How I saved my shoes?

If you don’t know me yet, I am telling you that I am crazy about my shoe. Of course most girls are but do read my post here if you want to read the details.

I don’t know when my obsession for shoes started but I still dream of the day when I am going to have a whole wall wardrobe of shoes. I am sure my husband still wonders what I do with 100s of pairs of shoe I have and keep buying more but men can never understand.

Buying a pair of shoes has always had some supernatural effects on me making me super happy and super confident when I wear them. I believe that shoes also tell a story about the kind of person you are from the feet to your head. Feet are our feelings and a good pair of shoes that well-made, attractive to look at, and comfortable to wear tell the world what you think of yourself all day long.

Anyway on my recent trip to Nepal and Thailand I have bought few new pairs of shoe. Look at them, aren’t they lovely :).

my shoes

I was wearing one of them when I went out for lunch with one of my friend today. When we went out, it was really windy but there was no sign of rain.

But while we were having lunch, it started to rain like cats and dogs. Seriously, there was a thunderstorm and the rain was really heavy. We waited for a while for rain to stop but it didn’t and there was no sign that the rain going to stop. We were less than 10 minutes away from work and we were getting late so we decided to run from the café to work.

Instead of saving myself from getting wet, I took my jacket out and put it on my head to save my hair and took off my shoe and hide it under the jacket. Then we both ran. I was really hoping that no one I know recognise me in the street.

It is quite embarrassing to run like that but my brand new shoes are made out of suede and if it is wet, I am not sure what will happen to the shoes.

When I finally got to the office, my dress was wet but my shoe was dry, not a drop of water in it.

When my colleagues saw my situation, they couldn’t stop laughing. I am sure it looked really funny to others but for me I am just very proud that I saved m y shoes 🙂

Guess that show that I am fashionista after all and my love for shoe will never die 🙂

16 responses to “How I saved my shoes?

  1. a very refreshing post though. but i would have saved those bucks to buy 1-2 pairs of black and brown from aldo and amp. If i ever get that kind of budget. LOL. congrats for new collection. looks great.

  2. hahahahahahahaha…what is that movie you need to watch…something something shopaholic…???? It was a cute movie…I am sure you saw it…and you ned to have your husband watch it…good lord…you are hillarious!

  3. Haha. I am not a shoe person but loved your new collection

  4. 🙂 here in Kathmandu I use only one , sportshoes :). I cant walk with highheels here 🙂

  5. LOL ! You’re like Imelda Marcos. Ever heard of her?

    Cheers !

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