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Runaway fish

I have to say AS is getting cheekier by the day and I am not complaining. He always manages to make me smile :).

AS was cooking dinner last night and suddenly made some noise. I saw that he almost let some frozen fish drop from the packet so just to remind him of his own words (and annoy him a little ;)), I said –

Me: “Be careful, remember think before you do something” (His favourite line when I mess things up)

AS: “Sorry love, I didn’t realise that the fish were still alive. They were running away and I had to catch them before they disappeared.”

Now how could I keep a straight face after that?

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


Where is the umbrella?

It was very hot the other day so AS was making drinks for us. He was in the kitchen while I was watching TV.

AS: ”Where’s the umbrella honey?”

Me: (Fully concentrating on what I was watching) “Babe, one is in the car and other is in the store room.”

AS started laughing and so did I after I realised he was talking about the decorative umbrella for our drinks while I was talking about the real one 🙂


Early morning we both rush to get ready so we can leave home on time as I really don’t want to waste 30 minutes sitting in traffic.

As I was running around the house and as I walk passed hubby in the kitchen, I saw on the mirror that he was looking (read staring) at me. I turned around.

Me: “Why are you staring at me?”

AS:” “What do you mean, I am not.”

Me: “I saw you looking at me, when I looked in the mirror.”

As: “I can’t even see you properly without my glasses/lenses.”

We both laughed . Oops, he was just staring at nothing thinking about something else. Hope it is my Christmas gift  🙂

When I die…

I always like to see AS’s reaction and his reply when I ask nonsense/stupid questions and enjoy his reaction and answer but sometimes he manages to shock me with his answer.

Me: What will you do when I die?

AS: I will do the cremation and last ritual.

I was trying to get some emotional answer out of him so I just couldn’t continue the conversation and just laughed. 🙂

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