I have a colleague who was been trying to lose weight for as long as I know her. She tried hard with diet and exercise; she always lost some kgs but it would come back again.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen her for a while so when I saw her after the holidays, she actually looked great and lost lots of weight and looked tanned and amazing.

Me: “How was your holiday, you look so good and you are looking great, lost heaps of weight. “

Her: “Thank you. But don’t you know that I am recently separated from my husband and I haven’t eaten well for months. Now I am better.”

There was an awkward silence for a while

Me: “I am really sorry, didn’t know that. ”

I’m glad she was a good sport.

Her: “Don’t worry. I am over it now. My weight loss is the only good thing that came out our marriage break.”

Sometimes there are situations where you want to take back the words you said and this was one of them for me.

Please share your own awkward moments.


2 responses to “Awkward

  1. It can’t be helped… good natured conversation can uncover some deep wounds.

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