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It is February and month of love. If you haven’t notice I have even changed the banner in my blog since the first of February to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I am a hopelessly romantic person and I have always wished that men were more romantic than they are. Anyway I can’t change that but at least my husband understands that romance is very important to me so he always makes sure that we have a great time during special occasions. Valentine’s is one of them. 

I know Valentine’s days has become so commercialised that it seems like buying the most expensive gift is the best way to express love to your loved ones but I am not in that bandwagon. For me the thought counts more, so no matter what he buys me, if he has put some thought into buying the gift, that is the best gift ever. 

I read somewhere that Valentine’s Day is a complete hype created by the candy companies, card companies and flower mongers to capitalise and make money on something that comes from the heart. I agree with that but then you can always be creative and not spend all that money anyway. 

I know all the advertisement on TV and papers are about making us spend lots of money on their products but believe in me, most women (I am saying most because I am sure some women have a different idea) will love a small gift like a box of chocolate or flowers for Valentine’s day just so you let her know how much you love her. I even told my husband that I don’t need a big bouquet of red roses as they are triple the price on Valentine’s Day than any other day. He can always buy me that bouquet on some others days when it is not as expensive. 

I think the best gift for your partner can be something you can make with lots of love. I made a scrap book with photos and memories of our time together one time. It was very personal and it didn’t cost me much but I spent lots of time making sure that every page reflected our happiness. Another thing I have done is made heaps of small cards with message which can be used later. Like a card said “Today is the time for you to get a massage. Exchange this coupon for a kiss and massage”. It was really fun as I gave this to him last valentine. Also Valentine ’s Day cupcake is awesome idea too which I did last year. It was cheap and personal as I put his name in the cupcake  🙂

I know not everyone is lucky to have their Valentine close to them so make sure if you are planning to send something, do in time so it reaches your loved one for the day. We have been through that. Our first ever Valentine’s days as a couple, we spent apart. But I remember it being on a weekend so we spent the whole day Skyping. I wanted to surprise him so I sent him a cake and flower through an online store. So he got that while we were online. I loved the expression on his face. 

But for him everything didn’t go as planned. He ordered a teddy bear and flower for me online. He didn’t tell me because he wanted to make sure it was a surprise. Unfortunately the company didn’t delivery it on that day. So he had to tell me and I had to follow up with the company. They messed it all up (never apologized) and delivered it two days later. I was really angry with the company as they charge arms and legs on Valentine’s Day for those items. But I was really happy just to know that my then fiancé had put an effort to make sure our first Valentine’s was special. 

I know some people may argue against celebrating Valentine’s Day. If I love my partner 365 days of the year and buy flowers occasionally then why do I have to show it only on that date. My answer to them is, as a gift given to any person on March can’t be considered a Christmas gift or having a turkey in June doesn’t make it Thanksgiving, in the same way Valentine’s Day is in February even though you like it or not. You can argue all you like but I am sure your partner may not have the same idea as you do. You can surprise the one you love with a romantic gesture on some other day throughout the year but do it on this day as well if that makes a difference to your partner. If you both agree not to celebrate, then that is a different story. 

Last year we celebrated our first Valentine’s day together. It was really a treat as it felt so good to wake up in the morning and wish him Happy Valentine than waiting for him to wake up and Skyping with all the time difference. Anyway we went to Sydney tower for dinner and I couldn’t ask for more. He bought me flowers and made me smile the whole day. A perfect day. 

Also last year he uploaded this special photo on his profile in Facebook and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The photo was taken when we were mocking around during our photo shoot. I just loved it and that is the most romantic gesture ever. Normally he doesn’t like pubic display of affections unlike me but he just melted my heart with this photo.

This year, we are planning to go out for dinner as well. Will update with more details later. Let me know what you are planning for Valentine ’s Day. Also if you have some great gift ideas, do share. 

Hope this Valentine ’s Day is the best you ever had!!!

15 responses to “Share the love…

  1. I came across your blog yesterday while I was randomly googling around. I thoroughly enjoyed going through each updates and it has definitely brought a smile on my face. Thanks! You guys make a great pair and may god bless you both.

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  3. I wish you and you better half a happy valentines day….
    Last year my better half was in Germany and he surpriced me with a album of picturs with us together, O I was really happy. At the evenig we had a lovely dinner.
    This year ist a little bit sad, because he stay in Nepal and me in germany. We had a talk in skype, before he sended a realy lovely mail card to me. Before we met in skype I bought flowers, roses and I kept in my hands. I think he had some tears in his eyes……Our biggest wish is next year we celebrate together again as a married couple…

  4. Valentine’s Day, I am not a big fan of. This post however, I am =]

  5. Homemade gifts are the best, especially scrap books! 🙂

  6. Lovely pictures 🙂 Hope you have a lovely Valentines day! 🙂

  7. Who cares if the day is an artificial creation? All of our special days are. What matters is what we make of them. If they give us reason to celebrate love, to indulge in a partner and the partnership, that is a very good thing.

    Special days matter; they are what we make of them. Enjoy!

  8. I hope you enjoy your day of love! Its wonderful to read about happy loving relationships. 🙂 Enjoy.

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