Eight foods you should never eat again

I read this in news.com.au and thought will share this with you all. I have always thought some of the food below are OK but who knew it was so bad.

As human beings, when we are told not to do something, our instinct can be to do exactly that.

Indeed this can also be the case with food restriction, but as a nutritionist there are some foods that offer so little nutritionally that they are best avoided – especially when they are parading as ‘healthy’ choices. Here are the worst offenders:

Rice snacks

It doesn’t matter if rice has been made into a snack bar, cake, puff or crisp, rice is a dense source of high glycaemic index carbohydrate, which means that it makes our blood glucose levels rapidly increase, along with the hormone insulin, which also promotes fat storage in the body.

White bread

While it may claim to have extra fibre and nutrients added, white bread is still not as good nutritionally as wholegrain bread. If you must go white, at least choose sourdough.

We kind of knew this so we always ate wholemeal breads.

Flavoured water

Given that a single serve of flavoured water can contain as much as five teaspoons of sugar, you are best to get your vitamins from grains, fruits and vegetables, and leave your water as nature intended it.

Muffins and banana bread

If you consider that the average muffin or slice of banana bread contains more than 60g of total carbohydrate, or the equivalent of four slices of bread, 20-30g of fat and at least four teaspoons of sugar, it is safe to say that there is nothing healthy about these café options.

Extruded cheese snacks

Puffs, rings or balls made using refined carbs, added MSG and lots of oil will never be a good choice, especially for children who need snacks that are as plain and minimally processed as possible.

No more Cheese balls for me 😦 .

Frozen yoghurt

It may sound healthy but sweet yoghurts can have as much sugar as ice-cream and just as many calories, especially when extra syrups, nuts and treats are added.

I really thought this was healthy 😦 .

Chocolate nut spread

With the first few ingredients listed as sugar and vegetable oil, chocolate spread contains a lot more bad fat than it does good fat from nuts.

No more Nutell 😦

Muesli Bars

There is a big difference between natural unprocessed muesli and the processed mix of honey, sugar, dried fruit, fillers, gums and coatings that are found in most commercially available muesli bars – which also combine to give 3-4 teaspoons of sugar per bar.

Do you eat any of these food? Do you agree with the list?

Eat healthy everyone and we all will be happy. take care

M from nepaliaustralia


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35 responses to “Eight foods you should never eat again

  1. Lol, sure I agree that these foods may be unhealthy…but Nutella FOREVER! 🙂

  2. 100% agree with the list. It all comes down to processing. The least processed food (more natural), the better.

  3. I am not sure if I agree with everything on the list. While few of the things are certainly not the best option but there are ways you can make them healthier or include them in your diet in moderation.

  4. I agree we need to concentrate on healthy foods, like whole grains. But I love my crunchy cheeto’s from time to time, Nutella and also, love banana bread! Shoot, can’t we count the banana as a fruit? Smile! Thanks for “liking” my posts recently!

  5. Yeah, I eat some of those. But the occasional fling with junk food is good for the soul, right?

  6. Nutella No 😦 i feel like my world is closing down on reading that!!! what if I eat it and jog many KMS to keep me fit 😦

  7. I agree with these foods but you can still eat them as long as it’s moderate. It’s hard to deprive your cravings after a long tiring day at work. Remember, anything that’s too much is bad:)

  8. I bet my college canteen can easily top the list!
    There’s a light variety of yogurt available, it’s a healthy breakfast choice if you are vegetarian.
    Bars could be could source of instant energy on a hiking trail. Sure not a good choice of snack in front of a TV

  9. most of the yummy things are unhealthy. i only knew about bread and those cheese balls.

  10. I always look at the glucide rating before buying anything as my daughter is diabetic. 5g is the equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar and its very difficult to find anything with that or less. However, if the blood sugar is low, 5g is exactly what is necessary. I often give her a museli bar if she is low, but never buy anything with more than 5g of sugar in it.

  11. Hey M, 🙂

    I only eat white bread, but very little. I have IBS and therefore have to stay away from anything brown or high in Fibre. I eat a very high protein low carb diet. I do have the odd fall off the tree when I binge on chocolate.Lol

    I say everything in moderation and exercise. That way it doesn’t really matter so much what you eat. Hope your having a great weekend. Hugs to you. Paula xxx

  12. Well… I’ve always thought what you tieat is important – but what you do is even more important. I regularly bike – and it’s marathon distance, and so I won’t leave Nutella for that. On the contrary – I think the Nutella helps – as does the sweet coffee and all that. It’s just when you stop moving and exercising that you should get a bit more worried about what you eat. But as long as you move, you need calories. And if you move a lot, you need a lot of calories… 🙂

    • You are so healthy that I am sure you can even eat rock. 🙂 For me I tend to hibernate in winter so I have to watch what I eat but during summer, we exercise a lot, so I can eat more junk food 🙂

    • Well – I guess I move a lot indeed. Had a good climb on Mont Blanc just 10 days ago. But as I in my forties, I started to appreciated wine and beer a lot more… That’s empty calories really. All the Nutella and other junk food are really healthy in comparison. If I don’t exercise for a week or so, I put on 5 pounds just because of the partying with friends… 😦

  13. Great tips, NepaliAussie. I actually love eating Cheese snacks, despite knowing it’s harmful. There are things so tasty that we can’t resist from eating them, but hygiene and health is something we all must consider looking after.

    I just read Restricted Areas in Nepal for Trekking

  14. The only thing on the list I eat is banana bread, and it is a treat, like cake. Nope, not giving it up. Home made and reminds me of my grandma 🙂

  15. I generally agree with all of it, but I mostly believe in eating in moderation. All of it. I eat unhealthy snacks and nutella and white bread, but i don’t do it every day. When I have a craving, I go for it, but I make sure I work out and balance my diet accordingly for the rest of the time. When we deprive ourselves of something, that’s when we want it the most, so I try to allow myself to eat whatever I want, as long as I do not exaggerate. I believe that’s the key of a happy body and mind 🙂

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