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You are my whole world!

There was an ad for new movie, Lucy starting Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman on TV. It looks like a good movie and in my to-watch list when it is released. Anyway, while watching the trailer, I realised that it is about controlling the things with the mind so I just started a conversation with AS.

Me: “I wish I have that power in my brain then I could control the world.

AS: “What will you do if you have that power?”

Me: I made a strange voice and said “AS will kiss me now.”

AS followed my wish and kissed me which made me happy.

Me: “Look, I can control the world now 🙂

AS: “Ohoo that means I am your whole world because I am the only one you can control :)”

He is so true, he is my world and I wish we can be happy like this forever in our life.