I officially hate winter

Today is just the 5th day of winter in Australia but can say that I officially hate winter now. I know most of my readers are from the other side of the world so enjoy your summer guys . But I have to vent out my frustration here.


I know that I probably couldn’t enjoy summer if we didn’t have winter but I have some good reasons why I hate winter. Winter is empty, bleak, cold, evil, mean, cruel and most of all annoying. I am open to most things and I like to see the bright side of life. But winter is not definitely on my list.

Here are my reasons why I hate winter:

  1.  I have flu right now and I know it is going to last all winter long. I hate the cough that comes with it. My nose is running too. (I have flu shot every year but still seem to get the flu.)
  2.   Waking up in winter is a 100 times harder than waking up in summer.
  3. I stay in my warm bed till late and have to rush to work.
  4. It is so cold in the morning and so dark when I leave home for work and then it is dark again when I come back home. I hardly get to see any sun light.
  5. Driving with fogged up windows is just awful.
  6. I hate to exercise in this cold weather and have been skipping workout for the last few days 😦
  7. My body automatically packs on insulation (fat) in an attempt to survive the winter.
  8. It is so cold when outside that the many layers I put on don’t seem to do anything.
  9. My nice dresses are being neglected because I need to wear warm jackets and sweaters.
  10. Winter automatically cuts my shoes wardrobe in 1/2. I can’t wear shoes that expose any skin, so my boots and some close shoes are the only ones I can wear.
  11. My washing takes longer to dry as I hate to use a dryer.
  12. My whole body is so dry that I need to moisturise all the time. No matter how much I try to moisturise, I am feeling flaky by midday. Sometimes, I think I just need to bathe in a tub of Vaseline.
  13. I hate rain in winter, not cool at all.
  14. All of you know that I love colour but in winter, I can’t see any colour except grey and black coats and jackets. Thank god I bought a red and a fuchsia long coat from Nepal while I was there the last time.
  15. Nature seems so lifeless during the long winter months, bare trees and brown grasses.

 I normally try to go for a holiday during winter but this year it seems like I am stuck in Australia for the whole winter. So winter, winter please go away.

Are you a summer or a winter person?  Please share you reasons.


39 responses to “I officially hate winter

  1. I can understand why you hate winters…I have som

  2. I used to be a summer person, but now that the place I live in gets SUPER hot (120 degrees!!) during the summer, I have changed to a winter person. I can’t wait for the cold. 🙂

  3. I soooo agree with dislike for winter. You should come to Texas during that time although summer gets brutally hot here but I prefer summer to winter. I hope the winter goes away soon for you.

  4. I hate winter too but like you said you would appreciate the seasons only when you have them.

  5. Get well soon di, I’m I summer person and we don’t have winter in Philippines so let’s switch location 🙂

  6. Flu, yuck. Take care and get well!

  7. ktmrocksbeproudbeloud

    I hope you know I love love love your blogs.

  8. As majority of ppl in the world, I too don’t like the winter except the feeling when I get tempted towards mo:mo and hot beverages in winter . Otherwise mine are the same reasons as u have. 1 more ‘coz my ankle was plastered this yr and I think coming winter will be worst for it as they say injuries more hurt in cold than warm seasons.

  9. I whine during both. I love winter in Dubai. Its not extremely cold.. its beautiful and pleasant.. but I hate summer here.. on the other hand I LOVE Oxford summers. The only time the color and brightness comes out. Its like life springs out! 🙂

  10. Ugh. . .i am not a winter person as well! Although I do like the fashion of peacoats and boots 🙂

  11. haha, you should live in a tropical country then! I miss winter a lot, Kathmandu weather is perfect for me, with its 4 seasons 🙂

  12. I’m with you! I also live in Sydney and the (relative) cold, dark, flu, laziness is just bad. I want summer back!

  13. Winters are the worst! I, too, hate the cold weather. And when you add shoveling myself out of the house every morning, I hate it even more. Springtime is my favorite!

  14. Lakshmi Loves To Shop

    Hope you feel better soon…I hate winter too 😦 but my husband Rahul loves it!!!

  15. Oh.. I am totally with you on this.. I too hate winters here for all the reasons you mentioned M..

  16. Hahaha! That’s so funny, yet so true! I love the summer and hate the cold with a passion. Western Australia is still a little warmer than the East coast…for that I’m grateful! 🙂 Put some cool music on and dance like no one is watching and get warm..LMAO I hug you and hope you had a great day…Paula xxxx

  17. I am typically summer loving person!!! I need not go deep into those thick thick jackets and warmers, I don’t need to feel lazy and being a road runner, I don’t want to be a home dweller for this cold, Birds will not chirp, early morning sun rays waking you directly saying its morning, I some how miss that in winter time!!!! I can’t touch that damn cool cold water that come from tap, I hate to shiver, my teeth shivering and that cold cold water which hurt every teeth of mine when I brush, gahhhhh! on the whole I don’t like it!!!!!!!

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