told him what I had in mind; that we didn’t know yet and we would talk about this some more once AS and I met.

Once we reached the airport, I was relieved that there were special airport taxis. I told my dad to catch one and leave me there as in half hour AS’s flight would land and he should be out within an hour. He decided to stay with me for another half hour to make sure that the flight was on time and when the monitor indicated that, AS’s flight had safely landed, he caught a taxi to go home. He asked to call him if anything happened. At that moment, I was very proud to be a daughter of my parents as they are loving, caring and so understanding. Seriously, hardly any parent in Nepal would leave a girl to pick up her boyfriend whom she hadn’t meet for ages during a Nepal bandh, just because the daughter wanted to meet her boyfriend the same day. I am just thankful that they are my parents and feel blessed to have them in my life.

After dad left, I waited for AS to come out. The airport was not as busy as usual. At the airport, they have camera at arrival lobby and it was broadcasting to the waiting lounge. I was looking for him when I saw him on TV. My heart started beating fast because he would be out soon.

After the initial drama of the Nepal band passed, I stared to get all different kinds of feelings. I was excited to meet him but at the same time the butterfly in my tummy was moving so fast, I was scared that I would get sick. My body was overwhelmed with feelings that were unexplainable and I was unsure what to think. My heart beat faster and my blood felt like it was flowing more rapidly through my body than it ever had before. I had goose bumps all over my body.

I had to wait another 30 minutes before he emerged from the gate and I ran and hugged him. It felt so good to be able to touch him and find him next to me. Once I was in his arms, I felt, safe, right, at ease, like everything was meant to be, without even needing words or the usual getting to know you level of conversation. Everything around us seemed to stands still and it was like we are alone even in a place full of people.

After the initially embrace, finally we had time to talk. I told him that it was Nepal band and I had to walk. He was happy to see me but sad to see me suffer just to meet him. Then we took the waiting taxi and off we went.

Sitting next to him in the cab, as we talked, he looked into my eyes and I felt that he could see into the very depths of my soul. I was so happy that day that I felt like I wanted to talk to him non-stop, I didn’t want him to leave, and I wanted to hold him, touch him, all in the same breath. I wanted the cab driver to keep driving so we could keep talking and I could see him and be with him forever.

 Will write more soon, till then take care


M from nepaliaustralian

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Anniversary dinner @ARIA

As I mentioned in my last post, we went for dinner yesterday to Aria Restaurant at Circular Quay.  As it is winter here it was cold and the rain didn’t help either but it wasn’t able to dampen our spirit.

aria (1)Aria is owned by celebrity chef Matt Moran who has been a guest chef on Masterchefs TV series and other TV shows; and restaurateur, Peter Sullivan.  Aria is one of Sydney’s most established fine dining restaurants and was awarded 2 Chef’s Hats in 2012, cementing its position at the higher end of the dining scene. Apart from its reputation for superb food, it also boasts a postcard perfect view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge through its glass windows, providing a very scenic backdrop for our meal.

aria (2)We were working yesterday so we went to the restaurant after work. We walked in and a waiter took us to our table. We were the first ones in the restaurant so we got the table with the best view.

aria (7)As I looked around, I found that the decor inside isn’t particularly eye-catching but I suppose that’s to avoid detracting from the gorgeous view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge . We had the view of both Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

aria (8)We were swiftly handed menus but both AS and I kind of already knew what we wanted. We decided to go for the three-course meal and we order our meals and drinks.

aria (3)As soon as the waiter who took our orders left, another waiter came with a shot of soup. It was cabbage and potatoes soup with goat’s cheese and walnut. I am not a big fan of soup but this was just delicious and both of us enjoyed it. The taste was just right with a creamy texture.

aria (4)While we were having the soup, another waiter came with sour bought bread and butter. He explained that that the sour dough bread was locally made in Bondi and the butter was Australian made too.  After the soup, we both had the bread and butter while waiting for entrée to arrive. I have to say I have never tasted such a good butter and with sour dough bread it was just perfect.

aria (5) aria (6)By that time, both of us were really impressed with the waiters as they were very professional. They knew exactly what they were doing and they made us feel very comfortable, explaining what each dish was. I guess you need to be the best to work at 2 Chef’s Hats restaurant.

