Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 19

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Nepal Basa

Brass Lee
Bronze Kayn
Copper Si-jaw
Coral Bhim-poo
Diamond He-raa
Gold Luu
Iron Naa
Jewel Thii
Pearl Mo-ti
Silver Wa-ha
Turquoise Yuu
Jewelry Ti-saa
Mask Khwaah-paah
Scared statue Dyaah
Do you have rings? Chhi-thaau anguu du laa?
Yes,we do. Du
Show me a nice one. Baa-laah-gu chha-paah kya-naa di-saa.
Is this OK? Thwa jiu laa?
No I don’t like it. Aa-ma haa-laah ,a-juu.
Let me see that one. Wa chha-kah bi-yaa di-saa.
This one? Thwa khak laa?
The one next to it. Aa-maa naa-paa chwangu.
Do you have a cheaper one? Thwa si-bee dangu du laa?
What is it made of? Chhu-ki-yaa-gu da-ye-kaa tah-gu?
Is the staute gilded? Dyah luu si-yaa tah-gu khah laa?
Do you accept credit cards? Credit card jiu laa?
I will come back later. Li-paa wa-ye.

2 responses to “Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 19

  1. thanks, lovely post, takes me straight back to jewellery browsing in Kathmandu ( not that I have any words though!). And I wonder if the word for holy statue, dyaa, is where the English word deity comes from, or if they are from the same root? thanks for an evocative and thought provoking post, best, Liz

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