VS Sassoon Big hair

First let me make it clear that I am not paid by the company to advertise this product but I loved it so much that I am sharing this with all of you out there.

I saw the ad for VS Sassoon Big hair on TV and decided to give it a shot. It cost me AU$ 89.99 and it is worth every cent. I just love the product.

I have very fine and thin hair. So after I wash my hair, unless I blow dry it properly, it remains very flat. Also as I use hair straightening iron, it becomes flat and doesn’t look so good. But when I used VS Sassoon Big hair, it really worked for me. I think it is a really clever way to add volume to the hair as blow drying on my own never gives the salon result I want. VS Sassoon Big hair gives incredible bounce and volume to my hair and is so easy to use.

It’s so much easier to dry my hair using this as it has both a dryer and brush in one. Even easier is how the brush turns for you, making it absolutely effortless to dry hair.

 Hope you guys will love it as well once you try it.

Here is some information from the website.

Featuring a rotating motorised brush, the barrel-style hair styler spins effortlessly in your hands as you take it through your hair, evenly brushing your strands and injecting volume as it goes. The VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler (VS2775A) combines the benefits of a hairdryer with a hairdresser’s skilful flick of the wrist, which means that you can kiss goodbye endless hours of straining whilst trying to blow-dry your ‘do like the pros.

The soft bristles on the brush work to create optimum shine and smoothness, while the ceramic barrel ensures hair glides smoothly over the brush, creating volume and movement as it goes.

Steps to get the perfect big hair

  1. Wash and condition your hair as usual and comb before using styler to detangle.
  2. If you have long or thick hair you may find it quicker and easier to use a hairdryer first, to rough dry your hair and remove excess moisture. For added volume , turn your head upside down as you dry.
  3. Once hair is 80% dry, you should start to create your style using the Big Hair Styler.
  4. Ensure you section your hair using clips before styling.
  5. Take a hair section approx. 2.5cm – 5cm wide to start styling with.
  6. Slide the on/off temperature switch to either the low or high heat setting.
  7. Place the styler under the section of hair, close to the roots and brush through the section to remove tangles (without brush rotating).
  8. For added volume at the root of the hair , hold the brush in place at the root (hair section is draped over top of brush) for a few seconds.
  9. Move the brush through the hair section (hair is draped over top of brush), towards the ends and as you reach the end of the hair section, start to rotate the brush away from your head by pressing and holding the appropriate rotation direction switch.
  10. As you do this it is important to resist the rotation of the brush by pulling the brush downwards. The brush should be rotating through the section of your hair (without the hair becoming wound round the brush head if you are holding the styler with the correct tension against the hair) to create a brushing effect as it dries and styles the hair.
  11. IMPORTANT! It may take several attempts to perfect this technique. If the brush spins too quickly and hair wraps around the brush head, simply release the rotation button and remove from the hair. Use the low heat setting (low brush speed) and practise rotating the brush on the lower ends of your hair until you feel comfortable with the styling action. If hair continues to wrap around the barrel you need to increase the downward tension. It is important to section your hair before styling and style section by section to get the best results.
  12. For even more volume, allow the brush to rotate, winding the entire section of the hair around the barrel, release the rotation switch and leave in the hair for a few seconds.
  13. To release the section of hair, press and hold the opposite rotation button to unwind the hair section.
  14. Repeat for each hair section.
  15. After use switch off and unplug the appliance.
  16. Allow the styler to cool before storing.
  17. Place the protective brush shield over the brush head to protect the bristles.


  • For fine hair types or to gain extra volume use a volumising mousse in your hair while damp before styling.
  • To define layers and give shape to styles , follow step 9 and repeat through the section.
  • To add volume to the roots and body through the top section of the hair, follow steps 7 to 9 but using an upward motion.
  • For long lasting results, follow steps 10 to 14 but then slide the on/off switch to the cool setting for a few seconds, this will set the hair.

For more into please visit their website.


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  1. Hmmmm, I’m definitely interested.

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