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Mars Ice Cream

I am sure this is not a big deal for many of you but for us in Sydney it is. I had heard about the Mars Ice Cream for a while but couldn’t find it anywhere here but finally Woolworths started to stock them. I had my first taste of it today. I know I am supposed to be dieting but I really wanted to try it and I finally did.

And I loved it. The outside is same as the regular Mars bars with chocolate coating over caramel but inside the caramel is the ice cream. Yum yum yum…

The bars aren’t that big (8x3cm) and it has a shocking amount of carbohydrate and fat so definitely it is not something you can have all the time but once in a while indulgence should do no harm J

You can buy Snickers, Twix , M & M, Milkyway and Bounty Ice Cream too.

Do you like these ice cream chocolate bars?

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