Another year older

I can’t believe I am another year older, it looks like time flies since I seem to remember talking about my pool party only a few months ago, or was that a year ago??

Birthday (35)

 God I am loosing my memory already, I must indeed be old now 😉 :wizard::wizard: :wizard:

And it’s weird, the older I get, the younger I seem to feel. As my body ages, my mind and my spirit are pulling a Benjamin Button. Is it normal? :headbang::nutcase::woo:

Even after so many years, I am excited about my birthday like little kids and getting a cake, wishes and gifts makes me feel out of this world. I find myself feeling much younger than I am.  I suppose we all feel that way.  All I know, right now, today, is that I am happy.

Ten years ago, I thought I would have done and accomplished so much in life by this age but  I don’t have it together today. I thought that I would. But I don’t. In fact, the more I learn about myself and life, I believe that life is all about constant learning and the more that we learn, the more we realize we don’t know very much.

Birthday (4)

Looking back at my life, I am happy with it and hope to live the rest of my life surrounded by loved ones. So to celebrate life, I want to fill each day with something purposeful.  I’m so very fortunate to live where I want, with whom I want  and do what I want.

Halloween Birthday (37)

This year I decided that I am not going to have a big party like the last few years. All I want to do is to spend some quality time with my husband. We have plans to go for dinner tonight; will let you know details 🙂

It’s been a happy day so far with lots of texts, phone calls, Facebook posts from family and dear friends, wishing me a happy birthday. Hopefully rest of the day will follow suit.

If you are celebrating your birthday today, Happy Birthday fellow Scorpions 🙂

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40 responses to “Another year older

  1. Happy birthday dear M – late, of course, but less than two weeks late. I mean, look at me! I’m going to catch up to the WordPress world in no time. 🙂

  2. thank you for your follow scorpio birthday girl, mine is on Wednesday the 6th!

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂 A year, sigh, a year – it doesn’t take long to “do another year”, does it.

  4. It’s okay not to have it all done and figured out, and now you’ve learned that, in ways we never do when younger. Priorities shift, what you wish to know and learn will as well. How you see the world, how you wish to contribute to it…

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Hope you have a fab. birthday and a wonderful year to come 🙂

  6. Happy birthday to a fellow scorpio! I found you from Anne Squared.

    Here is my post about Scorpio:

  7. This Scorpio wishes you a happy birthday – though I am likely a bit late – but the sentiment is for you to have a wonderful “next” year 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday, Luv!! That cake looks scrumptious.
    I always forget how old I when someone asks I just look at my husband and he tells them because we are only a month apart in age and he remembers 🙂

  9. Happy birthday for you

  10. Happy bday di! 🙂

  11. Happy bappy birthday M 🙂 😉

  12. Happy birthday, though late.

  13. Happy Birthday ! Oh, yes, I remember the pool party ! OMG, was that one year ago?T ime does fly.

  14. Happy Birthday to YOU 🙂 how wonderful! I hope your day is everything you wish for ~ Lakshmi x

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