10 Questions from Yatin on my “Our Story “post

I decided to change the title of my last two posts. I started to write about “Knowing AS better” but it looks like it is going to be story of our life. So I will be writing “Knowing AS better” as part of “Our Story” series now.

Please read my previous post here and here to make sense of this post. One of my regular reader, Yatin left the following comments with 10 questions in my last post.

It was really nice and interesting to read his comments/ questions. While I was replying to the comment, I thought it would be nice for the rest of my readers to know more about me and AS. So here are his questions with my replies. I hope Yatin won’t mind my initiative.

First of all thank you Yatin for visiting my blog regularly and being a loyal reader :). BTW I love your blog as it is witty and your sense of humour is awesome 🙂

Long post so of course a long response from a (disappearing and showing up again) loyal reader …

1) I always coach my Son no task is smaller in life, you have to take it in a stride – and now I can go give him a living example; pulling a luggage cart at airport can earn a reward of a lifetime!

Hahaha, this is really funny. I am sure when AS was pulling my luggage in LA he didn’t have a grand plan to marry me one day (or had he? :)). But definitely no task is small in life. You are a great dad for giving your son life lesson from now on.

2) How did you convince him to sign up on Facebook? My wife still doesn’t have one, she uses mine.

Because of the fact he used to like me (I didn’t know that then), it must have made my job easy to make him sign up for Facebook. But I told him many times before we met in LA as well and it took a while for him to act on it. But the initial months even he had an account it was of no use as he didn’t do anything with it.

I have to admit if there had not been Facebook, maybe we wouldn’t have been together now.

3) Male friends are fine but I bet bringing a date home would have a different reaction!;)

I never dated anyone during my school life in Nepal. I used to think it was waste of time. To be in love and all you get is a broken heart at the end of it. As I was such a tomboy, I never thought to enter into a relationship.

Don’t get me wrong. I got proposals from many guys. The first guy ever to give me a love letter got a punishment form a teacher because I complained to the teacher. (We are friends now and he is happily married so it didn’t leave him traumatise if you are wondering). We were in class 3 then and I used to be very studious and the class captain. I took the letter as an insult to me thinking how he dare he propose to me. Hahaha it sounds all funny now but poor guy; I am glad after that I decided not to go to that extreme but simply ignored them.

So I never had a boyfriend then so didn’t have to think about what my parents’ would think of them.

4) I was raised vegetarian too but started to make an exception on poultry for the same reason. On the contrary my wife never changed and also raising kids vegetarian!!

The first time I ate meat again, I hated it but now I can’t imagine being vegetarian again. I choose not to eat meat now and then but I don’t think I will go back eating veggies only anytime soon.

I believe it is not hard to live as vegetarian in US and Australia but definitely it lowers your choices.

5) So “husband and a kid” does that qualify as an innocent lie or a calculated prank to shake up the senses!!! 😉 humm

I have to admit I was really annoyed with AS because of his disappearing act. I had many other friends who used to stay in touch with me but AS used to always disappear. I must have been in a bad mood when I decided to write to him about a husband and kid.

It was definitely a prank just to annoy him. I had nothing else in my mind when I wrote that line .You will read in my coming post that my mind about AS was clear from day one. We were just friends and nothing more. I wrote that email and completely forgot about it.

Poor him, almost a year, he had the impression that I was married with a kid. I kind of think that was the very reason he didn’t meet me in LA the first time. What will you do meeting a friend with a husband and a kid when you are alone.

6) The T-shirt you wearing at airport with trolley donning I love US – Do you really mean it or it’s just another shirt!
If former is true your on my elite buddy list. There’s a lot of bad press out there about US & whole lot of mis-conception about Americans so I admire people who like me in spite being in US 🙂

First of all, I like you in spite of your location.

 My T-shirt said “I love LA”. . I do love US. It was one country I always wanted to visit and I was over the moon when I got to go on my big holiday. So when I saw this t-shirt in Venice beach I had to get it and I wore it many times when I was there and back in Australia as well.

So you can put me in your elite buddy list 🙂

7) The Pic of yours with Nasdaq bull – I used to work only a block away!!!

If only I knew about you then, we could have had coffee together 🙂

8) great love story but it’s not complete until we get the other half (I get it this is the better half – but still the other half; the real half) If AS is busy I volunteer to write his part – a fiction as a guest post – him your 10th anniversary “circa trances under which I nodded” 🙂

I asked AS when I started these posts few days ago if he would like to tell his side of story. He sweetly declined and his exact words were, “There are a few things in my life which is very private and close to my heart. I am not ready to share it with the world yet.”

I respect his decision so I am telling my side of the story only. If some day he is ready, I will definitely share his story too.

9) In all seriousness truly an intriguing love story. Love comes back full circle on your case literally around the globe.

I still can’t believe that I am married to AS sometimes. We were together in Nepal but nothing happened. Then we went a world apart to US and Australia but still manage to find each other at the end. It took more than 7 years but we ended up together. I think that is what destiny is. If something is written for you, it will happen no matter how far you are and no matter how long it takes.

10) Tell AS that he is the luckiest person on earth. People go distance to find true love, he is one blessed soul – true love has found him from a distance!

I will make sure AS reads this post.

AS knows he is a lucky guy and tells me all the time. He surprises me with his kind words and lovely gestures.

His love is very special to me as well. I know I will never find someone else who will love me so much and the way he loves me. I am a better person since he came to my life. I have to say both of us are lucky to have found each other 🙂

I hope you are happy with my response. Thank you once again Yatin.

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10 responses to “10 Questions from Yatin on my “Our Story “post

  1. I’D NEVER READ SUCH A NICE POST. THNKX M. u did A great job. u guys are made for each other. god bless.

  2. Nice window into your world.

  3. I really enjoyed your posts and how you guys met 🙂 cant wait to read more!!! thanks yatin

  4. BTW who is this guy Yatin? Sounds like a nosy parker to me 🙂
    It is a pleasure reading your responses.

  5. Number 9. Touched.

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