Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 6 – Time

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English Nepal Basa
Today Thaunn
Tomorrow Ka-nhay
Yesterday Mhi-gah
Atmidnight Chaa-nhay
At night Ba-ha-ni-i
Day after tomorrow Kann-sa
Day before yesterday Mhi-i-ga
Early Nhaa-paann
Everyday Nhinn-nhinn
Now Aah
Immediately Thaa-thenn
In the day Nhi-nay
In the evening Sa-ni-lay
In the morning Su-thay
Last year Tha-gu-ne
Late li-baa-ka
Later li-paa
Moments ago Nak-ti-ni
Never Ga-ba-lenn
Full moon Pu-nhi
New moon aa-maai
Next week Ne-gu waa-lay
Next year aa-ki-wann
This year Thu-gu-si-i
Sometimes Ga-ba-lenn
Time Ii (as in ee)

2 responses to “Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 6 – Time

  1. Could you post a few examples of how to use these? Like Today is Wednesday or Tomorrow, I am going shopping. Yesterday, I visited a friend. I just like to see how these words work in context. Keep it up, these posts are awesome 🙂

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