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My little helper

Chhori started walking independently a couple of weeks ago. It only took her a few days to go from a few steps to nearly running now. We love to watch her walk as it is so cute.

chhori (1)

The fun part these days is when I return home from work. When she sees me entering the door, she leaves whatever she is doing and comes running towards me saying “Hi” and hugs me. I love these moments even though they happen every day.


Since she started crawling, we taught her to get stuff and give it to us. When she does we say “Good girl” and pat her head. It is fun to play with her like that and now that she has started walking it is even more fun as she happily goes and bring stuffs and once she puts that on our hand, she pats herself on the head doing the “Good girl” action.

The other day I was in the balcony putting the clothes on the line to dry. She came outside and started passing me the clothes from the bucket. I couldn’t feel more happier. She has started to become my little helper.

chhori (2) chhori (1)

Long before I had kids, I used to think one day I will have kids and they will help me in the kitchen doing baking or cooking or any other house chores and now it has started. I know most kids hate to do chores when they grow up but I will enjoy these moments for as long as they last :). I hope we can raise her so that she will enjoy the chores and accept it as part of her life. If nothing works, I plan to bribe her but these days she just does it happily.

Hope she will stay like this forever as I am enjoying every minute of being a mum to such a cutie pie.

Do your kids help you out around the house? Do you give them something in return? Is there a trick to getting them to help you?

Take care everyone,

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