There is Chhori inside

I have introduced my nephew here before. He was one of the babies who I got to watch closely as he grew up. I was there when he was born, during his chhaiti, nwaran pasni and every birthday. He is going to be 4 years soon and I can’t believe how quickly he is growing up.

Meet my nephew

Meet my nephew

Now we have Chhori around so he seems even bigger in front of her.

Looking at kids, we are reminded how innocent they are.

I must be the only person around my nephew who he remembers going from no tummy to big tummy while I was pregnant. Then Chhori was born. So he got the concept that when someone’s tummy is big, Chhori comes out.

my pregnancy

In the beginning I didn’t understand what he meant when he used to point out to anyone’s tummy and said “Chhori, Chhori”.

But now I do and it is very funny. So if you have a bit of tummy no matter whether you are a man, woman, young or old, he will point to your tummy and say, “Chhori Chhori”. That means he thinks you are pregnant and Chhori will come out of that one day.


My SIL also had to explain this to his childcare teacher as he kept on saying “Chhori” every time he saw the tummy.

Gold bless the innocence of a kids. Don’t know when we turned to be mean selfish human beings from those innocent kids.

Do share similar incidents about your kids/grandkids. I am sure there are many interesting ones out there.

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian




7 responses to “There is Chhori inside

  1. Big thanks, Australian. Now I’m even more determined to lose my stomach.

    • Hehehe, may be a good motivation for you Dai 🙂

      • Your blog was funny and I am trying to reduce my weight. In this awful rented flat I found there is an absurdly small shower so every day I have to squeeze in and out of the ridiculously small door. Even small people complain. That’s my number one motivation for losing weight. I’m winning ! But the worst downside is not having sugar in my tea.

  2. Omg so cute!! I find it very funny too 🙂 I wouldn’t even correct him as long as he is a child, ha ha. I am sure your daughter will love this story when she grows up!

  3. awwww 🙂 brother love i say 🙂 he is so cute and sweet ❤ happy hugs to the lil one 🙂

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