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AS and I email each other while at work sometimes. Both of us are so busy someday that the only way to talk is via email. Sometimes it is a few words depending upon the context. Here is one of the funny email chains.

My email (After forwarding an email): OK. I have sent you John’s email. Please read.

AS’s email : Where?

My email: Yahoo

AS’s email: What yahoo… where did you send me John’s email? To which of my email ids?

My email: Ur yahoo email

AS’s email: hahahahaha, just had a brain fa*t!

He just made my day and I still laughed when I read the email chain again this morning.

Where is the umbrella?

It was very hot the other day so AS was making drinks for us. He was in the kitchen while I was watching TV.

AS: ”Where’s the umbrella honey?”

Me: (Fully concentrating on what I was watching) “Babe, one is in the car and other is in the store room.”

AS started laughing and so did I after I realised he was talking about the decorative umbrella for our drinks while I was talking about the real one 🙂


Happy Halloween!!!