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Product Review : Jolly Jumper

If you have a baby, you know they are really expensive. So if you are having a baby for the first time, you really need to plan well so as not to spend money on unnecessary stuff.

When we first found out we were having a baby, we did lots of research and decided that the basics like bassinet, cot, change table, car seat and pram are necessary big ticket items but we could leave toys till the end and see how we go.

We haven’t bought many toys for Chhori but she has heaps anyway as we keep getting gifts. She is really lucky that she has been so spoiled and loved by everyone around her.

Chhori (1)

One of the gifts we got before she was even born was the Jolly jumper. I really didn’t know what it was so we googled it when we got it. AS tried to assemble it to get a better idea. It was a jumper bouncer in a four poster frame. You can get the one which hangs on the door frame as well. We were sure the baby wouldn’t use it straight away so we disassembled it and put it away, and then almost forgot that we had it.

When Chhori was around 5 months old, we were shopping at Toys r us one day and we saw Jolly Jumper in the shelves. That jolted our memory and when we came home we unpacked it.

I was not so sure how Chhori would react to it so we tried it out. From the beginning, she was really excited that she was upright without any help because at that stage she had just started to sit on her own. Jolly Jumper gave her a different view of the world and her first taste of upright movement without us holding her up.

Chhori (2)

I couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed it when she realised that she could jump up and down. In the beginning, I was helped her a little but in one day she was a pro. She was squealing and laughing when she jumped making both of us laugh as well. We had a carpeted floor so we knew it would not hurt her tiny feet.

Chhori (1)

From that day until she was around 10 months old, it stayed in our living room. We used to put her in it for around 15-20 minutes a day and she enjoyed every minute of it. Once she started walking with help of walkers, she didn’t like it any more as it restricted her so we packed it away.

It was one of the best toys we ever had. It’s a great way to give them a bit of exercise and to build strength in their tiny legs.

We always made sure we never left her unsupervised. It was so fun to watch her play and when we had visitors, they got a laugh too.

I read somewhere that they may harm baby’s legs but I think like everything in life, if you make sure it is used in moderation, it is not a problem.

Did your kids used Jolly Jumper or something similar? Is there any other toys your kids loved a lot?

Take care everyone,

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