Chhaithi for my nephew

AS I mentioned in my post Nwaran and Pasni previously, there a so many rituals in Hindu culture when one has  a baby. Now that I have a nephew, we need to follow the rituals and one of them is called Chhaithi (sixth day) as it is performed on the sixth day after a child’s birth. So yesterday I went to my brother’s place after work to celebrate the Chhaithi of my little nephew.

For Chhaithi, the fufu (baby’s dad’s sister, or the baby’s paternal aunt) will need to bring some koseli (gifts for the baby) which includes fruits and sweet along with a new pair of clothes for the baby. She will also bring a notebook and a pen/pencil.

So to start the Chhaithi, the fufu sits with the infant on the ground and they are be surrounded by 12 oil lamps (diyo, we used tea light candles instead) and one more diyo is also lighted for god.  A puja thali is prepared which is used to put tika on baby’s forehead. Then the baby will be changed into the new clothes.

After that everyone else (starting from the fufus) will put tika on the baby’s forehead and give some money or other gifts to the fufu. The last one will be the baby’s father who will give some gift to his sister and take the baby from her.

After the ceremony when the baby goes to sleep, the notebook and pen is kept on his bed side along with one of the candles. It is believed until that day , the baby’s fortune is not written so that night, god will come and write his fortune using that notebook and pen.

Proud Parents

It was my first experience to be a part of baby’s life from their early days. I really enjoyed it. This Friday we will be celebrating his Nwaran.

BTW, they have a name for the baby now and I will be referring him as Baby BJ from now on.


10 responses to “Chhaithi for my nephew

  1. It’s so nice to pronounce fufu….. it’s such a sweet ritual, for you and your nephew….

    If there’s no fufu, who takes care of the ritual?

  2. thanks for sharing, i didn’t know the role of fufu in Chaithi, I certainly missed my nieces’ chaithi as they live abroad, u’re lucky to have ur family around!!

  3. The little boy is so sweet. Thanks for describe this ritual. Did you and AS got a good feeling for having a own baby 😉 hahahahha.
    I know you wrote me anytime tyou want to wait for a baby, but really you look like so happy as fufu…….

  4. a beautiful ritual…

  5. wooww good coverage

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