Our Story : We meet again – Part 18

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I am sure you know by now that holiday makes me super happy and imagine a holiday that involves AS; I definitely was over the moon. To top it all this was our first holiday together. It has been 2 months since I last saw him at Kathmandu airport.

I have mentioned before, airport has become a huge part of our life and this time it was going to be Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. We booked our flights around the same time and had connection flight taking us to Phuket.

Leading to the holiday, we planned our days so we can do and see as much things as possible. One of the highlights of this trip was to spend 24/7 with each other.

So I left Sydney with the teddy AS sent me for Valentine’s day before AS left Bangalore but he arrived there before me as it was a shorter trip from India. When I landed, I was a bit worried about how to find him in that big airport. AS told me he will find me and not to worry at all. So when my flight landed and I walked out of the plane I was eagerly looking around to get glimpse of him.

There were so many people there that it seemed impossible to spot him. I was mentally making a plan on how to find him when luckily I saw him in the foyer. I felt so good to see him and it was a huge relief. I ran like a crazy gal to hug him and didn’t let him go for a few minutes. I was so glad to be in his arms after the long gap and it was one of the best moments of our life.

After the initial talk, we went to queue up to check in to go to Phuket. There was a long queue and it looked like everyone was going there but I didn’t care much. I was just happy to be in AS’s arms again I held his hands all the way , not letting go of him. It is the best feeling when we are reunited with our love ones.


The flight from Bangkok to Phuket was short so we finally landed in Phuket. We had organised airport pickup from the hotel so it was a quick exit from immigration to the outside. We saw our name on the name card and followed the guy so he could drop us at the hotel. The cab driver told us it had been raining for the last few weeks but had stopped that morning. I prayed there would be no rain during our stay there.

The hotel we booked in Phuket was near the beach so we could spend lots of time doing touristic things. When we reached the hotel, we were welcomed with complementary drinks and fruit platter. After check-in we decided to rest for a few hours before going out as it was so hot and humid during the day.

It was perfect time to catch up and as always, I had so much to tell him. I was over the moon that AS bought few saris and Bollywood gossip magazines for me.

Phuket (1)I had bought a special bracelet for him with our initials engraved on it.

Phuket (2)

It was just awesome to be next to each other and feel the love. We rest and had lunch at the hotel.

Phuket (3)

As the evening breeze started, we got ready and went out to discover the city.

Phuket was amazing. I had heard so much about the place that I felt I kind of knew it well even when it was my first visit there. And the environment, the weather and people around us was making our stay even more special. My good friend SL is from Thailand so she had given us lots of tips on what to do and where to go while we were there.

The first stop was Patong. We just walked along the beach and enjoyed the sunset by the water.

Sunset in Phuket

Phuket (4)

Phuket (5)

As the night fell, we decided to have our dinner. The good thing about Thailand is that they have a variety of food to try and they are super cheap compared to Australia.  That evening we had Lobster and crab for dinner and were amazed to find them as cheap as $5. To top it all they tasted great and we decided that we would come back again next time to enjoy more.

We came back to the hotel and were so tried that we fall asleep. I slept really well and was woken up my AS’s sweet voice the next morning. We had breakfast at the hotel and decided to explore the place some more. I wanted to finish the shopping first so we don’t have to worry about it later.

Phuket (6)

We went shopping in the markets and the mall. I was surprised to find a Nepali speaking person in almost every shop. They were Burmese whose ancestors had gone to Burma from Nepal and had recently been displaced from Burma. They wanted to be known as Gorkhalis. That was one fact about Thailand that no one had told me about before. Me and AS were talking in Nepali while shopping and the guy in the shop started to talk in Nepali to us. We both were very surprised but then after we were communicating in Nepali in many other shops.

We met lots of these Burmese Gorkhali and got discount as they said “Because you are Nepali I will give you at this price”. It was funny to hear that in Patong.

This was the first time AS actually saw me shopping. I bought heaps of stuffs as gifts and for myself. He was surprised that I wanted everything in the shops. I told him that they are some nice stuff and they are super cheap so I need to get them. I knew I will be shopping a lot so I had an empty suitcase when I left Sydney 🙂 . Poor AS had no clue how much a girl could shop until he met me.

I had to force him to buy a few stuff for himself as well. Everywhere we went when I suggested to him to buy something; he would say that he already had it. I guess men are like that but AS is too laid back in shopping.

After a while we got tired and went to find a place to sit down in the mall. We had lunch and the food was really yummy as usual. After resting for a while, we explored some more and discovered lots of new things about Thailand like their food market where you can find all kind of food.

It seemed like people were awake when the sun sets in Pukhet and the most happening place for nightlife is Bangla road in Patong. It is a long strip of road with nightclubs on both sides of the road. I am sure everyone who goes to Phuket goes there. We saw lots of tourists in the bars and nightclubs.

It is famous for its raunchy nightlife. I had heard lots of horror stories of people who picked girls in these clubs to realise they were transvestite or as the Thai called them, Lady Boys. I think everyone will be confused because they are so beautiful and dressed in sexy outfits (Ooops).

By the time we saw Bangla road night life I was too tired so we decided to call it a day.

Before going to the hotel, we decided to go for a massage and it was the best decision as we discovered that it was really cheap like AUD$15 and you can choose from different types of massage like Thai massage or aromatherapy massage. After this discovery, we had a massage every night while we were there. It was great to lie down for a massage after a long day out.

We had dinner at the hotel and went to bed as we had a few trips booked for the next few days to discover the beautiful islands around Phuket.

This is it for now. I will share our Phi Phi, Krabi and more adventures in Thailand in my next post.

Till then, take care.

M from nepaliaustralia


Will write more about the Bangkok holiday soon. Please come back for more.

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10 responses to “Our Story : We meet again – Part 18

  1. Good to read this blog about Thailand. I lived in Thailand for 11 years but never once went to Phuket

  2. A great way to reunite… you’ve done an incredible amount of travelling.

  3. Following your story series!! I always thought long distance relationship doesn’t work. I am wrong already!!

  4. I have my own fond memories of traveling to Phuket, I had a jaw dropping expression every time I saw a beautiful island in Phi Phi 🙂

  5. awww what a fun time together. I have heard too many scary stories about that place too.

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