10,000 steps: Week 1 progress

As I mentioned in my previous post, the 10,000 steps program is going really well at work. I see everyone walking around with their pedometer and everyone trying to do some activities during lunchtime. Seriously, since this competition started, I have seen everyone around work trying to stay active and reach the target; which means this is really working.

One week down and three to go now but I am thinking to count my steps every day from now on so I know my activity level. I am hoping it will make me stay fit and healthy.

Here is the graph from my first week. I am really pleased with the result as I clocked more than 12,800 steps on average.

10,000 steps

Wednesday, the 21 of May was the most active day with 16,990 as that day I went for the bay run which is around 7km. The following day again I managed to do more than 16,000 steps as I was working hard to organise Australia’s biggest morning tea and it kept me quite busy.

I have days where I didn’t do 10,000 because it is really hard to do 10,000 steps if I exercise during the lunch time only. However, I am sure counting my steps has given me a real idea about how active I have been throughout the day and force me to exercise in the evening if I wasn’t active enough.

Happy exercising everyone, take care.

M from nepaliaustralian


2 responses to “10,000 steps: Week 1 progress

  1. Hi M! Good job on getting in shape! If you keep it up, you’ll develop a good habit for life! We have just started back on our walking, which we have slacked off of for MONTHS! Anyway, we walk for about 45 min. or so at a clip pace and go up and down steps and all around the campus. (We must stay near the hospital in case of an emergency.) Well, walking to you too and thanks for the recipes! Bye for now!

    • You are having Spring there so must be great to walk around this time of the year. I miss warm days here as winter is so near and I am already hating it.Enjoy your summer and keep posting the amazing post :). Take care.

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