Am I less Nepali?

Every time I met any new Nepali , the first thing they ask me is “how long you been here?” . When I answer “more than a decade”, they react with answer “Ohoo pure Aussie baisakecha”(So you are Australian now?) I used to get annoyed with those statements before but now I kind of expect it.

It always makes me wonder, just because I have been living in Australia and going to Nepal only during holidays, will that make me less Nepali than someone else who came here just a few years ago?

Nepal, for me, is still my home and I have good memories from there. My parents still live there. I still worry about the situation there and keep myself up to date with the news and current affairs from there. It is true that I have spent most of my time here in Australia but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care or think about Nepal in a different way than what I used to do 15 years ago. So how come some random person can imply that I am less Nepali than they?

2 responses to “Am I less Nepali?

  1. Where is ur native land.from where ur father came?

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