Anyway then came our entrée. I had ordered Pork belly, which was Kurobkta pork belly with chestnut puree and poached persimmons and AS ordered Peking duck consommé with duck dumplings, shaved abalone and mushrooms.

aria (9) aria (10) The consommé was pure brilliance with its broth bursting with the rich flavours of shitake and abalone and a hint of duck. The duck filling for the dumpling was also quite flavoursome and had a nice soft texture. And my pork belly was just awesome with the meat perfectly cooked and the crackling top just yummy.

aria (11) At that point, both of us were happy that we picked Aria to celebrate our anniversary. I was almost full with our entrée. Then the main came. I had ordered roasted lamb rump with crushed borlotti beans, eggplant and nettle pesto while AS had Blue eye roasted fillet with Jerusalem artichoke, Jamon and witlof.

aria (12) aria (13) My lamb was just perfectly cooked and every bite was heaven and borlotti beans and eggplant equally delicious. AS’s blue eye was yummy as well but he didn’t like Jamon (ham) on the plate. When I was finishing my main, I told AS I may not have room for dessert in my tummy so he helped me finish the main.

By that time I was so full that I wished I haven’t ordered dessert. But as we had already ordered them so it came. I ordered roasted almond pannacotta with honey infused mandarins, blackcurrant and almond crumble and AS had Valrhona Jivara chocolate tart with caramelised hazelnuts and vanilla choc ice.

aria (14) aria (15) Both the plates looked so delicious that I forgot I was full. I dug into my dessert and I was very happy with what I had on my plate. The pannacotta was perfectly sweetened and every item on the plate went so well together. I was telling AS that I felt like I was trying food on master chef’s TV show :). AS’s plate was equally delicious. I was really happy to taste some of the chocolate from his plate. It took a while for us to finish the dessert and finally we were done.

aria (16)After dessert, we enjoyed the view for a while and spent some time talking before asking for the bill. Before the bill, they served us with some chocolate plate consisting of Chocolate ball, passionfruit sweet and burnt sugar thins.

aria (18)They looked so delicious but both of us were so full that we tasted one of each item and left the rest on the plate. I wished I had more room on my tummy but I knew I had to stop. Overall, all the dishes were flawless and all beautifully plated. It was the perfect evening.

We had a great celebration and when I looked at my husband next to me, I was thanking god for sending him to my life . I love my husband more each passing day.

 Thank you everyone for your anniversary wishes and blessings. It means a lot to us.

Take care everyone,


M from nepaliaustralian

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Happy Anniversary my darling husband

Today is our wedding anniversary. So I am writing a letter for my husband.

My Darling A,

I can’t believe that it has been 2 years since we got married. How can I even begin to put into words what being married to you feels like? How do I describe how you make me feel?

Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to our dreams together. Do you remember when we were first dating? Remember spending every moment possible with each other and spending every other moment thinking about each other? Do you remember talking on the phone for hours and hours about anything and everything? Do you remember smiling constantly thinking about one other and anticipating the next time we saw each other? Do you remember laughing so hard that we both would be crying? Then crying so hard we both would start laughing? Do you remember the joy of being in love and knowing you were loved back just as much? Do you remember the thrill of it all? It is a blessing to fall in love but to fall in love with my best friend is so rare and beyond expectations.

I Love you for many reasons, I Love you for opening my eyes, showing me my self-worth. I Love you for being my strength when I am weak, I Love you for being my rock through hard times and I Love you for the caring person that you are.

I love that we get excited about the same little things. The simple things – a holiday, watching an episode of Games of Thrones, sharing dark chocolate, going for a run, eating rich chocolate desserts, watching Just for Laugh and laughing till we cry. I love that glowing look you get in your eyes right before you tell me you love me. I love that you ask me how I am doing—for no reason. Just because you want to make sure I’m feeling okay.

My words fall short to express what my heart feels so deeply. You love me just the way God created me, with every scare and imperfection. You see past my outward flaws into the depths of my heart and you love me just the same. Just one look from you and I know everything is going to be ok.

We are so alike, and so different, in all the right ways. You are considerably more selfless than I deserve. You are my best friend, and I am so blessed that God chose you to be my husband. And that you feel the same way. We feel equally blessed—and I love that. I love us. I love our life together. I love you.

The way you love me, the way you have come into my life, I wish the journey shall never be end till I die. Thanks for making the day special in my life. Happy Anniversary A, you are my soul mate and I was incomplete without you.

All my love, Now and always!

Yours M

anniversaryP.S: We are going to dinner at Aria tonight so update you more later. Till then take care.


M from nepaliaustralian

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Piggy bank savings

Sometimes it feels good to have some extra cash and that is how we felt when we opened the piggy bank. We got more money than we had expected, $645.95 to be exact. Thank you for guessing everyone on my previous post 🙂 . Yap that is what we deposited in our bank so both of us were very happy.

receiptIf you are wondering, it consisted of

5 cent



10 cent



20 cent



50 cent









Going to buy another piggy bank for loose coins and hope to fill it in a few years.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

See you next week.

Take care,


M from nepaliaustralian

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