Birthday Surprise

I am so happy that I am surrounded by people who love me :). Last year it was my mum who surprised me (read here) along with my husband (read here) and  this year I have another one.

My birthday is this weekend and I am looking forward to spending good time with my friends and family. But my birthday surprise came a bit early this week when one of my co-workers bought me a special tart. It was not an ordinary tart; it was my favourite lemon tart from my favourite shop. I have tried lemon tarts from everywhere but the shop close to our work makes the best. The most incredible thing was that it was not the normal small tart that I used to buy every time I felt sugar craving but it was a massive one the size of a birthday cake!

Everyone at my work knows that I just love lemon tart and they always buy me one when they have to bribe me. They even joked that I should have that as my wedding cake as well as on my birthdays. Normally these tarts come in small and medium sizes which are just enough for one person. But to my surprise this year they made sure I got a birthday cake as the lemon tart which is a big sized.

I just loved it. I took it home and shared it with my family in our Dashain get together.

I did realise one thing that even though I love the tart so much there is no way I could eat such a big tart. After finishing the first piece I could not take another bite. :). Anyway it was a great start of my birthday week.

Check out my Halloween theme birthday  party from last year here 🙂

13 responses to “Birthday Surprise

  1. Belated happy Birthday!! I am reading your posts and have fallen in love with it. I too share a lot of things in common, especially travel 🙂

  2. Sure you had a great Day!

  3. Lemon Tarts are delicious. Happy for you. It is wonderful to be in touch with you- liking, commenting, tweeting, replying to comments; all the digital activities.

    For your birthday I send this special piece of blessing by Swami Chandresh (in Nepali):
    “यहाँको जन्मदिनको उपलक्ष्यमा सबैले मंगल प्राप्त गरुन् र सबै कुरा मंगलमय होस् | सबै क्षेत्रमा यहाँको जय होस् र जुनसुकै कर्मसाधना यहाँले गर्न खोज्नु हुन्छ ती सबै सफल हुदैँ जाउन् | अर्थात् यहाँले सुख, शान्ति, समृद्धी र लामो आयु प्राप्त गर्नुहोस |”

    May you always be guided by the divine soul to living every moments fully, and beautifully. Good health to you and your loved ones!


  4. Good information, but not good enough. If I need to bribe you, I need to know from which shop to get the lemon tart! Kidding, of course.

    Happy birthday, M. Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Have a Happy Birthday! May it be all you wish it to be.

  6. Happy B’day in advance, just went through your extravagant B’day parties of last year hehe, they look like a lot of fun! Do keep posted about it this year too 🙂

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