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We are “Pokémon Go” family

I went back and forth on whether or not to write about this, but decided to go ahead as it is my personal blog where I share what is happening in my life and Pokémon Go is definitely happening at this stage.

I am sure everyone is aware of Pokémon GO, which has been dominating the news for the last few weeks. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you must have read or heard about the about this game around the world. I found out about Pokémon GO the same way too and it got me curious.

I didn’t know much about Pokémon at all expect the cute Pikachu before last week. For anyone who is not aware of it, Pokémon Go is a new mobile game released recently which is taking over the world. It is a game that uses GPS and to go to locations as a means of actually ‘Checking In’ at nearby stores, businesses or weird graffiti on the wall.

So I decided to download the game just to find out what it is all about. That evening I mentioned it to AS because normally he is very into things like this. He used to play Ingress (a similar game created by the same people) religiously a few years ago. Not to my surprise at all, he was already playing the game for the last 24 hours. He insisted that I start playing it as well but I told him, I will wait until the weekend so I have time to actually play.

But I didn’t sign up for a few days. One day, a colleague’s daughters (9 and 11) came to visits us at work. They were playing Pokémon GO and I took them for a walk to the nearby shopping center so they could catch some Pokémons. Anyway watching them so excited, I thought I needed to start playing it as well.

chhori (1)

So finally on the weekend we went to the parks and places around our area to play the game, I saw signs around my neighbourhood that I never knew even existed. I also saw many people playing the games, couples with young kids, family with older kids and just teenagers.

I am glad Chhori was so happy to be out and about and AS was happy to be playing the game. I enjoyed it too and I am on Level 7 now 🙂

chhori (2)

I have to admit I am not as crazy as many around the world or even as AS but I find the game very interesting to play if you have some free time.

It definitely makes you walk around and search for Pokémons. making you active but like we have heard so much on the news these days, you need to be aware of your surroundings so you don’t have an accident or worse, get mugged.

So far it has been only 78 hours of Pokémon for me and we have become a Pokémon family for sure. Let’s see how I go in the future.

So are you playing the game yet? Do share some fun stories about it.

Happy Monday.

M from nepaliaustralian